Saturday, November 5, 2011

The latest from Occupy Wall Street: child-baiting and sexual assault

Things seem to be headed towards a downward spiral for the Occupy protesters. They face a similar image problem the Tea-Partiers had: the struggle to prove to the world that they're not just a bunch of crazy lunatics, "we're just normal folks like you guys, see?". Unfortunately with such a large idiot/normal person ratio it's getting harder and harder to make that case.

First we have video of a woman using her child as a "shield" during an Occupy Washington DC event. This is really pathetic. There's a scuffle going on and somehow this toddler just so happens to get in the middle of it all. How convenient. And sure enough the lady is quick to proclaim how her baby was so terrible abused. I've seen better performances from soccer players.

Next we have a report on the tensions erupting between the homeless people in New York City and the protesters who are camping out in the homeless people's domain. Included are a few accounts of sexual assault.

Looks like this movement is off to a great start.

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