Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Toughest job in America right now: being a police officer on the front lines of the Occupy protests

We've been trying to stay up to date on the latest happenings with the Occupy movement and follow their progress (or downfall, whichever it ends up being). We've been going through a lot of their footage lately and we've come to a conclusion: the toughest job in America right now is being a cop on the front lines of the Occupy movement. Holly shit these occupy people are fucking annoying, see the video below:

I'm not sure we'd be able to make it 1 hour dealing with these clowns, let alone one full 8 hour shift. The constant screaming, crying, fits of outrage, and shit-talking, all the while as an officer you'd have to keep your composure and act like a professional public servant. Fuck that. Unless the police chief is giving out handfuls of Xanax before each shift, I'll pass.

Occupy people: you guys have a decent message. Stop going full retard, turn it down a few notches. The police officers are just doing their job. Every protest must follow some rules to keep the peace, and the officers have gone out of their way to make these ground rules clear so things remain peaceful. But unfortunately you have a bunch of clowns who pretend not to know the rules and then act surprised when they get arrested. The cops could care less about "protecting the man" or "working for the bankers". They're there to keep the peace and make sure simple rules are followed. If you work with the police, the police will work with you. if you go full retard, well...the results are shown in the video. Stop embarrassing yourselves and get your shit together. To compare this to the protests in the 60s is a huge insult to the Vietnam war protesters. You guys aren't even close.

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