Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rap battle gone wrong - full version

This video has been kicking around on the internet in various forms for a few years now and even made it to truTV. But in most cases it's been butchered to hell, only showing you half of what went down or mixing in lame commentary.

This right here is what the internet was made for folks, it doesn't get any better than this. What was supposed to go down as just your typical neighborhood rap battle ended up with one guy laying on the ground knocked out. The guy who ended up getting knocked out seemed like the odd man out here, everyone else seemed to know each other. Halfway through he started acting strange - taking his shirt off and giving away his watch and hat. The camera guy, realizing that the guy wasn't "playing with a full deck", tried to be merciful and demanded that his watch be given back to him. It would have been over at this point but the other battler wanted to show him "how we do it in the Carter". Evidently down in the Carter, getting sucker punched and your ass handed to you is a neighborhood pastime.

Is it just us or is it a little odd that all these people who look to be in their 30s are hanging out in the neighborhood scrapping like little kids? Aren't they a little too old for this crap? I won't complain though because it gave us one of them most hilarious videos in internet history.

Bonus, another rap battle gone wrong:

I gotta say, that was kind of a dick move though by the guy on the left at the end. He was the one that was getting up into the other guy's face, not the other way around. But perhaps he ran out of things to say and this was an easy way to wrap things up and make it look like he won. What's next, Slim Jesus and Darnix-E? Put it this way, if we can get rappers battling each other like this on video, it'll be entertaining for the whole family, whether or not you like rap. Just try to keep your pants up because little Jessica might be watching.

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