Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mentally deficient Marine Sgt Joshua Brightman's embarrassing hissy fit captured on video

There's a "road rage" video making the rounds lately and it features a Marine, Joshua Brightman spazzing out at a driver following a minor accident. Watch the video below:

Our thoughts go out to Brightman's family - it's bad enough having a family member who just quite isn't all there mentally, it's another to have it captured on video for the world to see. Great job on the part of the passengers in the truck who recorded the video, it takes a very strong person to remain calm and collected in the face of a clown not dealing with a full deck. Which is why this is all the more devastating for the Brightman family: Pendleton Marine "Sgt" Joshua Brightman, of the Echo Company Second Platoon Second Squad was supposed to be a leader, someone to be respected in the community. That has all been shattered now with his family members left to try to pick up the pieces.

We can only hope Joshua will now get the treatment he so so desperately needs - far, far away from civilized society. Whether it's a result of lack of attention growing up, or something in the genes, some people never seem to grow out of the toddler mentality.

It has been reported by San Diego 6 that following the incident, Joshua Brightman was cited and detained.

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  1. I noticed that he made no attempt to break the window of the truck in order to get at his victim. Apparently, he knows what he can and cannot get away with in spite of suffering from one of those alphabet soup disorders so many criminals suffer from these days.