Sunday, April 28, 2013

Georgia Police set up drop off locations where folks can get rid of their old medication


Savannah area police and sheriff's deputies say they rounded more than 200 pounds of expired and unwanted drugs as part of a national sweep.

Authorities say residents turned up at police precincts with everything from a single prescription bottle to bags full of drugs to turn them over to authorities with no questions asked.

That's a good idea, we're going to set up one of these "bring your old drugs here so we can destroy them" booths ourselves and take pills from old ladies all day long. Just think of all the goodies you'd score by the end of the day, we'd be like kids on halloween going through our bags.

I can't believe this actually works and people actually bring in their pills. Have they not heard of the trash? Yeah, I'm sure drug addicts are just combing over landfills looking for thrown away pills. And even if they were, it's still not worth it to go out of your way to some center to dispose of your pills. This is nothing but "feel like we're doing something" bullshit. The only people who bring in their old pills are the ones who would never abuse them or give them to others in the first place. It's not stopping one person from popping pills or taking the wrong medication. And can we really trust that the police are really just going to dispose of them all? I know I wouldn't.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mother makes a fool out of her kids by posting video of them after dental procedure

Do these idiots really think acting like this is cute? Nobody is going to convince us that they really believe they don't have teeth or that the girl really thinks her brother has a tampon in his mouth. They're feeling the effects of the anesthesia sure, but they're playing it up to be cute and get attention from their mom, which is pretty damn pathetic considering how old they are. We get it, you feel a little loopy, it happens to all of us. Stop acting like a 3-year-old, it's not cute when you're almost an adult.

The mother is just as pathetic for thinking she'd be able to cash in on such a stupid video, like it was going to be the next David after the dentist video or something. David was a little kid so it made sense for him to act like a little kid. Yours are just an embarrassment.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston bombing hero: what about the woman?

Everyone's talking about the hero in the cowboy hat, Carlos Arredondo, but what about the Asian woman that's actually pushing the wheelchair? She's a hero too and deserves recognition as well. Of course, all of the responders do, but if you're going to make a hero out of someone based on this picture, how about choosing the one actually doing the most work?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Annoying lady Candace Brubaker uploads video of her husband getting arrested to show "police brutality," makes ass out of herself and husband

There's always been police brutality in the United States, as well as around the rest of the world. In this day and age though everyone has a camera with them, which is great because things that would have been covered up in the past are now seeing the light of day, and the public is forcing government workers to abide by their own policy. We're for that 100% and we always want police and government actions to be right out in the open.

Candace Brubaker thought she had one of those situations the other day, when she saw her husband getting arrested in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Unfortunately for her and her husband Jeremy Anderson of Mechanicsburg, Pa, it wasn't an act of police brutality at all. Instead, it was a display of her husband being a drunk idiot and her a whiny little bitch. The police were simply trying to arrest Mr. Anderson while Candace and Jeremy continued to act like spoiled children. "Wahhh this isn't right waaah can't I take him home?" No, dumbass. When you commit a crime, you get arrested and go to jail, you don't get to go home with you wife. The police had to tell Candace Brubaker repeatedly to stop interfering and that no, she couldn't just take him home. Most 5 year olds have better listening skills than both Candace Brubaker and Jeremy Anderson combined.

Check out the video below:
And the most frightening thing is that Candace says she's pregnant. We're doomed. I don't even want to know what happens when the two stupidest people in the world get together and have a child. God help us all.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Members of Congress express concern over Jay-Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba


Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart have written a letter to Adam Szubin, director of the United States’ Office of Foreign Assets Control, seeking information on the type of licence the pair of stars received for their travel to Cuba.

US citizens are permitted to travel to Cuba only under certain licences, such as people-to-people travel or educational endeavours.

Really guys? In this day and age we're still caring about Cuba and our embargo against them? Even if we were at active war with a country, which we're not with Cuba, but even then, U.S. citizens should be free to travel to whatever country they damn well please, at their own risk of course. But our cold relationship with Cuba is one of the most embarrassing situations for the U.S. over the last 50 years. Of all the problems going on in the world, some tiny ass island off the coast of Florida is somehow one of the biggest threats justifying our hatred and barring of all relations. Just because our government doesn't like their government, the well-meaning people of both sides are prevented from interacting with each other, from trading with each other, and even from seeing each other.

It all boils down to a bad decision years ago, and the continuance of that bad decision, all because we don't want to admit we made a mistake. So we double down on it and pretend we're doing the right thing. It's time to admit that we made a mistake and move forward, the embargo hasn't done a damn thing of good for either side, and continuing it and pretending like we're achieving something with it isn't going to save face one bit.

The two said that, because Cuba’s tourism industry is “wholly state-owned,” “US dollars spent on Cuban tourism directly fund the machinery of oppression that brutally represses the Cuban people.”

Complete bullshit. If the Cubans traded with the U.S. they'd probably be more open to ideas of change and freedom, but since we've neglected them, we've done nothing to help their situation. Do these idiots really think we're helping them by blocking travel and trade? 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mentally deficient Marine Sgt Joshua Brightman's embarrassing hissy fit captured on video

There's a "road rage" video making the rounds lately and it features a Marine, Joshua Brightman spazzing out at a driver following a minor accident. Watch the video below:

Our thoughts go out to Brightman's family - it's bad enough having a family member who just quite isn't all there mentally, it's another to have it captured on video for the world to see. Great job on the part of the passengers in the truck who recorded the video, it takes a very strong person to remain calm and collected in the face of a clown not dealing with a full deck. Which is why this is all the more devastating for the Brightman family: Pendleton Marine "Sgt" Joshua Brightman, of the Echo Company Second Platoon Second Squad was supposed to be a leader, someone to be respected in the community. That has all been shattered now with his family members left to try to pick up the pieces.

We can only hope Joshua will now get the treatment he so so desperately needs - far, far away from civilized society. Whether it's a result of lack of attention growing up, or something in the genes, some people never seem to grow out of the toddler mentality.

It has been reported by San Diego 6 that following the incident, Joshua Brightman was cited and detained.