Thursday, November 3, 2011

Video released of Judge William Adams beating his daughter

Video has been released of Arkansas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams beating his teenage daughter back in 2004. Her big crime? Downloading some games and music off the internet. Video below, viewer discretion is advised.

He's clearly getting off on it, who would really get that mad over downloading music? He's using that as an excuse to be the monster that he is. CBS news is reporting that he's agreeing to take a paid leave since the release of this video. Ohh nice, a paid vacation.

Update: A friend of People Liking People has sent us his phone number and address. We can't confirm the validity of it yet but here it is:

Judge William Adams
717 N Magnolia St
Rockport, TX 78382-2828
Work Phone: (361) 790-0138  Fax: (361) 790-0185

Home Phone: (361) 729-3452

If anyone has any additional information please post it in the comments.

By the way, it turns out that the daughter recorded this and uploaded it herself. We just want to say that this girl is fucking awesome and it's a shame that her dad is such a piece of shit. She did the right thing by releasing this and exposing him for the creep that he is. He probably won't face any criminal consequences but hopefully the public shaming will be enough to provide at least a little bit of justice for how he treated her.

Update: The Huffington Post reports that Judge William Adams will not be facing charges due to the amount of time that has passed since the incident. The beating too place in 2004 and the statute of limitations has expired. It's unfortunate but we figured this would be the case. We're hoping that the amount of public shaming will be more than enough to at least offer some type of justice.

The Huffington Post is also reporting that Judge Wiliam Adams has issued a 3 page statement attacking his daughter and basically putting all the blame on her:

William Adams, 51, issued a three-page statement Thursday saying his daughter posted the clip to get back at him for telling her he would be reducing the amount of financial support he gives her and taking away her Mercedes. The statement did not include an apology for the beating.
You know what? We could really give a fuck. Even if she was shaking him down for 10 million dollars we still couldn't care less. And if that were the case we would applaud her for it because nothing can ever be done to reverse the pain he put his daughter through during her childhood. Of course, he's probably bullshitting but even if he isn't that doesn't really change anything at all. It speaks nothing of the issue at hand, which is child abuse. You are a creep and a monster and if you have any criticisms about what she does now, just look at who raised her you fucking dick.

This guy is sick. This isn't just punishing and it's not even just a beating. Judge William Adams gets off on dominating teenage girls and we wouldn't be surprised if he's a pedophile. Why was he so obsessed with whooping her behind? The rest of her body wouldn't cut it, he kept demanding that she bend over for him. Also note how he turned off the lights before he began. Btw you can't tell me anyone would really get that mad over downloading a few songs. I bet he was just looking for a chance every day to become outraged so he could exert his power while everyone in his family was scared shitless.

By the way, the daughter Hillary Adams appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and she is just a wonderful person. It really takes a lot of guts to come out with the video and go on television like that and she seems like a really strong woman.

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