Monday, November 7, 2011

Chicago Board of Trade Trolls Occupy Chicago

With all the bitching & moaning and tension surrounding the occupy movements lately it's nice to see someone still has a sense of humor about it all. This week during the Occupy Chicago protests occurring right outside the Chicago Board of Trade, traders dropped McDonalds applications down to the protesters below.

You know, we almost feel a little bad for these occupy protesters, it's like making fun of the kid with down syndrome. Their eyes probably lit right up when they saw applications raining down on them like they had just won the lottery, only to find out they were for McDonalds. The sad reality though is that even a job like flipping burgers is a little too complicated for many of these people. Maybe we could create some sort of job training boot camp to get these folks ready for the real world. We'll call it "getting kicked out of your parents' basement".

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