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Meds IV is Advanced Specialty Pharmacy dba Meds IV

Well we've been looking through the connection of owners and addresses and knew there was a link, but now it's been confirmed: Advanced Specialty Pharmacy and Meds IV are one in the same. Meds IV is actually Advanced Specialty Pharmacy dba (doing business as) Meds IV. So when we keep hearing and reading in the news the name "Meds IV" that is to cover up the fact that it's really Advanced Specialty Pharmacy, a name that has much more to lose.

From (National Plan & Provider Enumeration System):

Let it be known that Advanced Specialty Pharmacy is behind the 9 deaths in Alabama as a result of the total parenteral nutrition (TPN) solution produced by a front company of Advanced Specialty Pharmacy.

Addresses and phone numbers listed below:

phone: 205-941-9848
-owners: Tim Rogers, William Rogers, and Edward Anthony Cingoranelli.
Other locations of Advanced Specialty Pharmacy:
Advanced Specialty Pharmacy
2901 W Busch Boulevard # 201, Tampa, FL 33618-4564
This location is shown to be run by David Bush

There's another location that at one point in time existed and possible still does:
Advanced Cardiac Solutions, phone # (205) 481-2040
401 19TH St N Ste 3 Bessemer, AL 35020

phone: 205-941-9848
-president: Tim Rogers, owner: Edward Anthony Cingoranelli

phone: 205-941-9945
-owner: Edward Anthony Cingoranelli

phone: 205-941-3206
-owners: Tim Rogers, Edward Anthony Cingoranelli, Micah Russell

Speaking of Palli Rx, we found this post from them asking if anyone would be interested in repackaging:

Anthony Cingoranelli's e-mail:
Tim Rogers's e-mail:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meds IV = Advanced Specialty Pharmacy = MedWorksRx = PalliRx

If you need to get caught up on the latest news and developments concerning Meds IV, please read the news article here, and our entries here here here here and here. 9 people have died in Alabama following an nutrition IV solution that was made by compounding pharmacy Meds IV.

Update 1: It's been confirmed that Meds IV doesn't just happen to have the same ownership as Advanced Specialty Pharmacy. Meds IV is actually Advanced Specialty Pharmacy dba Meds IV.

They're one in the same, the only difference is marketing and being able to not have the 9 deaths effect Advanced Specialty Pharmacy's reputation. But it absolutely should.

We're seeing an effort by those behind Meds IV to remove as much information about themselves as they can. And we think the reason they're doing this is because they go by several other names and they don't want people to associate the bad press with other names they're going by. They don't want people to make the connection. But we're going put as much as we can here so it doesn't matter what information they try to remove. This post will be updated as we receive more information.

The bottom line is this:

Meds IV is run by the same people as Advanced Specialty Pharmacy, the same as MedWorksRx, which is the same as PalliRx. Meds IV was only created a year ago. How convenient would it be for them to just close up Meds IV after this incident and continue on without anyone knowing they're still around through their other companies.

Let's start with Advanced Specialty Pharmacy. Advanced Specialty Pharmacy is owned by both William Rogers and Tim Rogers. That can be illustrated here where Tim Rogers is listed as the co-founder and here where William Rogers is listed as the owner, and Tim as manager. Also, Anthony Cingoranelli is a principle owner in Advanced Specialty Pharmacy. On their website, they've recently removed their Birmingham location and now only their FL location is displayed. That location is 102 Oxmoor Rd. Birmingham, AL, which brings us to our next company: PalliRx.

PalliRx was listed on Tim Roger's LinkedIn page as a company he's partnered with. Where's PalliRx located? 102 Oxmoor Rd. Same as Advanced Specialty Pharmacy.

Finally there's MedWorksRx. MedWorksRx is also listed as a partner on Tim Roger's LinkedIn page, and is owned by Edward Anthony Cingoranelli. Here we come full circle as Cingoranelli is the owner of Meds IV, and Tim Rogers is the president.


The hospital system says in its suit that it had attempted to contact the Meds IV to ask it to preserve the evidence, but had not gotten a response. Cingroranelli is identified in the suit as the owner of the company, while Rogers is identified as its president.
We're already seeing efforts to take down all links to Meds IV and wash away the blood from their hands. No doubt they've invested a lot into Advanced Specialty Pharmacy and wouldn't want the deaths from Meds IV to tarnish whatever good name they had before. MedWorksRx and PalliRx are fairly new "entities" and we hope as people begin to make the connection will steer clear of everything relating to Rogers and Cingroranelli. We haven't fully looked into Cingroranelli yet but Rogers's background is mostly wholesale - which means just selling products you bought from someone else with no value added (not actually making anything). It's easy to think you're an expert at pharmaceuticals when you're wheeling and dealing them but compounding and manufacturing are a different story and we get the feeling the people running this operation are completely unqualified.

If you have any information on these companies or Rogers and Cingroranelli, please send us an e-mail at

Meds IV: More Sites Being Scraped

As we try to look more into the people and the company behind the 9 deaths in Alabama, we're seeing an effort to erase important information on several websites. We saw this with Tim Rogers's LinkedIn profile, and now we're seeing it with Advanced Specialty Pharmacy (owned by Tim Rogers, William Rogers, and Edward Anthony Cingoranelli), where they've completely removed their Alabama location. Here's the before and after:


And After:

More on Anthony/Edward Cingoranelli

Our more thorough entries on Rogers and Cingoranelli:

If you have any more information on either Time Rogers, William Rogers, Anthony Edward Cingoranelli, or Meds IV, send us an e-mail at

Alabama Deaths: Judge Orders Meds IV To Preserve Evidence

Shelby County Circuit Judge Conwill has just ordered Meds IV to preserve any evidence related to the nutrition IVs linked to the 9 deaths in Alabama. The order came after Baptist Health Systems filed a lawsuit earlier today.


Conwill issued a temporary restraining order that requires parties involved with the company to preserve the evidence after Baptist Health System and Shelby Baptist Medical Center filed a lawsuit Wednesday evening in Shelby Circuit Court.

The hospital system says in its suit that it had attempted to contact the Meds IV to ask it to preserve the evidence, but had not gotten a response. Cingroranelli is identified in the suit as the owner of the company, while Rogers is identified as its president.

Interesting. Kudos to Baptist Health systems for filing this suit. It appears that Meds IV are hiding under their desks. Someone needs to step in and take action on-sight to make sure no evidence is destroyed immediately. Also, we see now that Tim Rogers is the president, and a man named Edward Cingoranelli is the owner. Cingoranelli...we've heard that name before. Ah yes, MedworksRx, the company Tim Rogers listed in his LinkedIn profile as being a partner, is owned by Anthony Cingoranelli. It's starting to look like Meds IV, MedworksRx, and possibly PalliRx are run by all the same people. And then there's the connection to Advanced Specialty Pharmacy, where Tim Rogers is a co-founder with William Rodgers.

Update 1:

Ok, Anthony Cingoranelli and Edward Cingoranelli are the same person. His full name is Edward Anthony Cingoranelli. Mr Cingoranelli is also listed as a principle for Advanced Specialty Pharmacy.

Who is Tim Rogers of Meds IV?

We're going to start looking further into Tim Rogers, the man behind Meds IV, the compounding pharmacy that produced the nutrition IVs that resulted in 9 deaths in Alabama. There isn't much to be found on Meds IV at this point. They were hardly referenced at all online before the incident, there was no address listed on the website (which has since been taken down), and a search for the phone number on their site turned up nothing. We're taking this to mean it's either a fairly new company or they purposefully stayed under the radar. Update: We now learn that Meds IV has only been operating for 1 year. So to look into this more we'll be looking into the President of Meds IV Tim Rogers. As we find out more, we will continue to update this page. If there's not much here at the moment it's because it's still a work in process, stay tuned.

Tim Rogers is listed on the Alabama Society of Health-System Pharmacists board of directors site as the immediate past president of the organization.

What I find it interesting that he's the only one listed on the entire page that isn't a pharmacist or doctor. Go down the line and you see Pharm.D and Ph.D. With Tim Rogers there is no such title and simply mentions "Advanced Specialty Pharmacy, Inc."

Tim Rogers has just taken his LinkedIn profile down. We viewed it earlier today but when we try to go back now it says "We’re sorry, but the profile you requested does not exist." Fortunately we were able to save a copy.

A copy of his profile is below. I want to point out that while this may look like a big resume and list of accomplishments, many are very recent and look like projects he had been trying to start as opposed to established companies. And he's listed companies he is partnered with, not necessarily ones he owns or works for. Meds IV has only been operating for 1 year, MedworksRx (owned by Anthony Cingoranelli, dispensing at Drs. offices) he's been a partner with only 1 year, and PalliRx (a repackager, owned by Micah J Russell) a partner only 2 years. These 3 companies may have been leveraged to work together, for example PalliRx could become a distribution channel for Meds IV. The bulk of his work history is Advanced Specialty Pharmacy where he is an officer (owned by William Rogers), and Cardinal Health, one of the big 3 medical wholesalers.

Tim Rogers's Summary

Starting and operating nuclear pharmacies.
Starting and managing specialty IV compounding pharmacies.
Cardioplegia solutions.
TPN Solutions
Intrathecal Pumps Medications
Pharmaceutical Repackaging

Tim Rogers's Experience


Meds IV, Inc

Pharmaceuticals industry

2010Present (1 year)

Meds IV, Inc is a pharmaceutical company focused in delivering complex compounded sterile products to hospitals and physician offices including intrathecal pump medication refills and schedule II epidural and PCA products.
TPN/Cardiopelgia/Anesthesia Syringes/Oxytocin



Pharmaceuticals industry

2010Present (1 year)

MedWorksRx develops and manages retail pharmacy operations.


PalliRx, Inc

Privately Held; Pharmaceuticals industry

January 2009Present (2 years 3 months)

Pharmaeutical Repackager


Advanced Specialty Pharmacy

Pharmaceuticals industry

2005Present (6 years)

Nuclear Pharmacy Services


Alabama Society of Health Systems Pharmacists

Pharmaceuticals industry

October 2009October 2010 (1 year 1 month)

President of the Alabama affiliate of ASHP


Cardinal Health

Pharmaceuticals industry

19992004 (5 years)

Lead the South East Region of Nuclear Pharmacy Services division of Cardinal Health.

Tim Rogers's Education

Samford University

BS Pharmacy, Pharmacy


Tim Rogers's Additional Information

Groups and Associations:

ASHP, AlSHP, Birmingham Emmaus Community

Honors and Awards:

2007 Birmingham Top 40 under 40

Update 1: We've found a lawsuit back in 2006 that was eventually dismissed. Cardinal Health had been suing Advanced Specialty Pharmacy.


Advanced Specialty Pharmacy, LLC (ASP) today announced that litigation initiated by Cardinal Health 414, Inc. ("Cardinal") against ASP and related parties has been amicably resolved.

The original lawsuit (Case No. 2006-CV-2305) was filed on April 28, 2006, in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana.

Advanced Specialty’s counter-claim filed in this litigation against Cardinal that asserted violations of various federal and state antitrust laws will also be dismissed as part of the settlement.

Although the terms of settlement are to remain confidential between the parties, Advanced Specialty Pharmacy will continue to serve its nuclear pharmacy customers in all of its existing markets. "ASP envisions rapid future growth in these markets based on our business model of very competitive pricing and a responsiveness to customer needs that large national companies cannot match," stated Tim Rogers, a co-founder of ASP.

We will be looking into the initial claim by Cardinal against Advanced Specialty Pharmacy but take a look at the timing of it: This dismissal is from October 2006, the initial claim probably some time in 2005. Tim Rogers worked at Cardinal until 2004 and co-founded Advanced Specialty Pharmacy in 2005. We're thinking the litigation may have been regarding Tim Rogers violating a non-compete clause he had with Cardinal, especially since his counter suit asserted that Cardinal violated antitrust laws.

Compounding Pharmacy "Meds IV" Connected to 9 Deaths

Nine people have died in Atlanta, GA following an IV treatment. And the 9 deaths (19 outbreaks total) spanned across 6 different hospitals, so it isn't an issue with a particular hospital having a contamination or problem not following procedure. The common denominator? They all received a Nutrition IV from "Meds IV", a compounding pharmacy. It was found that the deaths were caused by a bacteria called Serratia marcescens.


The Alabama Department of Public Health said it first learned of the problem on March 16, when two hospitals in the state notified officials of patients with bloodstream infections.

The cases of bacteremia were caused by Serratia marcescens, a germ that produces bright bright red colonies. The bacterium was identified and named in Italy in the early 1800s, after it was found to be turning polenta blood-red.
This event will no doubt raise questions about quality control at compounding pharmacies. Unlike most pharmacies, compounding pharmacies make most of the solutions they dispense themselves. This provides a value for patients that require custom made ointments, oral solutions, and IVs. But it does make it more difficult to ensure the dosage and quality. Instead of mass producing thousands of the same pill on a daily basis as a pharmaceutical manufacturer might do which could be more easily monitored and controlled, compounding pharmacies produce their medications only when a particular patient has a need for it. They're made to order. So one minute a pharmacist is making an oral solution, the next minute the same pharmacist could be producing a completely different inhalant powder.

We tried visiting the website of "Meds IV" but it appears they've recently taken the site down in light of the allegations. We were able to view a cached version before it was removed (click on image to view full size):

Their most important asset is their reputation...well, I guess that's all gone to shit. If customer satisfaction is guaranteed, what does that mean if they kill you? Do they bring you back to life?

We're trying to find more information about Meds IV, they don't appear to be that well known with much of a presence. They don't even list an address on their website and a search for their phone number 205-837-0899 turns up nothing.


We have found the president of Meds IV, Tim Rogers.

click on image to view full size.

There is next to nothing to be found about Meds IV, besides the latest articles. We're guessing this was a very small operation that was fairly new with not a lot of customers. Perhaps he offered the hospitals a steep discount to get his foot in the door. It could be that there are some legal issues with compounding pharmacies selling to hospitals. It is standard practice for a compounding pharmacy to make medications for a particular patient. But when they start producing it in bulk to resell to hospitals and aren't seeing any patients at all, that could be a problem. Instead of being a pharmacy they're getting into manufacturer territory and need to be treated and regulated as such.

Update 2: Was the Parenteral Nutrition I.V. a hard to find item (HTF)?

If you look at the list of products that were displayed on Meds IV's website, you may or may not notice that many of them are items that are in short supply. Heparin and Promethazine for example have had supply issues for quite some time now. It appears that indeed there were supply issues with the parenteral nutrition I.V., from

Parenteral Nutrition Product Shortages

There is a growing and critical shortage of electrolyte and mineral injections needed for parenteral nutrition. We have heard from many consumer groups, healthcare systems, and clinicians regarding their short supplies or inability to obtain these products. The seriousness of this shortage has the potential to be similar to that of intravenous (IV) multivitamins, which resulted in significant complications and some deaths.
Compounding & The Hard-To-Find Market

People Liking People actually have a little experience in the little known hard to find market of hospital pharmaceuticals/I.V.s. Different medications go in short supply all the time. There's only so much supply to go around, and sometimes there's not enough to meet the demand, whether it's a raw material shortage, a legal issue, or manufacturing problem. Well some medications are absolutely vital and when you have a patient dying on a hospital bed, the hospital will try to do whatever they can to find the medication that they need. And they're also willing to pay a lot more for that medication. This sets the stage for the hard to find market.

The hard to find market consists of many distributors that make their money off these shortage problems. They get wind that a product is going to go short, so they stock up as many as they can at the low price from a variety of suppliers and manufacturers. They may either flip them to another distributor for a quick profit, or wait for the market price to quadruple and sell them to hospitals for much higher. It doesn't always go as planned, so there's a lot of guessing and risk/reward calculating going on.

Well for some medications there simply isn't any product left, even the hard to find distributors don't have any. Hospital pharmacists are calling all the suppliers they can think of and no one is able to get their hands on it. This sets the stage for the compounding pharmacy to enter the hard to find market. When the hospitals have run out, their primary wholesaler has run out, the manufacturer isn't able to produce much more, and the hard to find distributors can't get their hands on any, the compounding pharmacist is the only other option in creating availability, and they then take advantage of this situation and sell their compounded product at ridiculously high profit margins. Something that might cost $4 to make could be sold for $1,000.

It appears to us now that this isn't just your average compounding pharmacy that's just helping out and serving hospitals from time to time. It may be that their whole business revolves around these shortages. Not that that's necessarily an evil business model, but like I said before when you start compounding on a massive scale you go from compounder to manufacturer. And I'm willing to bet that Tim Rogers and whoever else ran Meds IV just wasn't up to the task. Every week they're probably making something new that the week before hadn't even heard of. It's short? Ok let's make it. They don't specialize in a group of particular meds, they switch between what's selling and what's not at the blink of an eye. So if that's truly the model it's no wonder that their quality control wasn't exactly up to par.

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Person of the Day: Pastor Chad Holtz

It's been a while since we've had a Person of the Day, and today's Person actually legitimately deserves it unlike some of the ass clowns who've graced the title before. Chad Holtz was the pastor of Marrow's Chapel, a rural United Methodist church in Henderson, NC. That is, until he voiced his support of a book by evangelical pastor Rob Bell entitled "Love Wins" on his Facebook page. "Love Wins," released earlier this month by HarperOne, challenges traditional views of the afterlife, Hell in particular. The book and now Chad Holtz argue that the traditional view of Hell being an eternity of torture and misery following the death of one who deserves such a fate is not the correct view, and Hell is actually something we all experience while living right now on this earth in our every day lives.

As Holtz puts it:
"I think justice comes and judgment will happen, but I don't think that means an eternity of torment," Holtz said. "But I can understand why people in my church aren't ready to leave that behind. It's something I'm still grappling with myself."
Evidently Holtz was being just a bit too logical for the church to accept and within days he was relieved of his job. I suppose we really can't blame the church for firing him, as sticking to a set of silly beliefs is at the center of the whole operation. But it does take guts to do what Chad did and to go against the grain of his congregation for what he feels is the truth is something to be respected.

The truth is that Hell is probably one of the most ridiculous ideas we've ever come across and belief in it is in the same category as believing in the Easter bunny. The basic idea is that "good" people go to Heaven and "bad" people go to Hell. I argue that people are neither good nor bad, just as mountain lions and mosquitoes are neither good nor or bad, and volcanoes and glaciers are neither good nor bad. We're all a very small piece in the puzzle, and our surroundings dictate our actions much more than we effect our surroundings. Perhaps the idea of a God looking down and monitoring our thoughts and behaviors and deciding our afterlife fate is the result of our overinflated sense of importance.

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People Liking People Needs Help: cheap surveillance options?

Here's what we're wanting to do: set up a cheap home surveillance system. We'd like to have a webcam (just 1 is fine) that can connect to our router so it doesn't have to connect and be processed by our computer. It'll then be sent to a site that records all video from the camera. The reason we don't want it going through our computer is that we use it for many other things and a 24/7 stream being saved to the drive constantly would probably take up too many resources and slow us down. If there's any geeks out there, what's the best and cheapest way to do this? We'd like a decent quality, not the usual crappy webcam type. But it has to be really cheap (we're broke). Thanks in advance!

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Black Swan Coverup: Sarah Lane Did All The Work

Black Swan was one of the biggest box office success stories in 2010 (budget $13 million, gross revenue $281 million), which recently earned star Natalie Portman the Academy Award for "Best Actress in a Leading Role" at the Oscars. During her acceptance speech, a shaken Portman thanked just about everyone, from Luc Besson who gave her her first job to "Closer" director Mike Nichols to her parents. But there's one person that contributed to her latest success who was off her list and seems all but forgotten: ballerina dancer Sarah Lane. And it's not just Natalie Portman that has seem to forgotten all about Sarah Lane, there appears to be an effort by the producers and others who worked on Black Swan to downplay Lane's work on the film as well.

Who's Sarah Lane? Lane is a professional dancer and was Portman's body double for the difficult dancing scenes in Black Swan. And not just for a couple moves here and there, according to Lane she did at least 95% of the ballerina dancing that is seen in the film. And that's where there seems to be some discrepancy, as both the producer and Portman's choreographer (also her fiancé) have made a concerted effort to minimize and downplay Lane's contributions.


Choreographer Benjamin Millepied said Lane’s work in the film was far less significant. “There are articles now talking about her dance double [American Ballet Theatre dancer Sarah Lane] that are making it sound like [Lane] did a lot of the work, but really, she just did the footwork, and the fouettĂ©s, and one diagonal [phrase] in the studio,” he said. “Honestly, 85 percent of that movie is Natalie.”
Lane also says that Black Swan producer Ari Handel specifically told her not to talk about her work to the press, even though she claims there was no such stipulation in her contract.
Lane is barely seen in promotional materials for the movie, including a VFX reel posted by studio Fox Searchlight that appears to show all the digital alterations made to key dance sequences.
We can understand a body double not exactly getting the same amount of spotlight as the main star, but you'd think in "behind the scenes" footage showing doing the digital alterations putting Portman's face on Lane's body they would at least give her a little credit. And we simply don't believe the producers when they say Lane's work was minimal. The reason why they want to downplay Lane's contribution is it goes against the narrative they had built up about how Portman went from non-dancer to ballerina dancer in just a year, how she worked so hard and this is her best performance, how they used this narrative to sell the movie in the first place, and finally it's the reason Portman received her Oscar. In showbiz there's a big difference between what actually happens behind the scenes and the story that gets put out to the public, and whenever the truth happens to leak out every now and then it's not surprising to see the powers that be try to squash it as quickly as possible.

Some people have said: look she signed up to be a body double, she got paid. The end. Body doubles know going in they aren't going to be seen as the star. To an extent we do agree with that and understand, but the concerted effort to downplay all the work she put in to making it a great film, just as much effort as the actors and actresses did, is simply not necessary and comes off as unprofessional. Give credit where credit is due, and when your film turns out to be as big as a success as this one has, you should be even more appreciative of the effort and talent that went into helping it become that success.

I do worry though that this may hurt Sarah Lane if she expects to get any future body double work, as she may be seen as becoming a trouble maker after a film is released. But hopefully she'll be able to work with future producers and make it clear in her contract that she gets proper credit but also doesn't later come out downplaying the star.

People Liking People Presents: The Jonestown Shuffle

People Liking People produced "The Jonestown Shuffle" back in 2009 but soon after publishing the track we found ourselves having to pull the plug on the project after it was banned in several countries. After much debate over the past couple of months, we've decide to re-release it and say the hell with it to those want to silence free speech. We present to you, "The Jonestown Shuffle (if we can't live in peace then let's die in peace)". Crank this one up folks, it's got a good beat you can dance to.

Click here to learn more about the Jonestown Massacre.

14 Year old kid shot in the chest by police, survives

You thought cops were bad in the states, Sao Paulo takes police brutality to a whole 'nother level. Six Sao Paulo police officers have been arrested after being caught on video shooting an unarmed 14 year old with no criminal record 5 times in the chest. Miraculously the kid survived and is on his way to a full recovery.

As you can see from the video, the boy is clearly not a threat to the officers and did not make any attempt to flee when shots began firing. Fortunately after the release of the surveilance video, 6 of the 7 officers involved have been arrested and charged with attempted murder. It remains to be seen what the punishment will be for these officers, but as this story is now being heavily covered in Brazil hopefully they'll be pressured into locking them up for a very long time.

The 7 officers involved are: Janderson Bezerra Magalhaes, Andre Castillo, Wilson Henrique Ribeiro da Cunha, Rozivaldo Ferreira de Souza, Marcos Teixeira de Lima, Wesley Souza dos Santos, Alexandre Souza dos Santos.

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Dr. Drew Pinsky: Why is he given a free pass?

It seems to be fairly common knowledge that most of the celebrity/publicity whore/radio/tv doctors you see and hear are for the most part just talking heads that make a living out of giving quick advice and talking about being a doctor more than actually being one. People have long shrugged off any chance of Dr. Laura being a legitimate source of health or psychiatric information, and everyone by now knows that Dr. Phil isn't a licensed psychologist. But very rarely do you ever hear criticism of the "all-knowing" Dr. Drew Pinsky.

We here at People Liking People used to listen to Dr. Drew along with Adam Carolla on LoveLine back in the 90s. We'd hear him covering topics ranging from puberty, drug use, relationship problems, sexual health, physical disorders, the effects of child abuse and just about everything in between that callers would ask about. It was hard to tell exactly where his expertise lie because he seemed to profess a thorough knowledge on just about everything. We did enjoy the show, which Adam Carolla made a lot more entertaining by his presence, but we started to wonder, just how qualified is this Dr. Drew to make all these quick judgments in just about every topic? Everyone has a specialty, I don't believe someone can have all the answers on every subject. So when someone appears to do just that, we tend to think they might be blowing a bit of smoke about how professional their advice is.

Dr. Drew has enjoyed a long and successful career with Loveline, being the go-to expert for talk shows, and now VH1's hit show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew". It's this latest drug rehabilitation show that has begun to illustrate the limitations of the respected doctor. Earlier this month former bass player for Alice In Chains Mike Starr died of an overdose from a mix of methadone and anxiety meds. A year ago Mike Starr had appeared on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab show and became one of the show's success stories. While we certainly can't blame Dr. Drew for Starr's death, it does make one question the effectiveness of Dr. Drew and his Pasadena Recovery Center where the show is filmed. Just how much of this is showbiz and how much is actual treatment, and actual medical advice? And that question should be applied to Dr. Drew's career as a whole, not just this latest stint. It could be that his actual expertise and treatment is subpar and has been all along, it's just now more noticeable because the stakes are much higher and someone semi-famous has died after his treatment.

We can't help but wonder why all other television/radio doctors are dismissed for what they are, yet Dr. Drew continues with barely any criticism. Will Mike's Starr's death finally wake people up to the fact that you simple can't treat someone fully during a week or 2 show? Or fix a psychiatric problem is a couple of minutes? Why are we treating all of these serious problems like a circus act? It may have been fun for a while but when people start dying it's time to rethink what we're doing.

Reid, Schumer, Lautenberg, and Udall: Eat a Dick

With all of the world's problems solved, our representatives in congress have turned their focus to issues that really matter to us here at People Liking People, like legislating smartphone apps. Lately there's been a ruckus about certain controversial apps for the BlackBerry, Google's Android, and Apple's iPhone. There was the one that claimed to help homosexual men deal with their gayness and guide them back to hetero (dubbed the gay cure app), and now there's one that displays where DUI checkpoints are on a map, presumably so one can avoid them. Apple did eventually pull the gay cure app, and RMI pulled the DUI checkpoint app from their Blackberry.

Whether or not you agree with these individual company decisions, at the end of the day that's their call and they have every right to do that. What we do have a problem with is when elected representatives start trying to dictate what they deem acceptable or not acceptable. It's simply not the government's role, and they have more than enough on their plate as it is without having to meddle in company decisions like this.

The following U.S. Congressmen sent letters to Google, RIM, and Apple in an attempt to bully them into removing the DUI checkpoint app: Harry Reid (D-NV), Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Tom Udall (D-NM). People need to be aware of these ass clowns that seem to have their priorities ass backwards. And notice they're all democrats? Aren't the democrats the ones that aren't supposed to care what we do in our personal lives? I thought it was the republicans that were always trying to legislate morality. So now who are we supposed to count on to stay the fuck out of our business and take care of the real issues that matter?

We're sure that these congressmen are trying to use the "think of the children" excuse and "if we just save 1 life then it's worth it" well guess what? Getting rid of this app won't do a damn thing. It won't save any lives, it won't make anyone safer, it really won't do anything except for the beginning of allowing the government to step in and be the approval agency for what apps are acceptable and what aren't. As if we didn't have enough of this already. Reid, Schumer, Lautenberg, and Udall ought to be ashamed of themselves. We'd like to think they could be voted out next election, but that's probably being extremely naive.

Finally, A Solution To The Camel Toe

Great news folks, there's finally a solution to that embarrassing cameltoe situation your grandma tried to warn you about. Introducing Smooth Groove:

The device is a bit like a shoe horn that fits between one's pants and their naughty bits. According to the designer of Smooth Groove, one day she was getting ready to go out, looked in the mirror and noticed a godawful cameltoe staring back at her. She added "I was wearing the same trousers I'm wearing right now".

Hmmm yes I think we see the problem, perhaps she could make a device like that for her ass as well.

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Mark Bao Theft Story

Update June 16: We've deleted our earlier posts proclaiming our skepticism of Mark Bao's account of having his MacBook stolen. It turns out the story is 100% true and the thief is 21 year old Javier Fantauzzi. We're a bit late on this update and we apologize for not setting the record straight sooner. Mark Bao was telling the truth the entire time and we were dead wrong in saying he wasn't. The story just seemed too good to be true but in this case it really was the truth. Sorry Mark, we screwed up.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dave Grohl Tells Off Dick Glee Producer

Glee is one of our favorite shows here at People Liking People. Ok actually we had to look it up to see what the hell it was. Evidently it's one of the hottest shows on today; it's basically a teen drama series where singing and dancing can break out at any moment. And the tunes performed are often songs by popular musicians and bands such as The Beetles, Elvis, REO Speedwagon, and Cher. Apparently creator Ryan Murphy has gotten a little full of himself lately and is a bit too presumptuous in thinking that artists would want their music to be performed on his show. He's gone so far as to talk shit about musicians that have refused Glee the right to use their music.

Some artists, including Slash, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters have declined to have their songs used on the show leaving creator Ryan Murphy unhappy with their decision and often unfairly verbally attacking the artists saying they are making a poor decision by not to allowing their music on his show.
He's even talked shit about Slash when the former GnR guitarist turned down Glee, saying "Usually I find that people who make those comments, their careers are over; they're uneducated and quite stupid." So basically the guy is a grade-A douchebag that doesn't realize just how small his importance is in the world. Which is why we're happy to see that Dave Grohl finally called his ass out:

“It’s every band’s right, you shouldn’t have to do f—ing Glee,” Grohl told THR... “And then the guy who created Glee is so offended that we’re not, like, begging to be on his f—ing show… f— that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do Glee.”
Goddamn right. Fuck this assclown. If Ryan Murphy was worth his salt he wouldn't have to rely on established artists to write his material for him, how about some original music for a change. We predict Glee will be off the air soon as people grow tired of it, and Murphy will have to go back to sucking pole to pay the rent.

Best Theme For Firefox 4: Firefox 3

Not exactly happy with the way Firefox 4 looks and prefer how it was before the upgrade? We found the best theme for Firefox 4: "Firefox 3 For Firefox 4". Here's a sample of how it looks on our computer:

Try it for yourself, in our opinion it's even better looking than Firefox 3.

By the way, many people have complained about the order of "open in new window" and "open in new tab" being switched when you right click on a link. The solution is here.

Crybaby Of the Year Award: Chris Brown

Wow this guy just can't control himself, he's like a big retard that needs help with simple tasks like going to the restroom. After his appearance on Good Morning America this Tuesday, Chris Brown had a "volatile meltdown backstage" that resulted in a chair being thrown and a window being smashed. Brown is currently on probation for assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna, but fortunately for him GMA decided to let him off the hook and not press charges. So why the violent meltdown? Apparently it's because the interviewer asked him about his past assault charges. Ironically his violent outburst showed just how little has changed since the incident.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Firefox 4: No Status Bar & No Multirow Bookmark Support

The latest Firefox v. 4 has been released. So far it looks good and has been running just fine, but if you were used to your current setup under Firefox 3.xx some adjustments may have to be made.

The status bar at the bottom is now gone. Fortunately there's an add-on called Status-4-Evar that puts it right back on there for you. We're glad that someone has made this add-on but is it really necessary to make users have to go hunt down these things that should be in the program to begin with? I can understand wanting to progress and have your software keep up with interface trends and look stylish, but Mozilla should make this customizable in the options settings.

Also, we had been using the multirow bookmarks toolbar extension but now that extension won't work with Firefox 4. Fortunately there's a workaround with that too, the multirow bookmark style to be used with the Stylish extension. Download the Stylish extension first if you don't already have it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Youtube's Recommended Channels: WTF?

RussiaToday, Old Spice and Alex Jones? Really guys? Anyone else keep seeing these same channels being recommended? I can't think of one reason why anyone would be interested in an Old Spice deodorant Youtube channel. I've been seeing this one for months actually. Either Old Spice paid Youtube some big money to be prominently displayed as a recommended channel, or Youtube is trying to tell me something about my personal hygiene.

And Russia the bottom it says these recommendations are based on my watch history, shared videos, and other channel subscriptions. I can't think of anything I've been watching lately that has anything remotely to do with Russia, though perhaps I could use one of those Russian mail order brides. Alex Jones, I'm crazy enough as it is I don't need any more help, thanks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fake Insurance Company Gives Itself Agent of the Month Award

We continue our investigation into Wise Health Insurance (aka Stephen Austin Insurance), which appears to be an operation where they do mass spamming to lure unsuspecting victims to their site where they gather personal information.

They list 700 Lavaca Street Austin, Texas 78701 as their address, it's a business office with accountants and law firms. We've learned that the Texas Secretary of State has no records of any current or past entities with names similar to "Stephen Austin Insurance Company" or "Wise Health Insurance." They've also ran a scam offering a weight loss diet (Hypersonic Weight Loss) that turned out to be pretty shady.

We happened to be looking through the website for "Stephen Austin Insurance" and found that they have a "find an agent" page. Guess what "agent" they recommend? It's no other than Wise Health Insurance. Wise Health insurance is the same operation as Stephen Austin Insurance, so he's recommending himself. What's even more amusing is he gave himself the "Best Agent of The Month" Award. But it's for October 2010 and we're now into March 2011. Basically he's trying to legitimize Wise Health Insurance by referencing it favorably on another site that he owns. He apparently did this back in October and forgot to update it. We're wondering if that's really a picture of him or if it's a stock photo he found somewhere.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen is Officially Off The Rocker

Well it's been known for years that Charlie Sheen was a big partier/drug user and is known for being a "bad boy". But he's still always been able to maintain this clean cut laid back nice guy image at the same time. I'll be honest, I never bought into the whole Charlie Sheen's a bad boy thing, he always came off as a dork to me. He seemed like the type that brags about how he got sooooo fucking wasted last night duuuude and then you find out he had just 2 beers. Anyway, it turns out the guy is as hardcore as he was proclaimed to be all this time. And it's finally caught up to him.

It's actually kind of sad to see, he reminds of us a mix between Michael J. Fox and Gary Busey. Of course, being that he's a multimillionaire and will never have to work another day in his life, AND has multiple live-in girlfriends no doubt pleasuring him 24/7, perhaps he's the one having the last laugh.


Taiwan's Next Media Animation (NMA) put their spin on the Sheen saga and they don't disappoint.