Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update in the living room flour story: Husband Vince Napoli threatens to press charges against People Liking People. Bonus: Breastfeeding Flashmob

You may remember back in November this video that went viral for a few days:

Basically the mother, Mary Napoli, had thrown flour all over the house and then made it look like her kids had "gotten into the bag of flour and made a mess". But almost immediately speculation began that the whole thing was set up - the flour was spread just a little too evenly around the living room in places where small children would not be able to reach, and a half-second glimpse of the mother showed she was actually covered in flour herself.

We wrote a little entry about it and poked fun at the whole hoax, comparing it to the balloon boy incident. We also tried to be thorough in the information that we presented, and included Mary and her husband Vince Napoli's contact information. Evidently displaying publicly accessible phone numbers on the internet is a major crime, and People Liking People now faces being fired from the internet. We've been contacted by Vince Napoli himself who is threatening to do just that and also get his lawyers involved. See the comments below he left on our site:

Ok Vince, you have your lawyer look at it. He'll call you a fucking dumbass for wasting his time. You might as well file a lawsuit against while you're at it too. OMG, an entire website dedicated to contact information? Somebody call 911!

But really, in a way we feel bad for the Napoli's. They wanted a little fame just like we all do, but instead of actually accomplishing something worthwhile they....threw flour in their living room. Come on guys, you'll have to do a little better than that.

Update: Mary Napoli is at it again. A friend of People Liking People has brought it to our attention that the mother was kicked out of the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan last week for get this: a "breast-feeding flash mob."


Mall security shut down a group of women about to launch into a breast-feeding flash mob at an upscale shopping center in Troy, Mich.

The group was led by Mary Napoli, who was confronted by a security officer when she sat down to nurse her 1-year-old son, reported.

It always seems like the people who don't have the capacity to feel shame are the ones that need it the most. What an embarrassment this has to be for husband Vince Napoli, who's just trying to quietly hold down his job at WADL TV. We're definitely starting to see a pattern here with attention whoring activities involving their kids. It's one thing to want to stand for a cause (by the way, breastfeeding is allowed in the mall, just not protests or demonstrations) or try to become a celebrity on Youtube, but when you're shaping young lives in that environment it ends up hurting us all in the long run. We can only hope that they end up seeking the help they so desperately need.

Michele Bachmann's campaign chairman quits and switches to Ron Paul

Well this is an interesting turn of events for the Bachmann & Paul campaigns.

From The Guardian:

The US Republican candidate Michele Bachmann's Iowa campaign chairman has resigned and endorsed rival Ron Paul, six days before Iowa voters begin the nomination process to select the party's 2012 presidential nominee.

Kent Sorenson, an Iowa state senator who had served as Bachmann's state campaign chairman for nearly a year, said he had decided to switch his support to Paul because the campaign had reached "a turning point".

This is quite a blow to the Bachmann campaign, which is practically on life support at this stage of the game. In an effort to save face, Bachmann responded to the departure by alleging that Sorenson sold himself out and left to go to the Paul campaign after they offered him money:

“Kent Sorenson personally told me he was offered a large sum of money to go to work for the Paul campaign,” Bachmann said in a hastily arranged news conference outside a Pizza Ranch in Boone, where she held her 11th campaign event of the day.

It turns out though that that might actually be a complete lie, as Michele Bachmann's Iowa political director Wes Enos later issued a statement completely contradicting the Minnesota congresswoman:

“I won’t say much about the situation or the conflicting statements beyond this; I can say unequivocally that Kent Sorenson’s decision was, in no way financially motivated.

While I personally disagree with Kent’s decision, and plan to stay with Michele Bachmann because I truly believe in her, I cannot, in good conscious watch a good man like Kent Sorenson be attacked as a ‘sell-out’ ….That is simply not the case, and it was not the basis of his decision,” said Mr. Enos.

So Michele Bachmann comes right out and says "he's just doing it for the money" and within hours her political director says it's completely untrue. Not off to a good start considering her chairman just resigned on the same day. And all of this just 6 days before the Iowa Caucus.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ocean Marketing's Paul Christoforo: Douchebag of the year

Everyone's doing their year-in-review and the best & worst of 2011 reviews so this couldn't have come at a better time. We're not going to waste any time or energy trying to go back and analyze all the idiots over the past year, we don't even have to do that - because we have the perfect candidate by which all other douchebags pale in comparison. Meet Paul Christoforo, "President" of his soon-to-be-defunct marketing company Ocean Marketing.

Paul Christoforo, through Ocean Marketing, was working as an outsourced representative for N-Control's Avenger controller attachment when he received an e-mail from a customer wondering where his order was.

Read the exchange that started it all here.

Customer "Dave" had ordered the PS3 controller attachments on November 3rd and was initially told they would be arriving to him by early December. Well, December rolled by and after a couple of weeks passing with no order yet, Dave decided to contact customer service on Dec. 16 to see what was up. Dave was very polite and even wished Ocean Marketing happy holidays:
I ordered 2 of the upcoming PS3 controllers (invoice xxxxxxxxx—Nov 3, 2011). Any chance of getting an update of when these items will ship? I’m not really happy about being forced to pay upfront then have the advertised date of “Early December” be completely missed without any sort of update on availability. I really need one of them for a X-mas present as well. Anyways, looking forward to finally using one of these bad boys. Thanks and happy holidays.


With such a nice initial communication, how could anything go wrong? This is the company's chance to go out of their way to show empathy for the customer and apologize for the delay, and do everything they can to make sure the product is sent out as soon as possible. What actually ended up happening though is a completely different story. Paul Christoforo turned the situation into one of the biggest customer service nightmares we've ever seen.

When asked about the estimated time of arrival for the attachments, he responded "Dec 17", the next day. A few days later he writes "They still haven’t shipped yet on the way here from china".

Well that sucks, but hey, that happens sometimes right? Product releases get delayed, and it's just the nature of buying things online. Well Christoforo was just getting started. Here are some of the more interesting responses from representative Paul Christoforo to customer Dave:
"im sure you don’t complain to activision or epic games so put on your big boy hat and wait it out like everyone else."

"Feel free to cancel we need the units were back ordered 11,000 units so your 2 will be gone fast. Maybe I’ll put them on eBay for 150.00 myself."

And then it gets much worse...

"Son Im 38 I wwebsite as on the internet when you were a sperm in your daddys balls and before it was the internet, thanks for the welcome to message wurd up."

"You just got told bitch … welcome to the real internet"

"We do value our customers but sometimes we get children like you we just have to put you in the corner with your im stupid hat on."

And if simply shitting all over a customer wasn't enough, Paul Christoforo then digs himself a bigger hole by pissing off industry insider Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade and gaming convention Pax, after customer Dave forwarded the exchange to him and other gaming sites. The exchange then continues between Christoforo and Krahulik, the most amusing part of which is Christoforo's "Do you know who I am??" attitude when he's quite the nobody himself, especially in relation to Mike Krahulik.

"Were in 6 countries and you’re not going to take my money for a booth that’s a crock I can guarantee I’ll get a booth if I want one money buys a lot and connections go even further. He’s a native Bostonian from Little Italy . Who are you again"

"If you let some little kid influence you over a pre order then we don’t want to be a your show ,Ill be on the floor anyway so come find me , I’m born and raised in Boston I know the people who run the city inside and out watch the way you talk to people you never know who they know it’s a small industry and everyone knows everyone."

Paul Christoforo then seemed to have finally realized he fucked up big time, but it was much too late.

Mike I’m not trying to fight with you I’m really not , you should give me the benefit of the doubt before judging over one person’s bitching . Did I feed into his emails a little bit too much yeah ok . But it’s one person dude for real. No disrespect intended for you , My name is good in this industry and I know a lot of people. I’ll be at CES are you going ?

Awww poor guy, it was just a misunderstanding. Shame on us for siding with the dirty customer and not good guy Paul Christoforo. And plus, he knows a lot of people. ooooo we're impressed, and Mike Krahulik definitely was too. His response: "Please remove me from this mailing list". Ouch!

This all went down a few days ago, and ever since then we've been witnessing a public meltdown eerily similar to that of Charlie Sheen's, where Paul Christoforo has taken to his twitter account to defend himself but in doing so only reveals what a nutbar and douche nozzle he is. Oh and in case you were wondering, Christoforo and his Ocean Marketing group has been fired from the position of representing the Avenger controller product. N-Control has issued a statement:

"We apologize for our poor representation from Ocean Marketing," David Kotkin, the owner and inventor of Avenger Controller told Kotaku. "We wanted to give Paul a chance. He was rough around the edges, but he had drive and enthusiasm. However his behavior was unprovoked, unnecessary, and unforgivable. We are no longer represented by Ocean Marketing."
Let this be a lesson to companies out there: be very careful before you let some outsourced company (or in this case, probably just 1 guy) take control of the one thing that matters most to your company: the relationship with your customers. Really, you shouldn't be outsourcing that at all. You need people who actually work for the company, because there's a much higher chance they'll actually give a shit than just some fly by night Joe Schmoe like Christoforo, where the only thing he cares about is himself.

Update: A friend of People Liking People has sent us Paul Christoforo's contact information:

Paul Christoforo
Address: 295 Chestnut Ave, Apt 33 Carlsbad, CA 92008

Update 2: There is speculation that Christoforo is experiencing wild mood swings as a result of a steroid abuse problem. It's unconfirmed at this time but if you have any additional information please let us know.

Update 3: We have learned that the Twitter accounts initially thought to be Christoforo's are not his at all. His real Twitter account is @OceanDeepSea. The @oceanmarketting and @oceanstretagy accounts are fakes.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dirty ass hoe punches 70 year old Walmart greeter

The holidays really bring the best out of people don't they?

Meet Jacquetta Simmons, a 26 year old dirty skank from Batavia, NY.

Jacquetta Simmons was on her way out the door after shopping at Walmart on Christmas Eve when 70 year old Walmart greeter Grace Suozzi asked to check her receipt, which is commonly done to ensure accuracy at the register and cut down on shoplifting. Instead of simply showing the greeter the receipt like any normal person would do, skank hoe Jacquetta Simmons proceeded to assault the elderly woman and knock her on the ground.

Patterson said Simmons is accused of punching and knocking down Suozzi at 11:23 a.m. after the employee asked Simmons to see receipts for items the customer was carrying in store bags. After hitting Suozzi, Simmons ran out of the store, but employees and customers quickly surrounded her until police arrived.

What could have been quickly over and done with has now turned into a mess for Ms. Simmons, who now faces 2 second-degree assault charges and is being held on a $20,000 bond.

Where does trash like this keep coming from? Is it really that hard for some people to think their actions through and know the consequences that are obvious to the rest of us? What a dumbass.

Update: a friend of People Liking People has sent us her contact info:

Jacquetta Simmons
Phone: (585) 285-3224
Address: 104 Ellsworth Ave. Batavia, NY 14020

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all from People Liking People!

We were hoping for a white Christmas but it has sure been a strange winter so far, it's in the mid 40s today for most of the midwest, while it actually snowed in some places in Texas today.

Speaking of the weather, you've got to check out these Weathergirls, we just can't get enough of them! Here's today's weather report:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scioto County, Ohio: State officials close down the last pain clinic in the county

Attorney General Mike DeWine said Tuesday that local and state officials shut down Greater Medical Advance in Wheelersburg, about 100 miles south of Columbus.

DeWine says an investigation found 14,000 prescriptions came out of the clinic in nine months.

Well, I guess it's back to doing heroin.

Seriously though, these people are going to feed their addictions one way or another. I'd rather have them popping pharmaceutical grade opiates than shooting up with dirty hypodermic needles.

Florida middle school teacher arrested for throwing food at McDonalds employees

Meet Simone Paolercio. She's a 6th grade teacher at Lakeland Highlands Middle School in Lakeland, FL. She's also one of the most hideous looking human beings we've ever seen (we're using the word human quite broadly here). What the fuck happened to her face, is that what happens when you eat $20 worth of McDonalds every day? Jesus Christ lay off the tater tots woman.

Paolercio was arrested on Saturday after pelting McDonalds employees with food she had just ordered during a temper tantrum you'd expect more from a 3 year old.

Check out the video surveillance of the incident below:


Jessica Balderas, a McDonald’s worker, told cops that “there was a disagreement over two hashbrowns,” according to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office report. Paolercio reportedly became “irritated” and “wanted them to take the food back and refund her money.”

After a manager arrived to speak with Paolercio, the educator tossed some of the food items back through the drive-thru window when the man refused to provide a refund.
Imagine how bad/uneventful your life must be when an order of tater tots ruins your whole day.

If anyone has any additional information about this ugly beast of a woman, send us a message or leave a comment. Any former students?

Update: A friend of People Liking People has sent us Simone Paolercio's contact info:

Simone Paolercio
Phone: (863) 646-6197
Address: 5723 Scott Lake Rd. Lakeland FL 33813

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update on the Kimberly Crain panty party story: we now know who "Uncle G" is

We wrote about this story back on December 2 where Kimberly Crain, 3rd grade teacher and wife of powerlifting champion Rickey Dale Crain, was arrested after forcing 5 of her female 3rd grade students to dress in lingerie during what was supposed to be a Christmas decorating party at her house. There were some odd details in the story that made it seems as if she wasn't alone in the act and may have been working at the request of someone the kids knew as "Uncle G". Students in her class reported that Kimberly Crain would often have the students webcam chat over Skype in class to an "Uncle G" and it was said that she would often take pictures of the students as well, posing on tables. During the Christmas decorating episode, the teacher videotaped the girls in their underwear while having them do a "cheer dance".

Shawnee OK's reports today that both Kimberly Crain and Uncle G - who we now know is Gary Joseph Doby of Bloomsburg, Pa, have been charged with 23 felony counts (23 to Crain and 9 counts to Doby).
As Crain was making a court appearance in Shawnee Thursday morning, a co-defendant, identified as Gary Joseph Doby, 65, of Bloomsburg, Pa. was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police. Bloomsburg is a town of around 14,800 people.

Doby reportedly is a professor who previously taught in the 1980s at Oklahoma Baptist University.

There's definitely more to this story than just the Christmas party incident, we will be updating as more information surfaces.

Update: Oklahoma City's KWTV has more: there were reportedly hidden cameras within the classroom, including an area covered by a curtain where the students were told to undress. Also, Crain initially met Gary Doby while she was a student at Oklahoma Baptist University and Doby was a professor.

Sick: Gary Doby teaches (or used to anyway) "early childhood education" at Bloomsburg University. Check out his ratemyprofessors page.

You gotta wonder if he wasn't having any other teachers doing this. This isn't some random pervert that met Kimberly Crain online, this is someone who teaches teachers before they become teachers and probably knows and stays in touch with hundreds of current teachers. Hopefully the police are looking through his computer as we speak.

More info on Gary Doby:

phone # (570) 384-4180
Address: 40 Seiwell Ln Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Check out Professor Gary Doby's profile on Yahoo answers: he's answered quite a few questions, like: "Is there anything wrong with a guy wanting to be hit in the balls?" His answer? "well, now, it depends: by a girl; enjoy it; do it!"

Update 2: Scranton, PA local news channel WNEP interviews Gary Doby as he's carried away in handcuffs.

Hamilton County Ohio Police officer Justin Lunsford caught masturbating, peeking into windows, and shitting in parking lot

Wow the fetishes some people have these days! Meet now-former police officer Justin Lunsford.

Mr. Lunsford was caught on video peeking into windows and masturbating, and shitting and pissing in the parking lot at Parkside Inn, a motel in Monroe, Ohio. Gross!


According to a police report, Lunsford was stopped Nov. 30 after patrons at Parkside Inn on Hamilton-Middletown Road reported seeing a man in a white hooded sweatshirt, naked from the waist down, urinating and defecating in the parking lot.
Justin Lunsford immediately resigned after being charged with voyeurism and public indecency.

What an embarrassment to himself, the police force, and the community. But one really has to wonder, how was this goofball ever hired on as an officer to begin with? You can just take one look at Justin and know something isn't right with the guy. We're not sure if it's the retard eyes or the stupid facial hair thing he has going on but someone is definitely not playing with a full deck here. I wouldn't trust him to make my fries at McDonalds (Lunsford's sanitary problems aside) let alone have him out there with a badge and a gun.

One of the more amusing bits about this story is Lunsford's friend Anita Watson-short from The Connor Group who has been going out of her way on the comment sections of all the articles about this story to defend her friend in an effort to make it seem like the guy's not a total mental case. That's one of the great things about the internet today and most sites' integration with Facebook: whenever something like this happens the friends and family come out of the woodwork to defend them from the rest of us who "just don't understand".

You want to associate yourself with a guy who masturbates while peering into the windows of a hotel and then proceeds to squeeze out a turd in a parking lot? Have at it Hoss, but if that's the type of person you call a good guy you may want to re-evaluate your standards. One day he might just pull down his pants and poop on you too.

Friday, December 9, 2011

KEYC anchor slurs her way through the news

Mankato Minnesota's KEYC started off the news segment as usual but something seemed a bit off with anchor Annie Stensrud. See if you notice anything odd:

Slurring words? Check. No Bra? Check. Fucked out of her mind? Check. reports that Stensrud is still employed with the station and KEYC has issued this statement:
“Even though we work in a very public business, personnel issues need to remain private–and that’s exactly what this is."
We kinda feel bad for the woman. We checked out some of her previous broadcasts and she's actually a really good anchor & reporter. Was she a little intoxicated during the latest news report? Probably. Does that make her a bad person? No. There may be more to the story here and we shouldn't be so quick to judge, and at this time her employer seems to be sticking by her side. Let's hope she's able to work through this and get her shit together.

Donald Trump's debate: will it be cancelled?

Media-whore blowhard Donald Trump was scheduled to host the Republican debate co-sponsored by Newsmax on Dec. 27th. Announced with much excitement during a joint conference with Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich, it was supposed to be a must-see event. Now the pieces are crumbling and it looks like it may not go down at all. In the beginning Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman put out a statement saying they would not be attending the debate. At first it seemed like a bad move for those candidates - they're polling towards the bottom and really can't afford to not be seen. But other candidates have followed suit and now they're down to only 2 candidates that have confirmed they'll attend: Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Are Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum enough to make it a worthwhile debate? Or will they just can the whole thing altogether?

The whole thing has been a disaster from the start. Republicans need to get serious and they need to quit being so goddamn stupid by following celebrity whores like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. If you think those people are good leaders for the Republican party you need to wake the fuck up. They have no interest in serving to help this nation, they're self promoters who hop on bandwagons to feed their careers.

I'll be honest, deep down I wanted to see this. It was certainly going to be a train wreck that would be hard not to watch. But I also know nothing truly good will come out of it. It's cheap entertainment at a time where we need serious solutions, not sideshow distractions.

Hopefully this whole event will get canned and Donald Trump and the Republican party can both realize that neither of them are a good fit for the other. Shame on all those out there who think he has a serious role to play in politics, you've definitely been punked.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

School resource counselor who alerted kids about the "sexting epidemic" caught sexting 14 year old middle school student

Meet former Charlotte County Deputy Gordon Eldridge, who was a school resource counselor at L.A. Ainger Middle School in Rotonda West, Florida. As a school resource counselor, Gordon Eldridge was in charge of looking after the well being of the students. He had posted on his website tips for parents and students and also posted an alert to be aware of the growing epidemic of "sexting", where teens send sexually explicit text and pictures to each other.

Evidently Gordon Eldridge knew quite a lot about this practice of "sexting" himself, as he's now found himself in hot water over a text he sent to a 14 year old middle school student. The text he sent?
"Start stripping and dance on the tables . . . and send pics!"

And apparently this isn't the first time his inappropriate behavior caught the attention of his superiors. Prior to the text being sent, the same 14 year old girl had reported to a different school resource counselor that Gordon Eldridge made her feel uncomfortable by putting his hand over her mouth. He was given a warning by his supervisor to avoid contact with the girl but it didn't end there. In the days following he picked her up for dinner and drove her to the high school football game. Allegedly there are even more inappropriate texts from Eldridge to the girl.

And if that weren't bad enough, and it is quite bad enough already, Eldridge took to the comments section in the local news article about this story to defend himself. In doing so, he not only practically admits to doing everything that's been alleged, but he tries to put all the blame on the 14 year old middle school student. Bad move.

Here's Gorden Eldridge's comment in its entirety:

Gordon Eldridge: "I have tried to post this several times.
but every time it would disappear.

Here are the FACTS of this case.
It is now public record and I can comment.

The girl is a PAL junior councellor so.
I have contact with her weekly. She told me.
that she wants to be in Law Enforcement and.
wants to join the explorers.

It is not unusual for SRO's to take PAL kids to.
various functions in our cruisers.

She texted me if I was working the football game.
... when I said yes. she asked if I could pick her.
up at PAL and give her a ride to the game.
I told her I would. I told her that the days I work.
details I go to eat. I asked her if she wanted.
to go eat or I could pick her up after I eat.
She later texted me asking if I could give her.
a ride home. I said that I would. She told me.
that her mom was aware of the rides and going.
to eat.
She said that she would go eat and brought her.
own money.
We went to the Country Hound Restaurant and.
sat in the middle of the restaurant. The
place was full. SHe commented on the fact that.
other students were working there and thought.
she could get a job there.
We ate and each paid for our own meals.
We then went to the game. She left with her friends.
while 3 other deputies and I worked the game.
After the game I gave her a ride home. I
have not have any one on one contact since then.

She texted me several times mostly about having.
a new boy friend.

I did sent ONE and only ONE inappropriate TEXT.
to the girl. It was in response to a text she.
sent me that she was bored. I sent a stupid.
quick response as a joke. It was in poor taste.
using adult humor and I immediately sent her an apology. She Accepted.

She later sent another text asking about another SRO.
because she missed speaking with her.

There was no apparent discomfort with texting me.

Four days later she went to the SRO at the high school.
stating she was uncomfortable with the text she had.
received from me. She tried to recant after she learned.
that the SRO supervisor was going to be contacted. She
did not want to get anyone in trouble.

I also learned that she loves to be the center of attention.
this was another attempt to be the center of attention.

She was interviewed by Major Crimes Detectives They found.
NO CRIME was committed. This was verified by the State.
Attorney and the family was notified over the Thanksgiving.
break. The Family was not willing to accept this...

On Monday 11/28 I went to a scheduled interview with the.
CCSO investigator with my FOP Union Rep. During the meeting.

We learned that SNN had been contacted by the girls family.
asking to verify that a deputy was under investigation for.
SEXTING middle school and high school students.

At this point I was damaged beyond repair regardless of.
the truth.

I offered my resignation due to the perception of what.
people would think, regardless of the whole truth due.
to the media.

This is all public record at CCSO."
Does this guy really think anyone's going to read all that and end up agreeing that he did nothing wrong? You're a school resource counselor at a middle school for chrissakes. Maybe we could understand if you were at a high school and there's a couple hot seniors or something, even then of course that's still wrong, but middle school? Come on dude, you can't explain your way out of this one.

Cheerleader Mom gets a little too into it

Wow this mother is really getting into it! This video comes from the Louisiana High School Athletic Association's (LHSAA) Cheer & Dance Competition held in Lake Charles on December 3. While the Archbishop Hannan High School team performed, mother of cheerleader Carey O'Rourke rocked the stands and shouted at the top of her lungs. Members of the crowd were struggling not to laugh, while mom was in her own little world of excitement.

Question: Is this type of enthusiasm even possible while sober?

One thing's for sure, no one could ever say this mother is not supportive. Many of us are quick to criticize someone for not following social rules (like, being careful not to make an ass out of yourself in public) but perhaps those who say fuck it and are able to enjoy themselves regardless get the last laugh.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

College football cornerback forgets to kneel after catching ball in the endzone

During the college football game between the Wofford Terriers and the Northern Iowa Panthers last Saturday, Wofford kick returner Stephon Shelton made a mistake that cost him the game.

After catching the ball during a kickoff return in the endzone, cornerback Shelton forgot to kneel down to end the play. It seemed to take a second for the Panthers to realized what happened but after the ball was bumped loose from Shelton's grasp it was fallen on and recovered by Northern Iowa's Phil Wright, #31. Instant touchdown for the Panthers.

One point of note in this play is right after Northern Iowa's Zach Cutkomp knocked the ball out of Shelton's hands. Shelton appears to act like Northern Iowa had just committed a foul, he throws his hands up in front of the ref as if to say "did you see that man?" At that moment Shelton hadn't realized the mistake he made and that there was a live ball on the ground behind him.

That's gotta be tough to make such a stupid mistake and cost your teammates the whole game. It happens to all of us though at various points in our lives. You can bet he won't be making that mistake anymore.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Victory in Mcdonalds assault charge case

Well this is great news. You may remember this video from a while back where McDonalds employee Rayon McIntosh beat two female customers with a metal pole after they jumped over the counter to attack him.

At first glance you might say the McDonalds employee was definitely in the wrong here. It looks like he just snapped and went into a rage beating the two women. And the fact that McIntosh recently got out of jail after a 10 year prison term for manslaughter didn't help his case either. But we support McIntosh 100% here.

From the video you can clearly see the two women are the aggressors, and they even told him they were going to cut him "the fuck up". What were they planning on doing when they went behind the counter? That action right there crossed a clear line and put Mr. McIntosh in a difficult position.

It's bad enough working fast food when you have to deal with asshole customers but when they start jumping over the counter to kick your ass that takes it to a whole different level. But McIntosh rose to the occasion and put both of these loud mouthed bitches in their place. Did he swing a couple extra times after it was clear they were no longer a threat? Probably. Do we really give a shit? No. When you're faced with multiple aggressors that are coming at you, you're adrenaline is going to be pumping and you're not going to be thinking straight. Your body goes into fight or flight mode, and with McIntosh being cornered behind the counter his only option was to fight.

By the way, this whole thing started when Rayon McIntosh checked their $50 to make sure it was legit after Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edward went to pay for their food. That's common practice with bills $20 and above, who would have a hissy fit over that? And it turns out that there's good reason to be suspicious of these women. Just a year earlier Denise Darbeau was caught stealing from retailer H&M by taking money from the cash register. Rachel Edwards also has quite a record, including misdemeanor harassment and aggravated harassment charges.

The good news: A grand jury has just made a decision not to indict Rayon McIntosh. From
A fast-food worker whose run-in with two unruly customers was captured on cell phone video last month will not be indicted on assault charges, prosecutors said Saturday.

A grand jury voted against indicting Rayon McIntosh, who was seen allegedly swinging a metal object against two patrons at a McDonald's restaurant in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

Score one for the good guys.

McIntosh now says he's thinking about suing his former employer for not ensuring it was a safe environment. Evidently that particular McDonalds has had a long history of criminal activity by customers including fights and customers caring guns.

McDonalds franchise owner Carmen Paulino did have a positive comment on the outcome:
“First let me say that I, along with my employees, are happy for Rayon and that he was released and cleared of all charges."
If only management had been so supportive of McIntosh before. Back when this first happened they terminated his employment with the company.

Let's hope this is the start of a new beginning in Rayon McIntosh's life.

As for Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edward? DIAF you worthless pieces of shit.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Wife of powerlifting champion Rickey Dale Crain arrested and facing child pornography charges

This is a very strange story. 48 year old Kimberly Crain, wife of powerlifting champion Rickey Dale Crain (currently the owner of Crain's Muscle World) and third grade teacher at McLoud Elementary in McLoud Oklahoma has been arrested and is facing possible child pornography charges. The investigation began when one of her third grade students reported that the teacher had her and 5 other female students dress in Christmas-themed lingerie during what was supposedly a Christmas tree decorating party at Crain's home. Pictures and video were taken of the girls in their underwear while they performed a "cheer dance" at Crain's request. Police have seized the images and say they are "sexual in nature".

If that isn't weird enough, authorities say while in the classroom the teacher would often have the kids speak to a man on Skype who was referred to as "Uncle G". She was also known to take pictures of the kids from time to time posing on their desks. Police are trying to find out who this "Uncle G" character is and if he was the recipient of any pictures or videos.


Shawnee police arrested Kimberly Crain yesterday after photos were retrieved from her cell phone.

"The things that these children were made to do can be explained in no other way than it was a sexual interest by Miss Crain."

Pottawatomie County District Attorney Richard Smothermon also told the News On 6 that she is behind bars because investigators consider her to be a major flight risk.

It has also been reported that a $1 million bond was set for Mrs. Crain.

Is Kimberly Crain a lone pedophile? Or was there someone else, "Uncle G" perhaps, guiding her actions.

Update: A civil suit has been filed in Pottawatomie County, OK naming both both Kimberly and Rickey Dale Crain. It's unclear what the details of that complaint are at this time as the suit has been sealed by a judge. Are Rickey Dale Crain and Uncle G one in the same?

Bonus: We found an article written by Rickey Dale Crain back in August entitled "America is a leaderless nation":
"We have a leaderless nation. President Obama, worse than Jimmy Carter, is now on par with perhaps our worst president, James Buchannan, a Democrat coincidentally, whose niece actually ran the country. The disastrous and nationally humiliating downgrade of our country’s credit rating, first in USA history, was not an inevitable consequence of uncontrollable misfortune."

Update 2: We now know who "Uncle G" is, and Kimberly Crain now faces 23 felony counts.

Boyfriend & girlfriend ghetto brawl in the street

Calling it a brawl may be a bit of a stretch, as most of the time was spent with girlfriend Tiffany sitting on her man, refusing to let him up.

It's hard to say exactly what sparked this confrontation but it appears that the boyfriend is the type of guy that likes to hit women and Tiffany finally got fed up with it and turned the tables on him. While we began watching this it wasn't quite clear at first who to root for, is this guy really a woman beater or is Tiffany just a big bitch? We were actually starting to side with the guy, empathizing with his frustration of not being able to get up (actually we were torn between that and wanting to see the cops show up so he could get busted for drugs). He then began begging and pleading, promising not to hit her.

That empathizing came to an abrupt stop at the end when Tiffany let him up, and he preceded to start punching her in the face. What an asshole.

Hitting women in the first place is never cool, but this guy has shit for brains trying to hit on Tiffany who is twice his size and can easily pin him to the ground.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Man attacked by neighbor's cat

We're big cat lovers here at People Liking People but this is one here is a little bitch. Check out the move at 10 seconds in, that kitty's going for blood!

Video of Iranian anti-ship missiles destroying their target in the Pacific Gulf

Cool video from Iran:

Yeah, they probably have 3 missiles total like that, use them wisely guys. But seriously I don't see why we're all focused on Iran, what the hell could they do to us? They're all bark, no bite. I say ignore them just like what we do with North Korea.

Major fail for Ann Coulter

This is just embarrassing. Ann Coulter was on Real Time With Bill Maher back in July for a debate on politics and foreign policy. She had a question for Bill Maher: "What do you think about Libya and long as I have you here."

Bill Maher: What about them?

Coulter: Are you in favor of us intervening in these two countries that didn't hit us on 9-11 solely for purposes of regime change?

Maher: First of all I didn't think we were intervening in Egypt, are we?

Coulter: We did.

Maher: What did we do? What did we do in Egypt?

Newsflash: We did not intervene in Egypt, we did nothing militarily, which at the time was commonly talked about being that we supported Mubarak for years and now we were doing nothing at all while the chaos erupted.

It was almost the perfect fail/owned moment. Unfortunately the other guests started to chime in and talk about how we didn't intervene in Egypt. Even though they were correcting Ann Coulter it somehow took a bit of the sting away. It would have been much more satisfying to hear a full minute of dead silence after Bill Maher asked "What did we do in Egypt?".....

Her main point presumably was going to be something along the lines of this: liberals were so anti-war during the Bush administration, but now here we have Obama getting us involved in all these wars and the anti-war liberals are silent. There actually is a decent point to be made there, but you Republicans need to know your shit before you start spouting off. I don't know what's happened in the past decade or so but it's become fashionable with conservatives to not really know what's going on, Sarah Palin being the prime example of this. Playing dumb is not cute, actually being dumb is definitely not cute - it's just downright embarrassing and sad, and it takes all credibility from what ever argument you were trying to make - even if somewhere in there was a valid point.

Read up on what's going on, even if it bores the hell out of you. You have got to do your homework if you're trying to win the hearts and minds of the people. But I suppose this is pretty much what we ought to expect from Ann Coulter, it's been her shtick for years - making inflammatory comments that make headlines, and somehow the facts are lost in it all and become secondary. Fortunately this time she was called right out on it.