Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alabama Deaths: Judge Orders Meds IV To Preserve Evidence

Shelby County Circuit Judge Conwill has just ordered Meds IV to preserve any evidence related to the nutrition IVs linked to the 9 deaths in Alabama. The order came after Baptist Health Systems filed a lawsuit earlier today.


Conwill issued a temporary restraining order that requires parties involved with the company to preserve the evidence after Baptist Health System and Shelby Baptist Medical Center filed a lawsuit Wednesday evening in Shelby Circuit Court.

The hospital system says in its suit that it had attempted to contact the Meds IV to ask it to preserve the evidence, but had not gotten a response. Cingroranelli is identified in the suit as the owner of the company, while Rogers is identified as its president.

Interesting. Kudos to Baptist Health systems for filing this suit. It appears that Meds IV are hiding under their desks. Someone needs to step in and take action on-sight to make sure no evidence is destroyed immediately. Also, we see now that Tim Rogers is the president, and a man named Edward Cingoranelli is the owner. Cingoranelli...we've heard that name before. Ah yes, MedworksRx, the company Tim Rogers listed in his LinkedIn profile as being a partner, is owned by Anthony Cingoranelli. It's starting to look like Meds IV, MedworksRx, and possibly PalliRx are run by all the same people. And then there's the connection to Advanced Specialty Pharmacy, where Tim Rogers is a co-founder with William Rodgers.

Update 1:

Ok, Anthony Cingoranelli and Edward Cingoranelli are the same person. His full name is Edward Anthony Cingoranelli. Mr Cingoranelli is also listed as a principle for Advanced Specialty Pharmacy.

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