Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chile's Miners Ask Media to Leave Them Alone

Here's an article from about the mine workers asking for some breathing room from the media after their big rescue. Understandable, of course. From our skeptical position though, these excerpts are worth noting:
The miners plan to write a book about their experience and have agreed to keep details of their ordeal among themselves for now, Illanes said. “I am party to the idea of maintaining this as a state secret,” he said.
Or... it could be that it would be disastrous for all 33 miners to start talking to the media and NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP THE SAME STORY STRAIGHT. State secret, eh?

So far, the rescued miners haven’t told the full story of the first 17 days before they were discovered alive. The men made a pact about what they will make public and what will remain private, said Illanes.

Ah yes... this "pact" we keep hearing about.

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