Saturday, June 1, 2013

We're Calling BS on The Tornado Hunt 2013 Vehicles Caught in the Tornado Story

This picture along with the story that several of the vehicles manned by the "Weather Channel Tornado Hunt Team" were damaged and in one particular instance thrown 200 yards, are making the rounds lately. Everyone survived, with only minor injuries. "What we were trying to do was just get away from it and get to the south side of it. But what ended up happening was all three of our vehicles that we chase with were all hit by it," says Meteorologist Mike Bettes.

How convenient. The tornado hunt vehicles getting caught in a tornado. Is that ironic? Obvious? It seems a little too perfect for the Weather Channel, who is now trying to milk these pictures and the story for all they're worth.

So where's the video of all this from inside? Oh, there is none? You mean 3 tornado hunt vehicles are driving around and actually find themselves in the middle of a tornado, and somehow not one of them catches it on video? So far all we have is a couple pictures of a beat up vehicle prominently displaying the Tornado Hunt logo.

Take a look at this wider shot where it almost looks like someone just parked it a little off the road. There's cars driving by that appear to be having no problem, while the Tornado Hunt vehicle is all by itself with no other vehicles that had been tossed.


Could this turn out to have actually happened? Maybe, but for now we're calling BS. Looks like a stunt.

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