Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Dayton harass shoppers in Target during black friday

Wow this is just pathetic. We here at People Liking People can agree with the Occupiers on quite a few things but what the hell are you hoping to accomplish by screaming at customers in a Target store? Telling them that they should be ashamed of themselves for shopping at Target, really? Exactly where do you guys suggest we should shop instead? And you do realize that the people who shop at Target are the 99% that you claim to be representing, right?

This ranks right up there with PETA's unfocused antics. There are real serious cases of animal abuse going on in the world, but often their focus is on something ridiculous like Lobsters in restaurants and instead of bringing attention to a real cause they are attention-whoring themselves. Same with these folks. I suppose they are well-intentioned but instead of directing their efforts towards bringing about positive change, they're simply alienating the exact people who might otherwise support their cause.

The # of people in that Target store who were persuaded by the Occupiers that night: zero.

The # of people in that Target store who didn't really have an opinion on the movement before but are now squarely against it: probably most of them.

There's a right way to deliver a message and then there's this. You seem to take pride in the fact that you're a mostly leaderless organization but this is one case where it would have helped to have an adult in the room.

By the way, what's with the "microphone check" bullshit? Is this supposed to be some type of homage to Dr. Dre's Deeez nuts?

Occupy Wall Street protesters turn their attention to Obama

Well it was only a matter of time. For the past couple months now the Occupy protesters have focused their efforts on big corporations who are raking in big profits and banks who received bailouts while the rest of us were left holding the bag. That was a decent starting point I suppose but at the end of the day, these companies can get only get so powerful without the help of the government. Companies are basically money making machines that operate on one principle only: to maximize profits for the shareholders.

From banks to retailers to car manufacturers, at the end of the day they all have the same goal. And how they conduct their business to achieve those goals is influenced a great deal by the legal and political environment. If rules are enforced and there is an even playing field with no company being favored by the government, companies live and die based on the quality of their products and their benefit to the consumers. If however we create an environment where the government is empowered to pick winners and losers, then companies are going to lobby the politicians to become the winners and ultimately end up with an unfair advantage.

The government essentially sets the stage for how business is conducted. If a company is behaving in a way that breaks the law or has a negative effect on society, that company should be called out and forced to face consequences. But if the government is not only allowing that to happen but is actually instrumental in it occurring, we need to take a look at them as well.

More than 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters marched to a Midtown hotel on Wednesday night to protest a fund-raising event for President Obama.
Demonstrators held signs that leveled some of the Occupy protest’s most pointed criticism to date of the president. “Obama is a corporate puppet,” one said.
It will be interesting to see if this is a one time thing simply because Obama is in the area raising money "for the richest of the rich", or if this will spark the beginning of a new chapter in the Occupy movement.

Kid on bike crashes, Mom gets pissed

The title of the video says it's grandma but it looks more like mom to us. The kids are out having fun in the street with a bike ramp when one of them crashes after going up the ramp. "That's it! That's it!" mom yells, taking away one of the ramps and ruining all the fun. How are they ever going to get good, Mom, if you never let them practice? At least all the kids are wearing helmets, which is pretty rare as most kids think it takes away cool points. Where they went wrong was doing it right in front of their home. Next time go to a friend's house whose parents don't give a shit.

Kid attempts to leap onto post and fails...but he doesn't hit his balls

He's so proud of himself!

Is this what the Occupy Wall Street folks do when they're not out protesting? But seriously, that was quite an impressive jump even though he didn't quite make it. Maybe he should wear a cup next time just in case.

Rap battle gone wrong - full version

This video has been kicking around on the internet in various forms for a few years now and even made it to truTV. But in most cases it's been butchered to hell, only showing you half of what went down or mixing in lame commentary.

This right here is what the internet was made for folks, it doesn't get any better than this. What was supposed to go down as just your typical neighborhood rap battle ended up with one guy laying on the ground knocked out. The guy who ended up getting knocked out seemed like the odd man out here, everyone else seemed to know each other. Halfway through he started acting strange - taking his shirt off and giving away his watch and hat. The camera guy, realizing that the guy wasn't "playing with a full deck", tried to be merciful and demanded that his watch be given back to him. It would have been over at this point but the other battler wanted to show him "how we do it in the Carter". Evidently down in the Carter, getting sucker punched and your ass handed to you is a neighborhood pastime.

Is it just us or is it a little odd that all these people who look to be in their 30s are hanging out in the neighborhood scrapping like little kids? Aren't they a little too old for this crap? I won't complain though because it gave us one of them most hilarious videos in internet history.

Bonus, another rap battle gone wrong:

I gotta say, that was kind of a dick move though by the guy on the left at the end. He was the one that was getting up into the other guy's face, not the other way around. But perhaps he ran out of things to say and this was an easy way to wrap things up and make it look like he won. What's next, Slim Jesus and Darnix-E? Put it this way, if we can get rappers battling each other like this on video, it'll be entertaining for the whole family, whether or not you like rap. Just try to keep your pants up because little Jessica might be watching.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Norway mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik likely to avoid jail time

The man accused of killing 77 people in a terrorist rampage that shook Norway last summer is insane and cannot be sentenced to prison or preventive detention, but can be confined to a mental hospital for the rest of his life, police said Tuesday.
After 36 hours of police and psychiatrists interviewing Anders Breivik, they've reached the conclusion that Breivik was psychotic during the killings, opening the window to the likely possibility of him avoiding jail time altogether and spending the rest of his life in a mental hospital.

If this turns out to be the case it'll be one of the greatest injustices we've ever seen. We've taken the time to read through Brievik's 1,500 page manifesto and it's clear that the man was extremely calculated and thorough in all of his actions. It was probably the most "sane" and well put together manifestos we've ever seen, making it all the more scary. Usually when someone goes out in a blaze and they vent their grievances in a manifesto, it's full of mindless ramblings that only make sense to someone with an IQ lower than 30. But Behring knew exactly what he was doing and knew it was wrong - he had no illusions about it.

But does it really matter either way? When someone kills 77 people in a calculated mass execution, does it really matter what a couple therapists think about his state of mind? How does that really change anything? I suppose a mental hospital could help treat a person of mental illness and get them back to a state closer to "normal". But with a guy like this, what's the point? Is there going to be a day where they say "after a couple years of treatment, Breivik now realizes what he did was wrong, he has corrected his thinking, and now he'll be a productive member of society"? If that happens, where's the justice? Well great, he now knows it's wrong to kill people. Yeah it's too bad about the 77 dead, but we're sure glad Breivik now knows right from wrong.

In cases like this, we need to look at what the goals of justice are. The #1 priority here should be to keep guys like this off the streets and away from society. Whether or not he is able to reach a point of mental clarity or deal with his inner demons, that's really his concern and should not be the burden of society. And sure if you want to treat his psychological issues, have at it, but aren't there plenty of more worthy people with mental illnesses that it would make sense to focus on instead? And I think we should also keep in mind the possibility of escape - do you really think a mental hospital is as secure as a prison? Either lock him up and throw away the key or put him out of his misery so everyone can move on with their lives without him.

Woman tries to burn off son's tattoo, gets arrested

Well, at least her heart was in the right place. Monica Cantu's 13 year old son had gotten a tattoo between his thumb and pointer finger. Understandably upset, she preceded to attempt to burn it off using a lighter. When that failed, she then turned to the stove where she cranked up the heat while forcing her son to put his hand on it.


A Round Rock mother was arrested Monday for allegedly trying to burn a tattoo off her 13-year-old son's left hand by placing it on a stovetop burner.
Cantu is charged with injury to a child and held on $7,500 bond.
We're not quite sure if it's possible to actually burn a tattoo off but at the very least it'll probably make the kid think twice about getting another tattoo. And no doubt it was likely some stupid gang wanna-be tattoo that looked ridiculous. Kudos for mom trying to do the right thing, unfortunately she sort of fell into the "child abuse" category with this action in the eyes of the law.

Motorcyclist in Thailand pulls right out into traffic, gets ass handed to him

Chalk this one up as an insta-karma, didn't his mother teach him to look both ways before crossing the street? And this guy not only crosses but accelerates right into traffic. The car appears to drive off afterward, perhaps not wanting to have to confront a bunch of angry bikers? That was our initial thought but after a glance the other cyclists seem to continue on and not be too concerned about their fallen peer. It's possible that the car did pull over out of camera view.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Idiots staple their tongues to board in an attempt to fit in

Wow this is just sad. What looks to be either a fraternity or sports hazing event, two guys stick out their tongues as a third guy staples them to a board on the table. A fourth member bleeding from the arm is then tasked with removing the staples. You know, in these kids' minds they probably feel like they just made that transition from boy to man but in reality they just lost every ounce of dignity they had left. And while stunts like this are usually intended to prove one's toughness, they often come off feeling a Not that there's anything wrong with that. But in many of these hazing incidents we can't help but notice the homoerotic undertones, like this story where am Alpha Delta Omega fraternity member at Hartwick College was spanked with a wooden paddle by his peers. I don't know about you all, but when we were in college spanking another guy with a wooden paddle or messing around with boys' tongues was the last thing on our mind.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Motive believed to be robbery in Craigslist killings

This whole story is really strange. So far 2 dead bodies have been found, and another man was shot but fortunately managed to escape. The 3 men all answered a posting on Craigslist, an opportunity to make some easy money living on a farm. There was no such farm, and the men were lead to property owned by a coal company that was often leased to hunters. As the men were told they would be moving to the farm to live, they brought all of their belongings with them. All a robbery scheme. But who could be so cold hearted as to kill random people just to take their stuff? And the perpetrators were preying on people who were down on their luck to begin with. How could anyone think it would be worth killing people just for a few boxes of their belongings and maybe a little cash? How long would that last someone, about a week? Then it's off to the next killing?

If evil does exist these people are it. And the story gets even stranger as we find out who the suspects are: 52 year old
"mentor" and church-goer Richard Beasley and 16 year old Brogan Rafferty, one of the kids Beasley was mentoring. ABC affiliate WEWS spoke to Richard Beasley's mother and she spoke highly of her son, adding that he would take Brogan fishing, play video games, and deliver food for the needy. Evidently they also spent time scheming up robbery murder plots.

Ontario dairy farmer fined $9,150 for selling raw milk

Evidently it's a big crime to sell raw milk, it's right up there will dealing crack and heroin. Meet Michael Schmidt: he's a dairy farmer and "raw milk crusader" from southern Ontario who was just hit with a $9,150 fine for distributing raw, unpasteurized milk.


Schmidt was acquitted in January 2010 of 19 charges under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, which makes it illegal to sell or distribute raw, unpasteurized milk in Canada.
The judge rejected Schmidt's argument that he is legally allowed to distribute raw milk to members of his so-called cow-share program, in which people "own" shares of his dairy herd.
So what's the big deal, really? Is raw milk really that dangerous? Are these raw milk people crazy?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) raw milk can contain various bacteria, parasites, and viruses which can make you sick or even kill you. Milk can become contaminated in a variety of ways, everything from cows that have diseases to cow feces coming into contact with the milk. The CDC states that the only way to essentially sterilize the milk and minimize these risks is through pasteurization, and without that, you're opening yourself up to enormous health risks.

So how about the other side of the debate? We took a look at some pro-raw-milk sources to see what all the excitement was about, and why people like Mr. Schmidt are willing to break the law for such a cause.

Raw milk proponents argue that raw milk is chock full of nutritional ingredients and offers many health benefits for those who drink it. We read that in the not so distant past, raw milk from cows was actually used as a medicine to treat and in some cases cure chronic diseases. It contains enough nutrition, the proponents argue, that one could survive purely off the milk, as it contains all of the essential proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes that one would need, and even some good bacteria to help with the digestive system. Question: does pasteurized milk not contain any of these benefits?

This particular story here with the farmer getting fined comes from Ontario, but The U.S. also has its laws regarding the sale of raw milk. However, judging from the raw milk legal status map below from the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, it appears that many areas in the states are quite liberal about its distribution:

So who's to believe, the proponents or the CDC? The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle. Sure, raw milk without anything done to it may have a little more nutrients in it and some additional health benefits, but that's assuming that you're not also getting any bad bacteria or viruses along with it. I personally doubt the benefits of raw milk outweigh the possible risks associated with it, but as long as the buyer is aware that he is purchasing raw milk and that's the decision he chooses to make, I don't see why we should stop him. We let people buy cigarettes all day long knowing full well it leads to cancer. And there's definitely no health benefits to smoking. So what's the big deal if a small group of people (the CDC says it makes up roughly 1% of total milk consumption) think there's health benefits to raw milk and prefer it over the pasteurized? People should have the freedom to make their own purchasing and living decisions, even if they are judged to be bad decisions by the rest of us.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two Corvette owners compete to see who has the smallest pecker

It's the age old contest where grown children attempt to demonstrate their manliness by showing everyone they can put their foot down on a gas pedal. No you guys don't understand, it takes some real ankle strength to do that!

The result is pretty obvious but still hilarious. It's just too bad the camera guy didn't keep rolling, he really missed the best part where the guys got out of their cars and compared penis sizes. I guess we'll never know who really won, but our hunch is the one on the right who seemed to be overcompensating just a hair more.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tattoo artist tattoos giant turd on the back of his ex-gf

She wanted ink...but ended up with a big stink. This is your feel-good story of the day: Tattoo artist Ryan L. Fitzjerald from Dayton, Ohio found out his girlfriend at the time Rossie Brovent had been cheating on him with a long time buddy of his so he decided to get even. She laid down expecting to get a tattoo of a scene from Narnia on her back but instead received a giant turd with flies buzzing around.

Rossie is now suing Mr. Fitzjerald in a $100,000 lawsuit, but he says he had her sign a consent form giving him the green light to tattoo whatever he wanted. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

Black Friday shoppers go crazy over $2 waffle maker

Who knew waffle makers were in such high demand? I suppose at $2 even to someone that hates waffles that's a good deal - they could always resell it on Craigslist. Check out the footage below - shoppers act like animals trying to get dibs on their waffle maker in a Walmart in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The woman in blue in the middle there appears to be utilizing the smelly butt crack tactic, always the showstopper.

Math Professor gives really cool presentation for Thanksgiving

This teacher is awesome! For thanksgiving, a math professor at Biola University in Southern California gave a really cool presentation on the meaning of thanksgiving and what we should think about on this day. The thanksgiving lesson was just a small percentage of it though, he did some cool video interaction tricks, see below:

Cool, huh? And for all the tightwads out there who are concerned that this guy is having too much fun and not really teaching, Professor Matthew Weathers assures us that this was at the end of a long lecture and he indeed does spend most of his time going over math! He has a bunch of other cool videos on his youtube channel, check them out.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Republican Presidential Campaigns: Why is Jon Huntsman not getting more attention?

We here at People Liking People have been keeping an eye on the Republican primary presidential campaigns. It seems like every week there's a new front runner, and it almost feels like a game of musical chairs. Early on the focus was on Donald Trump, then it turned out the whole thing was a publicity stunt (shame on you all who actually fell for it). Mitt Romney has long been seen as being the most presidential and the one having the best chance at beating Obama. But to this day it seems a big share of the conservative base is having trouble rallying behind him. His level of support has been the most consistent of all the candidates though, for better or worse. Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain have both had their moments where it looked like they were the new front runner, and now Newt Gingrich is in that spotlight. And of course there is Ron Paul, who has a very strong support base but will have a hard time crossing into mainstream status. Oh and Rick Santorum...yawn. Look for him to be out of the race soon, along with Bachmann.

There is one candidate whose experience is very solid and he has carried himself quite well in the debates, but for some reason or another has not gained the attention and support of the media or the conservative base, which is becoming puzzling for us because he seems like one of the more solid candidates. That candidate is Jon Huntsman. He gets much less speaking time during the debates than most of the other candidates and you rarely hear his named tossed around seriously as having a real chance. But why is this? Let's look at Jon Huntsman's experience:

- Executive of the Huntsman Corporation (a chemical company)
- United States Trade Representative
- Ambassador to China
- Governor of Utah

Huntsman is arguably the most moderate of all the candidates, which is probably why there's not much excitement behind him within the conservative base. He's somewhat like Romney, except with Huntsman we get the feeling he stands by his positions, whereas with Romney he has a history of flipflopping on almost every issue (abortion and universal healthcare, for example).

We're making a prediction here: Newt Gingrich will be in the lead for the next few weeks and it'll seem like he'll end up being the guy. But that will also come with increased scrutiny and people will begin to reconsider if he's really the one they want as the Republican nominee. When the excitement over Gingrich begins to fade and people look back over the list of candidates to make sure there wasn't anyone better that was overlooked, they'll discover Huntsman - and it'll be just in time for the primary elections.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A&M University fires band director after hazing incident

A&M University in Florida announced today that they will be firing band director Dr. Julian White after drum major Robert Champion died during a hazing incident on Saturday.


Champion, 26, a graduate of Southwest DeKalb High School, died following the Florida Classic football game in Orlando last Saturday.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said he suspects hazing is involved in Champion's death. In Florida, hazing is a third degree felony. Sheriff Demings said charges could be forthcoming.

This is a very sad story all around, but we can't help but wonder: how does a 26 year old man die in a college hazing incident? I mean isn't he a little old to be one of the guys getting hazed? At the very least shouldn't he be one of the guys doing the hazing?

Woman throws flour all over her furniture and blames it on her kids to make viral video

Wow, the length that some people will go to these days to "go viral" is getting more ridiculous by the day. So we have a woman who has thrown flour all over her living room, getting it on the couches, lampshades and picture frames. She then pretends to stumble upon her kids playing with an empty bag of flour and puts on her best acting job at being shocked and dismayed. Watch the video below:

Is what we've become people? All attention whores looking to be the next winner of the viral lottery? The woman, who goes by "mtmuzic" uploaded the video to youtube with the description:

Mommy was not feeling well and had to stay in the bathroom longer than usual during which my two boys, ages 1 and 3 took my new bag of flour out of the cupboard and destroyed my house. This is from ONE 5lb bag. Don't believe me? Hand a full bag to a 3 year old and see what happens.
Yeah sure lady, that must have been some major diarrhea shit you had going on there. So far the video has 2.3 million views so I suppose the woman can chalk this one up as a success, but isn't a bit weird for a mother to be using her kids like this?

She has since disabled the comments on the video (big surprise) but we were able to catch one left by "brunozi" who hit the nail right on the head:

"You should go see a psychiatrist, lady. You poured flour all over your own house just to make a YouTube video? Seriously, go see a doctor. I feel sorry for your kids having such a distraught mom."
Update: A friend of People Liking People has informed us that the woman is Mary Thompson, an amateur musician from Steubenville, Ohio. Her e-mail addresses are and, phone #s are 330-618-6211, 330-655-5438, and 586-246-7341.

Update 2: Thompson is her maiden name, she's now married to WADL Detroit TV employee Vince Napoli (phone # 440-835-0991) and assumes the name Mary Napoli. They now live in St. Claire Shores, Michigan. The family appeared on the Today show with Matt Lauer where she answered to accusations that it was a hoax just to get her 15 minutes of fame. This is looking to be very similar to the balloon boy hoax. Fortunately in this situation it hasn't wasted police resources, the only thing lost here is the Napoli's dignity.

Update 3: Vince Napoli threatens to fire us from the internet for posting his phone numbers, most of which were already public on his own websites. See the comments below and read more here.

Vodka maker pulls billboard ad after crybabies complain

Can't anyone take a joke anymore?

We've been following this "story" for the past couple days, it initially showed up on Gawker when a "concerned" reader contacted the site to inform them of the billboard shown below:

The "tipster" alerted Gawker of this billboard for Wodka Vodka located on Riverside Drive in Manhattan, which pokes fun at stereotypes using a Santa dog and a "Jewish" dog with the tag line "Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing". The complainer also mentioned that she would be contacting various media outlets as well:

"Perhaps you are also aware of the anti-Semitic stereotype that Jewish people control the media. Following the lead of your billboard, I have put stock in this stereotype and have taken the liberty of cc'ing several media outlets and news writers on this email."
Well isn't that just special, you go girl.

We figured that would be the end of it, seeing as there's much more important things to be outraged about than a silly billboard ad. But this persistent crybaby's efforts have paid off, as the company today caved to pressure and has taken the billboard down. From Yahoo news:

A billboard for Wodka vodka in NYC has been taken down and destroyed after complaints that the advertisement's message is anti-Semitic.
Ron Meier, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, called it "crude and offensive. To use the Jewish holiday in dealing with issues of money is clearly insensitive and inappropriate."
Well that's a shame. You can't make a joke these days without everyone getting their panties in a bunch. And what was the point of contacting the media about this billboard anyway, it's not like it was some big secret the folks at Wodka were trying to hide, they put it on a giant billboard facing a major street for chrissakes. And one of the most ironic things about the whole thing is that Brian Gordon, head of the marketing firm (MMG) behind the billboard, is himself Jewish.

Score one for the whiny crybaby douchebags. If there's any silver lining to this story it's that it did give Wodka a ton of publicity, and we're guessing that the people who thought the ad was no big deal far outweigh the folks who need to untwist their panties. We're not big drinkers here at People Liking People, but if we ever do need to pickup some Vodka we'll be sure to try out Wodka's selection.

One thing did slightly bother us about this ad though, I believe they have used the stereotype the wrong way. When it says Hanukkah pricing to mean "Jew pricing", if we are to follow the stereotype that would mean that the prices would be high, a ripoff - not low, like they probably meant to illustrate. But I suppose that's a minor point and it's just a joke not meant to be dissected. Either way, the billboard ad is now down and the crybaby brigade can now focus their efforts on the next big atrocity.

Update: We've found a complimentary writeup in Forbes magazine from June 2011 about Wodka's quirky marketing & the success they've seen from it. You thought the Christmas billboard ad was in bad taste? Check out this one:

Escort Quality: Hooker Pricing.

Obviously the company isn't afraid to take chances and be a little bit controversial, it's a shame they caved in to pressure so quickly. If you're going to be bold, you gotta stick to your guns and say fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

One-person rollercoaster: Badass

Check out this first person footage of a ride on this "single-pipe alpine coaster" in Mieders, Austria:

Damn that is wicked, imagine if this was your backyard and you could go on it any time! Here's another view of the ride:

The guy who took these shots says it was around $10 per ride, that's well worth it if it's as fun as it looks - hell I'd pay $50+ as long as there was a guarantee I didn't get stuck behind someone slow. We need these things in the states!

Update: It turns out these things do exist here in the U.S., check out this clip of one in Park City, Utah. Like the one in Austria it appears to follow a ski lift route. This one looks a little safer.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mob of 50+ people shoftlift from 7-Eleven, caught on tape


About 50 people simultaneously shoplifted from a Silver Spring, Md., 7-Eleven Saturday night.
Police stopped a group of six people ages 16-18 near Tech Road and Broadbirch Drive. Each had items from the 7-Eleven but no receipts, police said.
Well at least they got some of them, too bad it was only six. But even for six they caught, do you really think they'll get any kind of serious punishment? Every single one of these people should be locked up in jail for a very long time. Petty theft like this is considered a minor crime and the most punishment thieves can usually expect to get is a slap on the wrist. But anyone who steals crosses a very clear line, both legally and morally. It's not like someone who goes a little over the speed limit, and it's not a simple lapse in judgment. These people have made a conscious decision to disrespect others by taking things that clearly do not belong to them - they're taking money from other peoples pockets. Stealing a candy bar and a soda may not do much harm in the big scheme of things but it's very indicative of the mindset of the person who crosses that moral and legal line. Folks like this need to be eliminated from society for a long time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cover Band Fail

This video is just great. We have what looks to be a cover band playing in a small club. They're about to start playing Bon Jovi's "You give love a bad name" song from '86 when all the sudden the guitarist slams his guitar down and storms off stage. The most amusing part of it is the complete dead silence in the club after the guitarist throws his guitar down. If anyone has any information on this video like what band this is, what city, and the back story behind this outburst please let us know!

We couldn't help but notice that the woman at the end there yelling "you fucking asshole!" sounds eerily similar to the "cheap shot motherfucker" woman in the Danzig gets owned video. Same lady?

Update: The band in this footage is Winters Mistress, this show was on Oct. 27 where they were opening up for Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) at the Reverb Club in Reading, PA.

The drama continues on their facebook page:

We're going to side with guitarist Jim Reddig on this one, at least he's entertaining.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Republicans supporting "Stop Online Piracy Act"

Hey Republicans, what happened to all the "less government" talk? If you really mean that, we're with you. But time and time again it seems that you pick and choose your ideology depending on the issue.

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was introduced in the House of Representatives on October 26 by Texas Republican Lamar Smith. The bill's aim is to fight intellectual property infringement online but it puts a huge burden on domain owners and gives the government power to force Internet Service Providers to blacklist domain addresses.

For example, let's say there's a picture hosting website in Japan called which allows users all over the world to post pictures to share with their family and friends. And let's say that 1 member of the site (out of millions) submits a picture of a diagram that is copyrighted by someone else. If this bill were to become law, the government would then be able to force Internet Services Providers like Time Warner, AT&T, & Comcast to prevent people from visiting the entire website altogether. If you tried to visit to check out your friend's latest photos, you'd get an error message on your browser.

The same could easily happen to sites like Youtube. With the millions of user-submitted videos on there, the government could easily find an example of copyright infringement - all the justification it would need to shut the whole thing down.

From Wikipedia:

The bill would allow the court to order Internet service providers, “payment network providers,” search engines, and advertising services to take “technically feasible and reasonable measures” to cut off these illegal foreign infringing sites in their respective fields. Internet service providers would be required to modify their DNS look-up servers to return an empty response for these sites, making them virtually inaccessible, while search engines would need to filter results linking to such sites.
The remaining provisions of Title I allow for voluntary actions to deny services to rogue sites and to sites selling prescription medication without requiring a prescription or where the drugs are adulterated or misbranded.
The bill would require internet service providers to filter DNS queries of offending websites, rendering them unresolvable.

Are there bad things on the internet? Sure. Does copyright infringement take place online? Yes. But we must ask ourselves, is it worth regulating the internet and giving the government more power just to go after a couple copyright infringers? Don't we already have processes in place for copyright owners to go after those who infringe? Why do we need to hand over additional blanket controls to the government? The government should not ever be able to force an internet service provider to block an entire website. If the government has a legitimate beef with a copyright infringer then it needs to deal directly with that person.

Internet Service providers should not have to be put in a position to police their customers or deny access to particular websites. Isn't this what sets us apart from countries like China? We all seem to agree that it's a bad thing when the Chinese government cuts off access to certain websites. So why are we voluntarily headed down that road ourselves? A few cases of copyright infringement isn't enough justification to give the government that much power, just as the fear of terrorism isn't enough justification for us to give up our rights in order to feel safe. And in both instances it's the supposed "less government" Republicans leading the way.

Currently the Stop Online Piracy Act is supported by these representatives:

Lamar Smith [R-TX]
Howard Berman [D-CA]
Marsha Blackburn [R-TN]
Mary Bono Mack [R-CA]
Steve Chabot [R-OH]
John Conyers [D-MI]
Ted Deutch [D-FL]
Elton Gallegly [R-CA]
Bob Goodlatte [R-VA]
Timothy Griffin [R-AR]
Dennis A. Ross [R-FL]
Adam Schiff [D-CA]
Lee Terry [R-NE]

Herman Cain is Done

Well it's official: Herman Cain is finished. He no longer has a chance to become president in this upcoming election. If by some miracle he ends up winning the Republican primary, there is no way he will be able to beat Obama. Either way he's toast. And it has nothing to do with the sexual harassment allegations. We gave Herman Cain the benefit of the doubt and still do. More details may come out later of course that indicate he did sexual harass those women, but at this point in time we simply don't have any evidence that he did. No, the reason Herman Cain is toast is this "performance" during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Watch below:

This is just embarrassing, and it's too terrible to justify. There's no way to spin this one at all. How could anybody be so clueless as to what's going on in the world? Sure, when you run for President of the United States, you have to quickly learn a ton of information - everything from international politics to tax policy to more local issues that are going on in the towns that you visit while campaigning. But at this point in the campaign he should be up to date with what happened in Libya.

And let's say we give him a pass for not knowing too much about Libya or the Middle East. Let's look at how he handled it. A third grader could have done a better job answering the question. "Uhmm Libya...ok let's see....uhh....Obama...was.....for...the opposition..right? Ok...uh" He's asking the interviewer to help him answer the question, and that's pathetic. And you gotta love how he shuffles his water bottle back and fourth on the table like he's some kind of genius deep in thought. Nope, not fooling anybody. That may have worked during corporate board meetings but it definitely didn't help here.

Once he's at the understanding that Obama was for the uprising and the ousting of Gaddafi, he then begins to offer his criticism on the way Obama handled it:

"I don't agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons:

uhmmmm.....nope that's a different one. Uhm... let's see..I gotta go back and see..uhh...I got all this stuff twirling around in my head...uh...specifically what are you asking me what do I agree or not disagree with Obama on?"
That's just terrible man. Just admit that you don't know. People already know that you don't know much about what's going on in the middle east, we get it, it's not your specialty. But to try to pretend that you do and fail so miserably is just embarrassing. And to attempt to criticize Obama for the way he handled it when you don't even know the situation or how Obama handled it? How are you going to criticize something before you even know the details of what happened? For all Cain knows, Obama's strategy on Libya was genius.

For the record: we here at People Liking People would prefer not to get involved at all with Libya or any other of these uprisings and civil wars. Do we not have enough of our own issues to deal with? And that's the real answer Cain should have given. Why are we talking about Libya when we have so many problems of our own? Let's take care of our own first, Libyans will find a way to work things out on their own.

And that reveals another problem with Cain. He's afraid to give his real opinion on international politics. Now maybe he isn't the brightest guy in the world when it comes to the middle east, but he's gotta have some kind of views one way or the other. But instead of giving his honest view, he's sitting there trying to remember what the establishment Republican positions are. He doesn't want to say anything that's out of line with the status quo, because he knows if he gets called out on it and asked to back it up, he's in trouble. So he's trying to play it safe and give the standard answers. Israel? Support it 100%. Libya? whatever Obama did, that was wrong. He's afraid to take real unique positions. He may have a "bold" 999 plan but with everything else he's merely going along with the Republican talking points and is afraid to take a stand or real position on anything.

We wanted to see Cain do well, in the beginning he really seemed to shine above the other candidates. But the more his campaign continued the worse it got. In the beginning of his campaign when he was asked international questions, he would say things like "I do not know the best way to resolve that because I need to look over the facts". Back then we thought it was kind of a weak answer but at least it was honest and we understood. Now he's trying to fudge his way through answering those types of questions and it just doesn't work.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jerry Sandusky admits to showering with boys, but says he never did anything sexual

Former coach Jerry Sandusky was interviewed by Bob Costas for NBC on Monday and these were his responses to the molestation allegations and charges:

"I enjoy being around children," Sandusky said. "I enjoy their enthusiasm. I just have a good time with them."

"I could say that I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact."

When Costas pressed him, asking if he was willing to concede to any wrongdoing, Sandusky replied: "I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

Ok do you remember back when you were a kid and were suspected/caught doing something bad, and you knew you wouldn't get away with saying you didn't do anything at all, so you'd admit to doing a tiny part of it, in the hopes that you'd just get a quick scolding and it would all be forgotten in a few minutes? Like "What? I don't know what happened to Dad's birthday cake, I mean I ate a tiny piece of icing off the corner but that was it. Must have been someone else".

Yeah, that tactic doesn't quite work as well with molestation charges. "Me? Pedophile? no...I mean, sure, we horsed around a know, showering, touching their legs...but nothing sexual no of course not".

Either admit it and face reality or just shut the fuck up because this is just pathetic, even Michael Jackson knew better than this.

Monday, November 14, 2011

High School Football Coach forced to step down after handing out "Hurt Feelings Report"

The head coach of Buffalo High School's (Wyoming) football team has been forced to step down after handing out a "Hurt Feelings Report" to the team before heading off to their first-round playoff game.


Pat Lynch, who led Buffalo to two state football championships, has resigned as the team’s head coach after handing out an offensive survey to his players.

“I would like to apologize for my lapse in judgment and the poor choice that I made from my position as the Head Football Coach for Buffalo High School,” the statement said. “I know that this situation has caused you pain and discomfort, and for that I am truly sorry. As a person and a professional, I believe I will learn and grow from this experience and use it to help others.

We've received a copy of this Hurt Feelings Report, part of which can be seen below:

Now we here at People Liking People are all for treating kids like shit and acting like their feelings don't matter but Pat Lynch seems to be a bit too focused on the sexual orientation of his players. Yeah we get it, you gotta be a tough strong man or else you're a wimpy fag...sure. It's just that the people who have this type of mentality the most are the ones dealing with their own homosexual tendencies. And do you think it's a coincidence that his job for the past 22 years just so happens to involve being in the locker room with a bunch of hot sweaty guys day in and day out? Sure Mr Lynch, the high school guys just wanting to play a game of football are the queer ones, not you.

And how did Pat Lynch react when this came to light and before the school board? He said "Deal with it bitches" right? No, he apologized like a little bitch.

The strange thing about this whole story is that while he was forced to step down as head coach, he is allowed to continue his job as a guidance counselor at the school. Isn't that even worse than having him as a football coach? I mean you kind of expect coaches to be assholes, it sort of goes with the territory. But for a guidance counselor position you're going to want a higher standard of professionalism.

"You want to sign up for orchestra and art class?? What are you some kind of pussy??"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catholic Church's "Child Abuse Officer" jailed for child porn

Serious question: is there anyone in the leadership of the Catholic Church who is not a pedophile? As if the past incidents with the priests molesting kids wasn't enough, we now learn that Roman Catholic "Child Abuse Officer" Christopher Jarvis has been jailed for 1 year on pornography charges.

From BBC News:

Christopher Jarvis, 49, was employed by the Diocese of Plymouth in Devon as a safeguarding co-ordinator in 2002.

But he was also compiling images of children, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

We're sure it was just for "research" and he just wanted to make sure he knew what he was dealing with.

It really makes you wonder though, what is it with church leadership and the high rate of pedophiles? The pedophile-to-normal-person ratio inside the church is probably like 100 times the national/world average. It's something that's made us curious for some time and it's sort of like the chicken and the egg puzzle: which came first, were these men normal but then became pedophiles after becoming priests? - or in this case, after becoming a "child abuse officer" in the church? Or were these people always pedophiles and went into the priesthood specifically to get access to children?

After much pondering, we believe we've come to an answer. Let's think about it for a moment, what type of person become a priest? The people who become priests are those who are the experts on the bible and their religion. They've spent their whole lives reading the bible and participating in church activities - it is their life. While everyone else is out having sex, drinking, playing sports, living life, having fun....these people are studying their bible. And what kind of person spends all their time growing up studying the bible? A person who is struggling with things in their life/mind and is looking for answers.

These guys obsessed over religion because they were struggling with their "demons". They knew something wasn't right and were trying to deal with it and solve their problem with religion. They learned everything they could and had the bible practically when it came time to find a new priest, who better to hire for the job than the guy who's the expert?

The problem is, the demons that drove them to search for answer, the initial struggles, they are still there beneath the surface. The problem has not been solved. But here they are now in a position of power with everyone looking up to him like he's the guy that has it all figured out. It's very similar to the people with mental issues that go into psychiatry - they go in trying to fix themselves, and end up later hurting others.

Friday, November 11, 2011

School turns to advertising on report cards for revenue

With the economy being in the state that it's been for the past few years, people and businesses have had to get creative when it comes to making ends meet. Schools have also been experiencing financial setbacks as well, including the Jefferson County school district in Colorado which is currently facing $70 million in budget cuts. But the folks at Jefferson County have come up with a plan to make up for at least some of those cuts: advertisements on report cards.


Some parents in Jefferson County won’t only see their child’s grades on their report cards. They’ll also see advertising.
The ad will appear along the bottom of every elementary school report card for the next three years.

Is it wrong to mix capitalism and advertising with our public education system? Some seem to think this is crossing the line. To alleviate concerns, the school district has currently restricted the advertising to a nonprofit organization known as CollegeInvest. But what's to come in the future, will we be seeing Coke and Pepsi ads on report cards further down the line?

One thing that doesn't seem quite right is the discrepancy between the budget cuts the school is facing and the amount of money these ads are going to pull in, which is a puny $30,000 a year. $30,000 a year is less than the average teacher makes, so....great, these ads on the report cards won't even cover 1 teacher's salary and will barely scratch the surface of the $70 million they're facing in budget cuts. Is it really worth all the bitching and moaning? I say if you're going to do this, go all out. Let's get all kinds of advertising up and down the hallways of the school - advertisers can bid on specific spots, some areas going for more due to the amount of foot traffic. And how about those school buses? City buses have long earned revenue by putting ads on the sides and backside, how about schools doing the same?

And it begs an interesting question, are advertisements harmful to kids? Are they really harmful to anyone? We live in a capitalistic society and as much as we look at advertising as something evil, many of the services we take for granted depend on it almost entirely. I say let's give it a shot, just as long as we don't have advertising reps swarming into schools the way we see the pharmaceutical reps in the doctors offices.

Update on pervert child beater Judge William Adams

Good news: a district judge has granted a temporary restraining order against the perverted teen-daughter-ass-whipping Judge William Adams. The daughter in the video that was released a few weeks back is now 23 and has since moved out but there is a current custody battle involving Judge William Adams and Hallie Adams' 10 year old daughter. The temporary restraining order comes after Hallie Adams's attorney filed a motion with an affidavit detailing a history of emotional and physical abuse along with substance abuse as well.


The court filings seek to terminate William Adams' access to the younger daughter.

The filing by attorney Brett Pritchard includes a motion seeking to force Judge Adams to undergo testing for illegal drug use. A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 21 in Aransas County. The temporary order was signed by Judge Kemper Stephen Williams of the 135th Judicial District in Victoria.

So not only is this judge a perverted child abuser but he evidently has a drug problem as well. We look forward to seeing if Judge Adams is forced to undergo drug testing and what the results will be if so. This monster should not be anywhere near a position of authority, whether in a court or as a parent. In addition to drug tests, we think it would be interesting to take a look at what he has on his hard drive on his computer. Perhaps there's a reason he was so "touchy" regarding his daughter's usage on it years ago.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Woman has face melted off during meth explosion, continues producing meth

If there were ever a good reason to not do drugs, or meth in particular at the very least, one need not look any further than Heather Raybon.

This is a picture of Heather Raybon back in 2003, who at this time was a very attractive young woman. A year later she was in a "drug den", most likely a meth manufacturing lab, when it blew up and permanently scarred her face.

Below is a picture of Ms. Raybon in 2006 after the incident:

This goes beyond most of the faces of meth picture comparisons we've seen and is very tragic. A woman's life completely ruined all because she got involved in what is arguably the worst drug possible. It gets even sadder though: Ms. Raybon has recently been busted for manufacturing meth again.


The 31-year-old had been permanently scarred when a drug den blew up in 2004 but even with her face left a distorted, melted mask she couldn't keep away from the addictive drug.

In the latest incident, narcotic detectives found materials and ingredients to cook up crystal meth, along with 13 grams of meth powder and 32 grams of meth oil. There was such a strong risk of explosion from the one-pot lab that police called the fire department to safely neutralize it.

Now the first thing a lot of people might be thinking is this: how could someone go back to the very drug that caused such a horrific injury? But think about it, if you looked like that, what would you do? I'd want to kill myself personally, or at least escape from the world as much as I could and I'd never want to face reality. And that's often the downward spiral these addicts find themselves in: they use the drugs to escape at first, then the drugs ruin their lives even more, and then they're using the drugs to forget about how ruined their lives are....which was caused by the drugs in the first place.

When we see these faces of meth pictures we always wonder: how good must that high be to be able to look at yourself every day deteriorating and then continue doing it? To look in the mirror and see some hideous being that looks like it belongs in a horror movie, and say to yourself "eh it ain't that bad, everything's cool...let's get high today". That's gotta be some high...but no high is worth this.

Penn State sex abuse scandle: the column 6 months ago that turned out to be right

The shocking revelations that former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky had been molesting young boys in a Penn State locker room has turned things upside down for Penn State this week and has ended the career of coach Joe Paterno. But while most were finding out about the coverup for the first time this week, one columnist, radio host Mark Madden, wrote about a possible Penn State sex scandal coverup 6 months ago and it has turned out to be very accurate.

From (dated Apr 4 2011):

Allegations of improper conduct with an underage male first surfaced in 1998, while Sandusky was still employed by Penn State. That incident allegedly occurred in a shower at Penn State's on-campus football facility. No charges were filed.

Best-case scenario: Charges are never brought, and Sandusky walks away with his reputation permanently scarred. The rumors, the jokes, the sideways glances - they won't ever stop. Paterno and Penn State do the great escape.

Unfortunately this turned out to be exactly what did happen. And it's interesting to note the comments written back when the article was written in April:

It just goes to show how hard it is for those trying to get the truth out when sexual abuse takes place. Everyone immediately defends the accused and points fingers at the accuser. We wonder if michael5148 will be renewing his subscription now.

Chickenpox Infected Lollipops

Mmmmm your mouth is watering already, isn't it? There's a new trend on the rise, either that or we're the victim of another media fabricated outrage story - which we do hope is the case because this is actually pretty ridiculous.

From Times-Georgian:

Local physicians are warning parents about a new mail order scheme of sharing lollipops, licked by children with chickenpox, as a way to create immunity against the disease instead of getting vaccinations.

The practice is reportedly being spread by Internet social media sites as an extension of the “pox party” concept, where parents deliberately expose their children to the virus.

Chickenpox, it wasn't really that bad was it? We got a bunch of itchy bumps all over our bodies for a few days and then it went away. And every kid got them, it wasn't a matter of if you were going to get chickenpox, but when. Well the good news is that for kids growing up today, there is a chickenpox vaccine which has been around since 1995. And most states require that kids get the vaccine before entering elementary school. Problem solved right? Well evidently there are some parents out there who are hesitant to have their kids vaccinated. And while it may not be the smartest thing to keep your kid from receiving a vaccination, we could understand those being hesitant. However, the purported reason that these people are weary of the vaccine: "many parents are afraid of the chickenpox vaccine because it uses a live virus."

So let me get this straight, you're worried about your child receiving the chickenpox vaccine because it uses the live virus, so you have your child lick a lollipop licked by someone with chickenpox... which presumably contains the live virus? I'm sorry but I'm not seeing much difference here, other than the increased risks associated with licking some sick kid's saliva.

According to Joanne LaSpina at PerkiomenValley, these chickenpox infected lollipops are going for $50 each and are being distributed through social media sites like Facebook. You know, I suddenly have a great idea to make a lot of money. How are these people going to know the lollipops were actually licked by a kid with chickenpox? I'm ordering a 20lb box of lollipops as we speak.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Herman Cain and Rick Perry both have their own "Oh shit" moment

The Republican primary campaign has been going on for a few months now but it's really starting to get entertaining lately and is making the 2008 campaign look like a snooze fest. Remember John McCain? Rudy Guiliani? God it's no wonder Obama won. Of course, it didn't help that the majority of the country was fed up after 8 years of Bush but that's another story. of the most entertaining parts about this whole process is watching these politicians squirm as they're asked questions on things they know nothing about - and they have to pretend to be very knowledgeable on the subject. Most of the time they can pull it off pretty well. One of the things that works in their favor is that half the population doesn't understand the issues so people barely notice when politicians are bullshitting their way through answers. For all Joe Sixpack knows, the politician is offering some genius proposal. But every now and then their knowledge is so lacking that they can't even pretend to bullshit their way through, which is what happened to Herman Cain a few days ago during a debate between Cain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, watch below:

And then tonight during the debate on CNBC came what is probably the most embarrassing moment yet during the campaign: Rick Perry completely forgot what he was going to say mid-speech, and ends it by saying "oops". Ouch.

"I will tell you, it is three agencies of government when I get there that are gone: Commerce, Education, and — what's the third one there? Let's see..."
Notice how after saying "oops" he immediately looks over to his right, presumably at Mitt Romney.

Album Review: Grin by Coroner 1993 (4/5)

Coroner's Grin, released in 1993 is a very interesting metal album. It's definitely not one that you can pop in for the first time and immediately fall in love with it. At least that wasn't the case with me. Now, you will be able to tell instantly that there is a lot going on and it could be something very special, but it isn't readily apparent just what that is or if it's really worth giving it many more listens to find out.

As I was trying to get into this album, I noticed a couple things: it seems to have all the right elements - the riffs are good, drumming is just fine, the songs seem well put together and the guitar solos are very well crafted and technical. But for some reason I felt tired while listening to this album. I'd be pepped up and ready to go in the beginning but after a few songs I'd feel lethargic and ready to take a nap. Was it just me? Or is this album really a doozer?

After many listens I can say that this is one of those albums that has to grow on you. You have to give it time to set in to get it and enjoy it. But at the same time I do think there are a couple flaws, a few areas that if they would have done better would have taken it it from a 4/5 album to a 5/5 album. One of the main things that hurts this album in my opinion is the production. Now I'm not a producer and it's hard to say exactly what went wrong, but simply put the album sounds boring. It's lifeless. The bass isn't as high in the mix as they should be, and it seems like they were going for a more refined and clean sound - which took away some of the energy it might otherwise have had. It's too quiet - the instruments aren't caked into each other sonically enough - you can see right through them. Also, the snare drum is too loud compared to everything else and the high-hat is too quiet and closed in places where it should be more open and rocking it to give the song more "energy". As I listen to this album I can't help but be reminded of the production sound of White Zombie's La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1. If Grin would have had that type of sound the songs would really have come to life a lot more.

Another thing that makes this album a little tiring is the generally slower tempo for the genre. Every song seems to be dragging just a tad bit. There is also a somewhat "jammy" feel to the album - 1 riff might last a couple minutes, and most of the songs are over 6 minutes. One very high point are the guitar solos by Tommy Vetterli. He does a great job of bringing some emotion into the riffs (which unfortunately sound otherwise somewhat lifeless due to production) and at times his playing reminds us of Joe Satriani.

I'm not going to say that this is a must-have metal album but if you want to expand your horizons just a tad bit and try something new, definitely check out Coroner's Grin.

FEMA Tests Emergency Alert System

Well the big test went down today for the Emergency Alert System, the first national test since the system was put in place years ago. According to the LA times, the emergency warning needs some fine tuning:

The first nationwide test of the emergency warning system failed to reach all television and radio stations in the country, but federal officials said they will make improvements.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, called weaknesses in the system exposed by the test "unacceptable."

You know what we really need to do? Scrap the whole damn project. If we can't get a simple 30 second warning message right after years of planning and God knows how many millions of dollars - AND add to that the fact that we've never needed to use it, let's save ourselves the trouble and money and ditch it altogether. Television and Radio are quickly becoming irrelevant as more and more people stay connected to what's going on via the internet and wireless communication devices. This whole project was a nice idea but this is just another example of the government fucking something up which should be incredibly easy to pull off. And I really don't think the Soviets are going to be invading us any time soon. I'm not sure what we're preparing for anyways, wasn't the mission accomplished on the war on terror? We can all relax now, right?

In case you missed, here's a clip of the National Emergency Broadcast test from earlier today:

They couldn't get any higher quality audio, or video for that matter? What's with the static and the text that looks like a screenshot captured from a computer in the 80s? This is what we've been planning for years? This doesn't need tweaking, it needs to be scrapped. We evidently didn't need this alert system for the 9-11 terror attacks, and if anything comes along that's a bigger deal than that we'll no doubt hear about it from other sources. Thanks for trying though.

Toughest job in America right now: being a police officer on the front lines of the Occupy protests

We've been trying to stay up to date on the latest happenings with the Occupy movement and follow their progress (or downfall, whichever it ends up being). We've been going through a lot of their footage lately and we've come to a conclusion: the toughest job in America right now is being a cop on the front lines of the Occupy movement. Holly shit these occupy people are fucking annoying, see the video below:

I'm not sure we'd be able to make it 1 hour dealing with these clowns, let alone one full 8 hour shift. The constant screaming, crying, fits of outrage, and shit-talking, all the while as an officer you'd have to keep your composure and act like a professional public servant. Fuck that. Unless the police chief is giving out handfuls of Xanax before each shift, I'll pass.

Occupy people: you guys have a decent message. Stop going full retard, turn it down a few notches. The police officers are just doing their job. Every protest must follow some rules to keep the peace, and the officers have gone out of their way to make these ground rules clear so things remain peaceful. But unfortunately you have a bunch of clowns who pretend not to know the rules and then act surprised when they get arrested. The cops could care less about "protecting the man" or "working for the bankers". They're there to keep the peace and make sure simple rules are followed. If you work with the police, the police will work with you. if you go full retard, well...the results are shown in the video. Stop embarrassing yourselves and get your shit together. To compare this to the protests in the 60s is a huge insult to the Vietnam war protesters. You guys aren't even close.

Emergency Alert System test scheduled for 1pm today

For the first time ever in history there will be a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to be conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Communications Commission. This alert system has been in place for the past 60 years but has never been used. The test will begin at 1pm today and only last for 30 seconds - it was initially going to be 3 minutes long but there were concerns that people would begin to panic and think there was a real emergency.


Two years in the planning, the minutelong drill is designed to expose weaknesses in a 60-year-old readiness system that has never been used — not even on 9/11.

“Coming from the military, what you do is you prepare for conflict,” Barnett said. “You test your system. You train your folks. When they told me this had never been tested I said, ‘How do you know it works?’ ”
This warning system seems to be a useful thing to have, although evidently we've made it this far just fine without needing it - but we could imagine some scenarios in which it could help. And actually we're glad that this hasn't been used yet, because it's one of those things that could get out of hand very quickly and become overused for events that are barely emergencies.

Now maybe we're being naive here, but just how hard is it for the government to send out an emergency message over television and radio airways? This has been 2 years in planning, really? Of all the great things we're able to accomplish as a nation, somehow sending out a simple 30 second message is this huge endeavor that takes years of planning. It better go right tomorrow because that would really be pathetic if we fucked this up. On the other hand, just how necessary is this type of alert system? Evidently no events in the past 60 years, including the 9-11 World Trade Center attacks, were important or urgent enough to warrant using it. And it seems to me that if anything were to be more serious and more urgent than anything we've ever experienced over the past 60 years, wouldn't the news and television media already be talking about it? Plus with the internet and mobile devices being as commonplace as they are today, people are more connected to current events and up-to-date on emergency information than ever before.

9-11 dispatch centers all across the country are preparing themselves and bracing for a flood of calls from people confused by the warnings, which could make it difficult for people with real emergencies to get through. Let's help everything goes smoothly.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Add another activity to the list of things that cause cancer: Sheep Fucking

It seems like you can't do anything these days without increasing your chances of getting cancer. Drink too much alcohol? Cancer. Not enough? Cancer. Exposure to sunlight? Cancer. No sunlight? Cancer. You just can't win. Well a recent study conducted by a team of urologists in Brazil has found yet another item to add to the list: bestiality (aka having sex with animals).


In a study of 492 men from rural Brazil, 35 percent reported having had sex with an animal at men who had sex some point in their lives. The report found those men were twice as likely to develop cancer of the penis.
Men reported having sex as frequently as daily with such animals as mares, cows, pigs and and chickens. Penile cancer accounts for up to 10 percent of cancers in men in Asia, Africa and South America, although it is rare in the U.S.

Wait, you mean to tell us that 35 percent of men in Brazil have had sex with animals? Is this really that common over there? And we hate to pick on Brazil here, for all we know everyone's doing it here too but we've just been out of the loop. But that number seems ridiculously high. For God sakes people get a girlfriend or hire a prostitute. If neither of those are options you always have your hand.

Here comes the science: the researchers hypothesize that long term sexual intercourse with animals such as cows and sheep could cause "micro-traumas" in the penile tissue. The mucus that animals produce in their naughty regions is different from the bodily fluids that we create, and there could be microorganisms spread from the animals to the human farking them.

You what's going to happen is these sheep fuckers are going to end up creating another disease and it'll be the new super-AIDS. For the sake of humanity guys just jack off to Animal Planet next time you get horny, you're risking your life and potentially everyone else around you.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chicago Board of Trade Trolls Occupy Chicago

With all the bitching & moaning and tension surrounding the occupy movements lately it's nice to see someone still has a sense of humor about it all. This week during the Occupy Chicago protests occurring right outside the Chicago Board of Trade, traders dropped McDonalds applications down to the protesters below.

You know, we almost feel a little bad for these occupy protesters, it's like making fun of the kid with down syndrome. Their eyes probably lit right up when they saw applications raining down on them like they had just won the lottery, only to find out they were for McDonalds. The sad reality though is that even a job like flipping burgers is a little too complicated for many of these people. Maybe we could create some sort of job training boot camp to get these folks ready for the real world. We'll call it "getting kicked out of your parents' basement".

The Herman Cain Fiasco: Enter Gloria Allred

Well this just about ruins it for us. Gloria Allred has just entered the Herman Cain sexual harassment circus. Allred is representing Sharon Bialek, the fourth (is it the fourth? we lost count) woman to come forward and make allegations of sexual harassment against Mr. Cain. Earlier today Allred and Bialek spoke at a press conference, detailing Bialek's history with Herman Cain and speaking of the sexual harassment that supposedly took place back when Mr. Cain headed the National Restaurant Association.

Click here to view the full press conference from We had trouble getting through the whole bit. We've seen several Gloria Allred press conferences before this and there's always something very unsettling about them that makes us feel sick to our stomach. It's the way everything is so drawn out and it takes forever to just get to the goddamn point. And every tiny meaningless detail somehow becomes very important....he took his pencil....he looked at the piece of paper...he proceeded to write down his name, he paused for a moment. And then he wrote down a phone number, that belonged to him. *yawn* Just tell us he raped her already or whatever the fuck he did. Everything is a big soap opera with her.

The Young Turks did a segment on this earlier today:

It's hard to say where the truth lies at this point. But as Cenk from TYT says, anything that involves Gloria Allred immediately becomes suspect because she's basically a publicity whore, she thrives off this kind of shit. Remember how she went after Tiger Woods? And for what? He had a consensual relationship with a couple bimbo whores, whoopty do. Awww they felt so used and abandoned by him later :( cry me a goddamn river. What the fuck did you expect, you're fucking a married man. These aren't life and death situations here people, not everything requires a press conference. And really, I don't quite understand how what Gloria does doesn't fall into the category of blackmail and extortion. She is a shakedown artists. And I'm not speaking about Herman Cain at this point, for all I know the guy was fucking a different girl every night. But Gloria Allred has made a career out of shaking down men in hopes that they pay her to go away. How is that different from extortion? She's a lawyer right? But they did this whole press conference just to ask him to apologize? Really? Does it really take a lawyer and a press conference to ask someone to apologize?

Gloria Allred is the one you hire when you're a washed up whore trying to shake someone down and get publicity just like Johnnie Cochran is who you hire when you're guilty of murder. And just how does Gloria Allred always find herself in the midst of these ridiculous stories? Do these women actually seek her out or does she come to them?

We hope this whole fiasco wraps up soon because if we have to see much more of Gloria Allred we're going to gouge our eyes out with a spoon. Herman Cain just do what you gotta do: drop out of the race, pay her off... anything...just get it over with so we don't have to hear from this publicity scum-bitch any longer.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Peppermint Soap

We've just finished watching the documentary "Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox" streaming on Netflix. Ok we lied, we made it about halfway through. But that says more about our attention span than it does the movie, which was actually pretty interesting. Now we've seen this stuff in pharmacy chains like Walgreens and CVS before but never thought much of it and have yet to try it. But it turns out there's people who absolutely swear by this stuff - you'd think it was some sort of magic potion.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap was the creation of Emanuel Bronner, an immigrant from Germany whose parents were both killed in the Holocaust. He was reported to be somewhat insane and was even institutionalized at one point in the 1940s. He started making the soap in the first half of the 20th century which includes religious and philosophical writings on the outside label, something he referred to as the ABC's of morals and "All-One-God-Faith". We heard so much about how great this soap was in the film that we decided to see if we could find any reviews of the stuff online to find out if it was really that good. We turned to Youtube and it ended up being a great resource.

First up is blueottlisa, she has very good things to say about the peppermint soap but starts off asking why nobody warned her about the tingling. Hmmm so this soap causes a tingling sensation? We want to try it even more now! She continues to say that after washing her face with it she decided to use it in the shower: "if I thought the tingling on my eyes was bad...this thing tingles ALL. OVER. YOUR. BODY." She goes on to compare it to a boyfriend of hers who used to eat a lot of pepper and then go down on her. Ouch! Be careful ladies!

Next up we have 1SEXYTINA1, with a video entitled "PEPPERMINT SOAP... *** FOR WOMEN ONLY***"

ooooo we're on the edge of our seat already. I feel like a kid again watching a rated R movie late at night after everyone's gone to bed. It really had us wondering though, does this peppermint soap cause people to have orgasms or something? Is that the secret nobody's telling us? Are people getting off on this shit? Unfortunately it's the exact opposite, it'll make your junk feel like someone just poured hydrochloric acid up your urethra. 1SEXYTINA1 offers some great advice and her delivery is great, but the main takeaway here is this: Do not use much of this soap at a time at all. One tiny drop should last you a week, and you'll want to dilute it in water. If you try using this stuff like it's any other soap you might as well set your naughty bits on fire.

Lastly we have genipha4life who offers what she calls "a commercial for my favorite product in the whole wide world".

- Good reading material on the bottle
- You can wash many things with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap: your hair, brush your teeth with it, your bathroom and your clothes
- Can use it to relax, by putting it on a warm towel to be placed on your forehead

Alright alright, we're convinced. First thing tomorrow we're going to go out and get us a bottle of this peppermint soap. I'll probably pass on the brushing your teeth part of it though, yuck.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Buried Alive

Do you have a fear of being buried alive? For me it's probably more of a scary thought than something I truly worry about on a regular basis. But just imagine for a moment waking up and realizing you're in a box several feet underground. There's not much room for you to move around in or adjust your position, you're pretty much stuck there until you die. Any efforts on your part to try to save yourself are really just a waste of energy. And this would probably be the hardest part about it: your body will immediately go into panic mode and you'll start pushing as hard as you can with your hands and trying to kick with your feet. But being in such a tight enclosure and lying on your back, you really don't have enough leverage to really accomplish anything. So which is the best course of action, to keep kicking and pushing for hours until you die? Or to attempt to control your body, to tell yourself to relax, accept your fate, close your eyes and realize there's nothing you can do?

It seems to me that the best option is to try to calm yourself down and lay there peacefully, because the more you try to push yourself out of that position the more frustrated and panicked you're going to become. But it could be that it's simply impossible for most people to just lay there and take it calmly, perhaps our instincts would take over and not listen to our mind telling the body to relax. It would be a struggle not so much to escape, but a struggle to calm the mind and body.

It might seem silly today to think about the prospect of being buried alive but there was a time where it was a real possibility.

From Wikipedia:

Before the advent of modern medicine, the fear was not entirely irrational. Throughout history, there have been numerous cases of people being buried alive by accident. In 1905, the English reformer William Tebb collected accounts of premature burial. He found 219 cases of near live burial, 149 actual live burials, 10 cases of live dissection and 2 cases of awakening while being embalmed
It also mentions that people who could afford it arranged to be buried in a "safety" coffin, which had bells and other means to alert those on the outside they were still alive, along with pipes delivering oxygen. It's a good idea, however wouldn't it just be easier to wait a couple days before burying the body? has some very sad stories involving premature burial, many of them during epidemics where people were dying left and right from various illnesses.
Some instances were especially heartbreaking. In the 1850s, a young girl visiting Edisto Island, South Carolina, died of diphtheria. She was quickly interred in a local family's mausoleum because it was feared the disease might otherwise spread. When one of the family's sons died in the Civil War, the tomb was opened to admit him. A tiny skeleton was found on the floor just behind the door.

There's an organization "Monochrom: Experience the Experience" which did a project on being buried alive, you could experience it yourself for 15 minutes! Sounds like a blast. More information and pictures here.