Friday, January 25, 2013

Auto Mechanic Business Owner Humiliates Employee and Opens Himself Up To Liability

Nobody wants to employ a drug addicted parasite to their business, especially if you're running an operation like an autobody shop where you need to be on your game and not fuck up. So when the following video was posted, which shows a business owner dressing down and firing an employee over drug use, everyone cheered and patted the owner on the back like we just scored one for the good guys.

The manager who goes by the screen name "stevepitbull" on Youtube berates and humiliates the employee for being a drug addict. This could have been settled in a much more professional manner, but Steve decided to make a big display for the benefit and entertainment of the audience and to the abasement of the worker.

This is all fun and all, but we really have no idea of whether or not this guy is in fact a drug addict. In the video, you can hear the employee say he does take pain medication for a health issue. If he is legitimately taking his medication as prescribed and legitimately does have a real heath issue, this manager is opening himself up to a disability discrimination suit, at the very least. It's bad enough firing someone on those terms without knowing for sure, it's another thing altogether to post it online for the world to see. Whether or not the kid is really a drug user, at the end of the day this has to be one of the dumbest management moves by a small business owner we've ever seen. This video has been on Youtube for about a year now, and we suspect that now that it's getting a shitload of attention, some lawyers are going to be interested in tracking this kid down. It's possible we're passed the statute of limitations though, and if that's true, that's a shame.

Steve has a portfolio of clips on Youtube illustrating his tough guy demeanor with customers and those he works with, taking pride in the fact that he tells it like it is and doesn't give a shit whose feelings are hurt. But we've seen this routine before and it's getting pretty stale and boring at this point. He's attempted to get a reality show going where cameras follow him around all day at work demonstrating his straight talk style and big shot attitude. Just what we need, another attention whoring asshole.