Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Woman tries to burn off son's tattoo, gets arrested

Well, at least her heart was in the right place. Monica Cantu's 13 year old son had gotten a tattoo between his thumb and pointer finger. Understandably upset, she preceded to attempt to burn it off using a lighter. When that failed, she then turned to the stove where she cranked up the heat while forcing her son to put his hand on it.

From kxan.com:

A Round Rock mother was arrested Monday for allegedly trying to burn a tattoo off her 13-year-old son's left hand by placing it on a stovetop burner.
Cantu is charged with injury to a child and held on $7,500 bond.
We're not quite sure if it's possible to actually burn a tattoo off but at the very least it'll probably make the kid think twice about getting another tattoo. And no doubt it was likely some stupid gang wanna-be tattoo that looked ridiculous. Kudos for mom trying to do the right thing, unfortunately she sort of fell into the "child abuse" category with this action in the eyes of the law.

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