Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hamilton County Ohio Police officer Justin Lunsford caught masturbating, peeking into windows, and shitting in parking lot

Wow the fetishes some people have these days! Meet now-former police officer Justin Lunsford.

Mr. Lunsford was caught on video peeking into windows and masturbating, and shitting and pissing in the parking lot at Parkside Inn, a motel in Monroe, Ohio. Gross!


According to a police report, Lunsford was stopped Nov. 30 after patrons at Parkside Inn on Hamilton-Middletown Road reported seeing a man in a white hooded sweatshirt, naked from the waist down, urinating and defecating in the parking lot.
Justin Lunsford immediately resigned after being charged with voyeurism and public indecency.

What an embarrassment to himself, the police force, and the community. But one really has to wonder, how was this goofball ever hired on as an officer to begin with? You can just take one look at Justin and know something isn't right with the guy. We're not sure if it's the retard eyes or the stupid facial hair thing he has going on but someone is definitely not playing with a full deck here. I wouldn't trust him to make my fries at McDonalds (Lunsford's sanitary problems aside) let alone have him out there with a badge and a gun.

One of the more amusing bits about this story is Lunsford's friend Anita Watson-short from The Connor Group who has been going out of her way on the comment sections of all the articles about this story to defend her friend in an effort to make it seem like the guy's not a total mental case. That's one of the great things about the internet today and most sites' integration with Facebook: whenever something like this happens the friends and family come out of the woodwork to defend them from the rest of us who "just don't understand".

You want to associate yourself with a guy who masturbates while peering into the windows of a hotel and then proceeds to squeeze out a turd in a parking lot? Have at it Hoss, but if that's the type of person you call a good guy you may want to re-evaluate your standards. One day he might just pull down his pants and poop on you too.

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