Sunday, April 28, 2013

Georgia Police set up drop off locations where folks can get rid of their old medication


Savannah area police and sheriff's deputies say they rounded more than 200 pounds of expired and unwanted drugs as part of a national sweep.

Authorities say residents turned up at police precincts with everything from a single prescription bottle to bags full of drugs to turn them over to authorities with no questions asked.

That's a good idea, we're going to set up one of these "bring your old drugs here so we can destroy them" booths ourselves and take pills from old ladies all day long. Just think of all the goodies you'd score by the end of the day, we'd be like kids on halloween going through our bags.

I can't believe this actually works and people actually bring in their pills. Have they not heard of the trash? Yeah, I'm sure drug addicts are just combing over landfills looking for thrown away pills. And even if they were, it's still not worth it to go out of your way to some center to dispose of your pills. This is nothing but "feel like we're doing something" bullshit. The only people who bring in their old pills are the ones who would never abuse them or give them to others in the first place. It's not stopping one person from popping pills or taking the wrong medication. And can we really trust that the police are really just going to dispose of them all? I know I wouldn't.


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