Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FBI leaks documents, pictures, and videos of Russian spies

Well this is kinda cool. The FBI has just released documents, photos, and video footage of the failed Russian spies that were in the U.S. for years trying to blend in and rub shoulders with influential/powerful people. These people led fairly normal lives while they were here - they raised families, worked 9-5 jobs and tended to their gardens. You know, I wonder if some of them went into the gig with the mission of spying, but once they got here and away from Russia they said fuck it let's make a life for ourselves here and we'll pretend to spy every once in a while so our handlers back home think we're actually doing something spy-like. I mean let's face it, living in Russia probably sucks donkey balls. You can't help but wonder if the spies might have wished they were the real life citizens they were pretending to portray.

Click here to go to the FBI's Vault portal, you can find the documents here, pictures here, and videos here. Today I learned that the FBI actually has their own Youtube channel, how fucking cool is that?

A dead drop or dead letter box is a method of espionage tradecraft used to pass items between two individuals by using a secret location and thus does not require them to meet directly. Using a dead drop permits a Case Officer and his Agent to exchange objects and information while maintaining operational security.

This has gotta be pretty embarrassing for the Russians. They thought they were being so sneaky and we were on to them the whole time, quietly monitoring and filming their every move. We should have fed them some ridiculous misinformation to troll the hell out of them.

You have to wonder why the FBI is releasing these pictures and videos now. I'm glad they are, but is this some kind of subtle power move in the game of chess with Russia? To rub it in a little how badly they fucked up?

Anyways...Russia needs to know their role. They seem to think they're like another United States in the world, the second super power. Reality check: you guys are just another third world country and are not relevant at all. Try focusing on building greatness within instead of sending out spies to see what everyone else is doing and you might actually get somewhere.

How Russia sees themselves:

The Reality:

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