Friday, November 11, 2011

Update on pervert child beater Judge William Adams

Good news: a district judge has granted a temporary restraining order against the perverted teen-daughter-ass-whipping Judge William Adams. The daughter in the video that was released a few weeks back is now 23 and has since moved out but there is a current custody battle involving Judge William Adams and Hallie Adams' 10 year old daughter. The temporary restraining order comes after Hallie Adams's attorney filed a motion with an affidavit detailing a history of emotional and physical abuse along with substance abuse as well.


The court filings seek to terminate William Adams' access to the younger daughter.

The filing by attorney Brett Pritchard includes a motion seeking to force Judge Adams to undergo testing for illegal drug use. A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 21 in Aransas County. The temporary order was signed by Judge Kemper Stephen Williams of the 135th Judicial District in Victoria.

So not only is this judge a perverted child abuser but he evidently has a drug problem as well. We look forward to seeing if Judge Adams is forced to undergo drug testing and what the results will be if so. This monster should not be anywhere near a position of authority, whether in a court or as a parent. In addition to drug tests, we think it would be interesting to take a look at what he has on his hard drive on his computer. Perhaps there's a reason he was so "touchy" regarding his daughter's usage on it years ago.

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