Monday, November 7, 2011

The Herman Cain Fiasco: Enter Gloria Allred

Well this just about ruins it for us. Gloria Allred has just entered the Herman Cain sexual harassment circus. Allred is representing Sharon Bialek, the fourth (is it the fourth? we lost count) woman to come forward and make allegations of sexual harassment against Mr. Cain. Earlier today Allred and Bialek spoke at a press conference, detailing Bialek's history with Herman Cain and speaking of the sexual harassment that supposedly took place back when Mr. Cain headed the National Restaurant Association.

Click here to view the full press conference from We had trouble getting through the whole bit. We've seen several Gloria Allred press conferences before this and there's always something very unsettling about them that makes us feel sick to our stomach. It's the way everything is so drawn out and it takes forever to just get to the goddamn point. And every tiny meaningless detail somehow becomes very important....he took his pencil....he looked at the piece of paper...he proceeded to write down his name, he paused for a moment. And then he wrote down a phone number, that belonged to him. *yawn* Just tell us he raped her already or whatever the fuck he did. Everything is a big soap opera with her.

The Young Turks did a segment on this earlier today:

It's hard to say where the truth lies at this point. But as Cenk from TYT says, anything that involves Gloria Allred immediately becomes suspect because she's basically a publicity whore, she thrives off this kind of shit. Remember how she went after Tiger Woods? And for what? He had a consensual relationship with a couple bimbo whores, whoopty do. Awww they felt so used and abandoned by him later :( cry me a goddamn river. What the fuck did you expect, you're fucking a married man. These aren't life and death situations here people, not everything requires a press conference. And really, I don't quite understand how what Gloria does doesn't fall into the category of blackmail and extortion. She is a shakedown artists. And I'm not speaking about Herman Cain at this point, for all I know the guy was fucking a different girl every night. But Gloria Allred has made a career out of shaking down men in hopes that they pay her to go away. How is that different from extortion? She's a lawyer right? But they did this whole press conference just to ask him to apologize? Really? Does it really take a lawyer and a press conference to ask someone to apologize?

Gloria Allred is the one you hire when you're a washed up whore trying to shake someone down and get publicity just like Johnnie Cochran is who you hire when you're guilty of murder. And just how does Gloria Allred always find herself in the midst of these ridiculous stories? Do these women actually seek her out or does she come to them?

We hope this whole fiasco wraps up soon because if we have to see much more of Gloria Allred we're going to gouge our eyes out with a spoon. Herman Cain just do what you gotta do: drop out of the race, pay her off... anything...just get it over with so we don't have to hear from this publicity scum-bitch any longer.

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