Sunday, November 27, 2011

Motive believed to be robbery in Craigslist killings

This whole story is really strange. So far 2 dead bodies have been found, and another man was shot but fortunately managed to escape. The 3 men all answered a posting on Craigslist, an opportunity to make some easy money living on a farm. There was no such farm, and the men were lead to property owned by a coal company that was often leased to hunters. As the men were told they would be moving to the farm to live, they brought all of their belongings with them. All a robbery scheme. But who could be so cold hearted as to kill random people just to take their stuff? And the perpetrators were preying on people who were down on their luck to begin with. How could anyone think it would be worth killing people just for a few boxes of their belongings and maybe a little cash? How long would that last someone, about a week? Then it's off to the next killing?

If evil does exist these people are it. And the story gets even stranger as we find out who the suspects are: 52 year old
"mentor" and church-goer Richard Beasley and 16 year old Brogan Rafferty, one of the kids Beasley was mentoring. ABC affiliate WEWS spoke to Richard Beasley's mother and she spoke highly of her son, adding that he would take Brogan fishing, play video games, and deliver food for the needy. Evidently they also spent time scheming up robbery murder plots.

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