Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mob of 50+ people shoftlift from 7-Eleven, caught on tape

From nbcwashington.com:

About 50 people simultaneously shoplifted from a Silver Spring, Md., 7-Eleven Saturday night.
Police stopped a group of six people ages 16-18 near Tech Road and Broadbirch Drive. Each had items from the 7-Eleven but no receipts, police said.
Well at least they got some of them, too bad it was only six. But even for six they caught, do you really think they'll get any kind of serious punishment? Every single one of these people should be locked up in jail for a very long time. Petty theft like this is considered a minor crime and the most punishment thieves can usually expect to get is a slap on the wrist. But anyone who steals crosses a very clear line, both legally and morally. It's not like someone who goes a little over the speed limit, and it's not a simple lapse in judgment. These people have made a conscious decision to disrespect others by taking things that clearly do not belong to them - they're taking money from other peoples pockets. Stealing a candy bar and a soda may not do much harm in the big scheme of things but it's very indicative of the mindset of the person who crosses that moral and legal line. Folks like this need to be eliminated from society for a long time.

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