Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meds IV = Advanced Specialty Pharmacy = MedWorksRx = PalliRx

If you need to get caught up on the latest news and developments concerning Meds IV, please read the news article here, and our entries here here here here and here. 9 people have died in Alabama following an nutrition IV solution that was made by compounding pharmacy Meds IV.

Update 1: It's been confirmed that Meds IV doesn't just happen to have the same ownership as Advanced Specialty Pharmacy. Meds IV is actually Advanced Specialty Pharmacy dba Meds IV.

They're one in the same, the only difference is marketing and being able to not have the 9 deaths effect Advanced Specialty Pharmacy's reputation. But it absolutely should.

We're seeing an effort by those behind Meds IV to remove as much information about themselves as they can. And we think the reason they're doing this is because they go by several other names and they don't want people to associate the bad press with other names they're going by. They don't want people to make the connection. But we're going put as much as we can here so it doesn't matter what information they try to remove. This post will be updated as we receive more information.

The bottom line is this:

Meds IV is run by the same people as Advanced Specialty Pharmacy, the same as MedWorksRx, which is the same as PalliRx. Meds IV was only created a year ago. How convenient would it be for them to just close up Meds IV after this incident and continue on without anyone knowing they're still around through their other companies.

Let's start with Advanced Specialty Pharmacy. Advanced Specialty Pharmacy is owned by both William Rogers and Tim Rogers. That can be illustrated here where Tim Rogers is listed as the co-founder and here where William Rogers is listed as the owner, and Tim as manager. Also, Anthony Cingoranelli is a principle owner in Advanced Specialty Pharmacy. On their website, they've recently removed their Birmingham location and now only their FL location is displayed. That location is 102 Oxmoor Rd. Birmingham, AL, which brings us to our next company: PalliRx.

PalliRx was listed on Tim Roger's LinkedIn page as a company he's partnered with. Where's PalliRx located? 102 Oxmoor Rd. Same as Advanced Specialty Pharmacy.

Finally there's MedWorksRx. MedWorksRx is also listed as a partner on Tim Roger's LinkedIn page, and is owned by Edward Anthony Cingoranelli. Here we come full circle as Cingoranelli is the owner of Meds IV, and Tim Rogers is the president.


The hospital system says in its suit that it had attempted to contact the Meds IV to ask it to preserve the evidence, but had not gotten a response. Cingroranelli is identified in the suit as the owner of the company, while Rogers is identified as its president.
We're already seeing efforts to take down all links to Meds IV and wash away the blood from their hands. No doubt they've invested a lot into Advanced Specialty Pharmacy and wouldn't want the deaths from Meds IV to tarnish whatever good name they had before. MedWorksRx and PalliRx are fairly new "entities" and we hope as people begin to make the connection will steer clear of everything relating to Rogers and Cingroranelli. We haven't fully looked into Cingroranelli yet but Rogers's background is mostly wholesale - which means just selling products you bought from someone else with no value added (not actually making anything). It's easy to think you're an expert at pharmaceuticals when you're wheeling and dealing them but compounding and manufacturing are a different story and we get the feeling the people running this operation are completely unqualified.

If you have any information on these companies or Rogers and Cingroranelli, please send us an e-mail at

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