Friday, December 9, 2011

KEYC anchor slurs her way through the news

Mankato Minnesota's KEYC started off the news segment as usual but something seemed a bit off with anchor Annie Stensrud. See if you notice anything odd:

Slurring words? Check. No Bra? Check. Fucked out of her mind? Check. reports that Stensrud is still employed with the station and KEYC has issued this statement:
“Even though we work in a very public business, personnel issues need to remain private–and that’s exactly what this is."
We kinda feel bad for the woman. We checked out some of her previous broadcasts and she's actually a really good anchor & reporter. Was she a little intoxicated during the latest news report? Probably. Does that make her a bad person? No. There may be more to the story here and we shouldn't be so quick to judge, and at this time her employer seems to be sticking by her side. Let's hope she's able to work through this and get her shit together.

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