Saturday, May 23, 2009

The one person we simply cannot like: Sgt. Robert McFarland

We here at People Liking People try to like all types of people, but unfortunately we've just stumbled upon one person with absolutely no likable qualities. We like to think that every person on this planet has something to contribute to society, but there are always exceptions to every rule. This person is Sgt. Robert McFarland, a very poor excuse for a human being, and right now at this very moment is using up air that others could be breathing.

Sgt. Robert McFarland is a 911 operator with the Lincoln Park Police Department. Now we've all heard 911 audio tapes where the operator clearly is making the situation worse by being on some sort of power trip instead of doing his job as a public servant by making sure a person in need gets the help required. But this guy Robert McFarland takes the cake. He goes above and beyond what it takes to be the worst possible person you'd ever want assisting the public in emergency situations.

Watch the video clip below, including the audio from the 911 call:

The fact that this guy still has a job is mindboggling. I wouldn't trust this guy to make my fries at McDonalds, let alone take calls from people in distress who need help fast.

We here at People Liking People are on a mission to get him fired, and we hope you are too. Please alert everyone you know that this worthless human being is still the guy people have to go through to get help.

Lincoln Park, Michigan contacts:

Chief of Police, Thomas Karnes
(313) 381-1800

City Manager,Steve Duchane
(313) 386-1800 EX 231

Police Department
1427 Cleophus
Lincoln Park MI 48146

Mayor Frank Vaslo

Councilperson Mario Disanto

City Clerk Donna Breeding

Michigan Senators:

Levin, Carl

Stabenow, Debbie