Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Dayton harass shoppers in Target during black friday

Wow this is just pathetic. We here at People Liking People can agree with the Occupiers on quite a few things but what the hell are you hoping to accomplish by screaming at customers in a Target store? Telling them that they should be ashamed of themselves for shopping at Target, really? Exactly where do you guys suggest we should shop instead? And you do realize that the people who shop at Target are the 99% that you claim to be representing, right?

This ranks right up there with PETA's unfocused antics. There are real serious cases of animal abuse going on in the world, but often their focus is on something ridiculous like Lobsters in restaurants and instead of bringing attention to a real cause they are attention-whoring themselves. Same with these folks. I suppose they are well-intentioned but instead of directing their efforts towards bringing about positive change, they're simply alienating the exact people who might otherwise support their cause.

The # of people in that Target store who were persuaded by the Occupiers that night: zero.

The # of people in that Target store who didn't really have an opinion on the movement before but are now squarely against it: probably most of them.

There's a right way to deliver a message and then there's this. You seem to take pride in the fact that you're a mostly leaderless organization but this is one case where it would have helped to have an adult in the room.

By the way, what's with the "microphone check" bullshit? Is this supposed to be some type of homage to Dr. Dre's Deeez nuts?

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