Friday, March 4, 2011

Fake Insurance Company Gives Itself Agent of the Month Award

We continue our investigation into Wise Health Insurance (aka Stephen Austin Insurance), which appears to be an operation where they do mass spamming to lure unsuspecting victims to their site where they gather personal information.

They list 700 Lavaca Street Austin, Texas 78701 as their address, it's a business office with accountants and law firms. We've learned that the Texas Secretary of State has no records of any current or past entities with names similar to "Stephen Austin Insurance Company" or "Wise Health Insurance." They've also ran a scam offering a weight loss diet (Hypersonic Weight Loss) that turned out to be pretty shady.

We happened to be looking through the website for "Stephen Austin Insurance" and found that they have a "find an agent" page. Guess what "agent" they recommend? It's no other than Wise Health Insurance. Wise Health insurance is the same operation as Stephen Austin Insurance, so he's recommending himself. What's even more amusing is he gave himself the "Best Agent of The Month" Award. But it's for October 2010 and we're now into March 2011. Basically he's trying to legitimize Wise Health Insurance by referencing it favorably on another site that he owns. He apparently did this back in October and forgot to update it. We're wondering if that's really a picture of him or if it's a stock photo he found somewhere.

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