Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catholic Church's "Child Abuse Officer" jailed for child porn

Serious question: is there anyone in the leadership of the Catholic Church who is not a pedophile? As if the past incidents with the priests molesting kids wasn't enough, we now learn that Roman Catholic "Child Abuse Officer" Christopher Jarvis has been jailed for 1 year on pornography charges.

From BBC News:

Christopher Jarvis, 49, was employed by the Diocese of Plymouth in Devon as a safeguarding co-ordinator in 2002.

But he was also compiling images of children, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

We're sure it was just for "research" and he just wanted to make sure he knew what he was dealing with.

It really makes you wonder though, what is it with church leadership and the high rate of pedophiles? The pedophile-to-normal-person ratio inside the church is probably like 100 times the national/world average. It's something that's made us curious for some time and it's sort of like the chicken and the egg puzzle: which came first, were these men normal but then became pedophiles after becoming priests? - or in this case, after becoming a "child abuse officer" in the church? Or were these people always pedophiles and went into the priesthood specifically to get access to children?

After much pondering, we believe we've come to an answer. Let's think about it for a moment, what type of person become a priest? The people who become priests are those who are the experts on the bible and their religion. They've spent their whole lives reading the bible and participating in church activities - it is their life. While everyone else is out having sex, drinking, playing sports, living life, having fun....these people are studying their bible. And what kind of person spends all their time growing up studying the bible? A person who is struggling with things in their life/mind and is looking for answers.

These guys obsessed over religion because they were struggling with their "demons". They knew something wasn't right and were trying to deal with it and solve their problem with religion. They learned everything they could and had the bible practically when it came time to find a new priest, who better to hire for the job than the guy who's the expert?

The problem is, the demons that drove them to search for answer, the initial struggles, they are still there beneath the surface. The problem has not been solved. But here they are now in a position of power with everyone looking up to him like he's the guy that has it all figured out. It's very similar to the people with mental issues that go into psychiatry - they go in trying to fix themselves, and end up later hurting others.

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