Thursday, December 1, 2011

Major fail for Ann Coulter

This is just embarrassing. Ann Coulter was on Real Time With Bill Maher back in July for a debate on politics and foreign policy. She had a question for Bill Maher: "What do you think about Libya and long as I have you here."

Bill Maher: What about them?

Coulter: Are you in favor of us intervening in these two countries that didn't hit us on 9-11 solely for purposes of regime change?

Maher: First of all I didn't think we were intervening in Egypt, are we?

Coulter: We did.

Maher: What did we do? What did we do in Egypt?

Newsflash: We did not intervene in Egypt, we did nothing militarily, which at the time was commonly talked about being that we supported Mubarak for years and now we were doing nothing at all while the chaos erupted.

It was almost the perfect fail/owned moment. Unfortunately the other guests started to chime in and talk about how we didn't intervene in Egypt. Even though they were correcting Ann Coulter it somehow took a bit of the sting away. It would have been much more satisfying to hear a full minute of dead silence after Bill Maher asked "What did we do in Egypt?".....

Her main point presumably was going to be something along the lines of this: liberals were so anti-war during the Bush administration, but now here we have Obama getting us involved in all these wars and the anti-war liberals are silent. There actually is a decent point to be made there, but you Republicans need to know your shit before you start spouting off. I don't know what's happened in the past decade or so but it's become fashionable with conservatives to not really know what's going on, Sarah Palin being the prime example of this. Playing dumb is not cute, actually being dumb is definitely not cute - it's just downright embarrassing and sad, and it takes all credibility from what ever argument you were trying to make - even if somewhere in there was a valid point.

Read up on what's going on, even if it bores the hell out of you. You have got to do your homework if you're trying to win the hearts and minds of the people. But I suppose this is pretty much what we ought to expect from Ann Coulter, it's been her shtick for years - making inflammatory comments that make headlines, and somehow the facts are lost in it all and become secondary. Fortunately this time she was called right out on it.

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