Friday, December 2, 2011

Wife of powerlifting champion Rickey Dale Crain arrested and facing child pornography charges

This is a very strange story. 48 year old Kimberly Crain, wife of powerlifting champion Rickey Dale Crain (currently the owner of Crain's Muscle World) and third grade teacher at McLoud Elementary in McLoud Oklahoma has been arrested and is facing possible child pornography charges. The investigation began when one of her third grade students reported that the teacher had her and 5 other female students dress in Christmas-themed lingerie during what was supposedly a Christmas tree decorating party at Crain's home. Pictures and video were taken of the girls in their underwear while they performed a "cheer dance" at Crain's request. Police have seized the images and say they are "sexual in nature".

If that isn't weird enough, authorities say while in the classroom the teacher would often have the kids speak to a man on Skype who was referred to as "Uncle G". She was also known to take pictures of the kids from time to time posing on their desks. Police are trying to find out who this "Uncle G" character is and if he was the recipient of any pictures or videos.


Shawnee police arrested Kimberly Crain yesterday after photos were retrieved from her cell phone.

"The things that these children were made to do can be explained in no other way than it was a sexual interest by Miss Crain."

Pottawatomie County District Attorney Richard Smothermon also told the News On 6 that she is behind bars because investigators consider her to be a major flight risk.

It has also been reported that a $1 million bond was set for Mrs. Crain.

Is Kimberly Crain a lone pedophile? Or was there someone else, "Uncle G" perhaps, guiding her actions.

Update: A civil suit has been filed in Pottawatomie County, OK naming both both Kimberly and Rickey Dale Crain. It's unclear what the details of that complaint are at this time as the suit has been sealed by a judge. Are Rickey Dale Crain and Uncle G one in the same?

Bonus: We found an article written by Rickey Dale Crain back in August entitled "America is a leaderless nation":
"We have a leaderless nation. President Obama, worse than Jimmy Carter, is now on par with perhaps our worst president, James Buchannan, a Democrat coincidentally, whose niece actually ran the country. The disastrous and nationally humiliating downgrade of our country’s credit rating, first in USA history, was not an inevitable consequence of uncontrollable misfortune."

Update 2: We now know who "Uncle G" is, and Kimberly Crain now faces 23 felony counts.

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