Friday, December 9, 2011

Donald Trump's debate: will it be cancelled?

Media-whore blowhard Donald Trump was scheduled to host the Republican debate co-sponsored by Newsmax on Dec. 27th. Announced with much excitement during a joint conference with Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich, it was supposed to be a must-see event. Now the pieces are crumbling and it looks like it may not go down at all. In the beginning Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman put out a statement saying they would not be attending the debate. At first it seemed like a bad move for those candidates - they're polling towards the bottom and really can't afford to not be seen. But other candidates have followed suit and now they're down to only 2 candidates that have confirmed they'll attend: Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Are Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum enough to make it a worthwhile debate? Or will they just can the whole thing altogether?

The whole thing has been a disaster from the start. Republicans need to get serious and they need to quit being so goddamn stupid by following celebrity whores like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. If you think those people are good leaders for the Republican party you need to wake the fuck up. They have no interest in serving to help this nation, they're self promoters who hop on bandwagons to feed their careers.

I'll be honest, deep down I wanted to see this. It was certainly going to be a train wreck that would be hard not to watch. But I also know nothing truly good will come out of it. It's cheap entertainment at a time where we need serious solutions, not sideshow distractions.

Hopefully this whole event will get canned and Donald Trump and the Republican party can both realize that neither of them are a good fit for the other. Shame on all those out there who think he has a serious role to play in politics, you've definitely been punked.

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