Thursday, November 10, 2011

Woman has face melted off during meth explosion, continues producing meth

If there were ever a good reason to not do drugs, or meth in particular at the very least, one need not look any further than Heather Raybon.

This is a picture of Heather Raybon back in 2003, who at this time was a very attractive young woman. A year later she was in a "drug den", most likely a meth manufacturing lab, when it blew up and permanently scarred her face.

Below is a picture of Ms. Raybon in 2006 after the incident:

This goes beyond most of the faces of meth picture comparisons we've seen and is very tragic. A woman's life completely ruined all because she got involved in what is arguably the worst drug possible. It gets even sadder though: Ms. Raybon has recently been busted for manufacturing meth again.


The 31-year-old had been permanently scarred when a drug den blew up in 2004 but even with her face left a distorted, melted mask she couldn't keep away from the addictive drug.

In the latest incident, narcotic detectives found materials and ingredients to cook up crystal meth, along with 13 grams of meth powder and 32 grams of meth oil. There was such a strong risk of explosion from the one-pot lab that police called the fire department to safely neutralize it.

Now the first thing a lot of people might be thinking is this: how could someone go back to the very drug that caused such a horrific injury? But think about it, if you looked like that, what would you do? I'd want to kill myself personally, or at least escape from the world as much as I could and I'd never want to face reality. And that's often the downward spiral these addicts find themselves in: they use the drugs to escape at first, then the drugs ruin their lives even more, and then they're using the drugs to forget about how ruined their lives are....which was caused by the drugs in the first place.

When we see these faces of meth pictures we always wonder: how good must that high be to be able to look at yourself every day deteriorating and then continue doing it? To look in the mirror and see some hideous being that looks like it belongs in a horror movie, and say to yourself "eh it ain't that bad, everything's cool...let's get high today". That's gotta be some high...but no high is worth this.

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  1. This is horrendous. It's so sad what happened to her. I wonder if she works now or lives with her parents. How does she make a living? I ask because I wonder how could she function after what she went through. She'd be better off in jail. Hope she gets some help and possibly more surgery to help improve it a bit more for her.