Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update on the Kimberly Crain panty party story: we now know who "Uncle G" is

We wrote about this story back on December 2 where Kimberly Crain, 3rd grade teacher and wife of powerlifting champion Rickey Dale Crain, was arrested after forcing 5 of her female 3rd grade students to dress in lingerie during what was supposed to be a Christmas decorating party at her house. There were some odd details in the story that made it seems as if she wasn't alone in the act and may have been working at the request of someone the kids knew as "Uncle G". Students in her class reported that Kimberly Crain would often have the students webcam chat over Skype in class to an "Uncle G" and it was said that she would often take pictures of the students as well, posing on tables. During the Christmas decorating episode, the teacher videotaped the girls in their underwear while having them do a "cheer dance".

Shawnee OK's reports today that both Kimberly Crain and Uncle G - who we now know is Gary Joseph Doby of Bloomsburg, Pa, have been charged with 23 felony counts (23 to Crain and 9 counts to Doby).
As Crain was making a court appearance in Shawnee Thursday morning, a co-defendant, identified as Gary Joseph Doby, 65, of Bloomsburg, Pa. was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police. Bloomsburg is a town of around 14,800 people.

Doby reportedly is a professor who previously taught in the 1980s at Oklahoma Baptist University.

There's definitely more to this story than just the Christmas party incident, we will be updating as more information surfaces.

Update: Oklahoma City's KWTV has more: there were reportedly hidden cameras within the classroom, including an area covered by a curtain where the students were told to undress. Also, Crain initially met Gary Doby while she was a student at Oklahoma Baptist University and Doby was a professor.

Sick: Gary Doby teaches (or used to anyway) "early childhood education" at Bloomsburg University. Check out his ratemyprofessors page.

You gotta wonder if he wasn't having any other teachers doing this. This isn't some random pervert that met Kimberly Crain online, this is someone who teaches teachers before they become teachers and probably knows and stays in touch with hundreds of current teachers. Hopefully the police are looking through his computer as we speak.

More info on Gary Doby:

phone # (570) 384-4180
Address: 40 Seiwell Ln Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Check out Professor Gary Doby's profile on Yahoo answers: he's answered quite a few questions, like: "Is there anything wrong with a guy wanting to be hit in the balls?" His answer? "well, now, it depends: by a girl; enjoy it; do it!"

Update 2: Scranton, PA local news channel WNEP interviews Gary Doby as he's carried away in handcuffs.

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  1. I've known this person since '76 and I never would have believed it.