Sunday, April 14, 2013

Annoying lady Candace Brubaker uploads video of her husband getting arrested to show "police brutality," makes ass out of herself and husband

There's always been police brutality in the United States, as well as around the rest of the world. In this day and age though everyone has a camera with them, which is great because things that would have been covered up in the past are now seeing the light of day, and the public is forcing government workers to abide by their own policy. We're for that 100% and we always want police and government actions to be right out in the open.

Candace Brubaker thought she had one of those situations the other day, when she saw her husband getting arrested in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Unfortunately for her and her husband Jeremy Anderson of Mechanicsburg, Pa, it wasn't an act of police brutality at all. Instead, it was a display of her husband being a drunk idiot and her a whiny little bitch. The police were simply trying to arrest Mr. Anderson while Candace and Jeremy continued to act like spoiled children. "Wahhh this isn't right waaah can't I take him home?" No, dumbass. When you commit a crime, you get arrested and go to jail, you don't get to go home with you wife. The police had to tell Candace Brubaker repeatedly to stop interfering and that no, she couldn't just take him home. Most 5 year olds have better listening skills than both Candace Brubaker and Jeremy Anderson combined.

Check out the video below:
And the most frightening thing is that Candace says she's pregnant. We're doomed. I don't even want to know what happens when the two stupidest people in the world get together and have a child. God help us all.


  1. Fast forward 5 months later. Evidently after an altercation at home, he's dead and she's arrested. She ran over him with her mini-van and fled the scene. She left tire tracks on him. Of course because she's so stupid she is now caught and arrested. These two certainly did deserve each other. Now it's another needless tragedy.

  2. Yeah, she killed him.