Wednesday, December 7, 2011

College football cornerback forgets to kneel after catching ball in the endzone

During the college football game between the Wofford Terriers and the Northern Iowa Panthers last Saturday, Wofford kick returner Stephon Shelton made a mistake that cost him the game.

After catching the ball during a kickoff return in the endzone, cornerback Shelton forgot to kneel down to end the play. It seemed to take a second for the Panthers to realized what happened but after the ball was bumped loose from Shelton's grasp it was fallen on and recovered by Northern Iowa's Phil Wright, #31. Instant touchdown for the Panthers.

One point of note in this play is right after Northern Iowa's Zach Cutkomp knocked the ball out of Shelton's hands. Shelton appears to act like Northern Iowa had just committed a foul, he throws his hands up in front of the ref as if to say "did you see that man?" At that moment Shelton hadn't realized the mistake he made and that there was a live ball on the ground behind him.

That's gotta be tough to make such a stupid mistake and cost your teammates the whole game. It happens to all of us though at various points in our lives. You can bet he won't be making that mistake anymore.

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