Saturday, October 16, 2010

People Liking People: Koran Burning Nov. 25th

Folks, it is with great excitement that we announce what should be without question a dramatic and exciting ceremony. On November 25th Thanksgiving day, People Liking People will be holding a Koran burning event. While the rest of the country will be celebrating and giving thanks to others and getting together with family members to eat turkey, we'll be setting copies of the Koran on fire.

We will be broadcasting this event live for all of our fans and followers to join in on the fun. We're still working out a concrete schedule, but we're looking at around 3:00pm eastern time to begin the initial ceremony and then around 3:45 the actual burning of the Koran will begin. More details to come, but stay tuned and be sure to mark this on the calendar, though it should be pretty easy to remember being that it's on Thanksgiving day.

By the way, we want to make it clear that we still like all types of people, even Muslims. But this event will go much deeper than a simple like or dislike for any particular group of people. This will transcend time, cultures, geographical boundaries, and will revolutionize the way we think about oatmeal. If anyone has suggestions, comments, or for whatever reason does not want us to follow through with this, feel free to contact us at Death threats are welcome too, all feedback is encouraged. Thanks to everyone that has stood behind us from day one.

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