Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Don't Call My Bluff" worst line ever

Wow, this is pretty bad. So yesterday President Obama had a meeting with congressional leaders and continued the ongoing debate of what to do about the debt ceiling. Evidently talks broke down and things became heated when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor challenged Obama on spending cuts. What happened next has to be one of the dumbest lines ever uttered in negotiation. In response to Cantor's challenge, Obama responded "Don't Call My Bluff".

Don't call my bluff, really? So you're telling the other side that you're bluffing or attempting to deceive them (read: LIE)? Just how strong is your position where you outright tell the other side to not call you out on your bullshit?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fox News inadvertently admits it's a partisan channel in its criticism of Media Matters

People Liking People is politically neutral so we're not necessary taking sides but we thought this was funny. Today on Fox News, anchor Steve Doocy started off a segment questioning whether it was legal for Media Matters to file as a 501(3)(c). Steve Doocy and his guest proclaim that it isn't, and their reasoning is that Media Matters goes after Fox News more than any other network. So why is that a problem? Well, 501(3)(c)s aren't allowed to engage in partisan activities favoring one side or another. In calling Media Matters' Fox attack a parisan effort though, they're essentially admitting that they themselves are partisan - not the "fair and balanced" network they often claim to be. Click here to view the segment.