Friday, December 2, 2011

Boyfriend & girlfriend ghetto brawl in the street

Calling it a brawl may be a bit of a stretch, as most of the time was spent with girlfriend Tiffany sitting on her man, refusing to let him up.

It's hard to say exactly what sparked this confrontation but it appears that the boyfriend is the type of guy that likes to hit women and Tiffany finally got fed up with it and turned the tables on him. While we began watching this it wasn't quite clear at first who to root for, is this guy really a woman beater or is Tiffany just a big bitch? We were actually starting to side with the guy, empathizing with his frustration of not being able to get up (actually we were torn between that and wanting to see the cops show up so he could get busted for drugs). He then began begging and pleading, promising not to hit her.

That empathizing came to an abrupt stop at the end when Tiffany let him up, and he preceded to start punching her in the face. What an asshole.

Hitting women in the first place is never cool, but this guy has shit for brains trying to hit on Tiffany who is twice his size and can easily pin him to the ground.

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