Thursday, November 3, 2011

2011 Album of the year: Cavalera Conspiracy - Blunt Force Trauma

I have to say, it's been a pretty shitty last decade in music and we're well into a new decade that doesn't seem any more promising. The amount of shitty albums you have to go through to find a gem takes so much effort that most give up in the process and just stick to the old stuff. 2011 did bring us one great album and it comes from Sepultura brothers Max & Igor Cavalera's new band "Cavalera Conspiracy". This is actually their second offering since the reunion, the first being "Inflikted", released in 2008.

Most metal bands from the 80s that are still releasing material have watered themselves down and are a parody of what they used to be. They're middle aged, raising kids, and just aren't as pissed off at the world as they used to be. But Cavalera Conspiracy's Blunt Force Tauma sounds very fresh, energetic and angry. The whole album is solid from start to finish and includes a cool cover of Black Sabbath's "Electric Funeral". Cavalera Conspiracy definitely delivers the goods here: there's no stupid parts that make you cringe, there's no filler and it just kicks your ass all the way through.

Max Cavalera has never been the most technical rhythm guitarist, and that doesn't really change much here. Usually in other bands I favor more sophisticated guitar work but Max just makes it work because his riffs are solid and he knows how to put together a good song. Plus he's got his Soulfly bandmate Marc Rizzo on lead guitar and he can really tear it up. Now during my first couple listens of the album I was kind of disappointed with some of the leads. They had the technicality to them, nice sweep picking shred stuff going on, but it didn't really seem to go anywhere. It was a bit too mindless for what I was hoping he'd play. But after several listens it's grown on me and it does go with the music pretty well. You can tell some solos are a lot more thought-out than others. Sometimes you just want to rock out for a moment, not every solo has to be a masterpiece.

Track Listing:

01. Warlord
02. Torture
03. Lynch Mob
04. Killing Inside
05. Thrasher
06. I Speak Hate
07. Target
08. Genghis Khan
09. Burn Waco
10. Rasputin
11. Blunt Force Trauma
12. Psychosomatic
13. Jihad Joe
14. Electric Funeral

Every metal fan should get themselves a copy of Blunt Force Trauma, you won't be disappointed.

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