Wednesday, October 27, 2010

People Liking People Can No Longer Support Jack Conway

Folks, we've recently learned of some information that has us angry, disappointed, confused and humiliated all at the same time. Have you ever had someone pull a quick prank on you by pulling your pants down at work but it was the one day you forgot to wear underwear? That's kind of how we feel right now. Now, let me begin by saying that we weren't really the biggest Jack Conway fans to begin with, our long time readers know this. We were pretty much just pulling for him because it was better than having a republican elected to the KY U.S. Senate seat.

Our readers will remember that the one thing that made us feel a little resistant to Jack Conway is that his big claim to fame was that he was tough on drugs. It's like dude, you're a democrat, you're supposed to be liberal about drug use and be pushing for the legalization of marijuana. What in the hell are you doing trying to lead the charge clamping down on drug use? Everyone knows the war on drugs has been a complete failure. Everyone except for Jack Conway... at least we thought.

It turns out that all this time Jack's brother Matthew Conway has been trafficking drugs for years in Kentucky and has gotten away with it several times due to him and Jack's influence and power in the state. Keep in mind that Matthew Conway is a prosecuting attorney and Jack Conway is the Attorney General of KY.


Jack Conway's brother, Matthew Conway, a prosecuting attorney for Jefferson County has been under investigation twice for possible drug use or drug trafficking. And that Louisville, KY narcotics detectives -- Ronald Russ and Scott Wilson -- tipped off Matt Conway both times that he was under investigation -- and the investigation had been compromised. Matt Conway and the two detectives who tipped him off have all given misleading and/or false statements — Matt Conway doing so under oath.

Detective Wilson told Louisville attorney Scott Roby about the allegations and Roby notified Matt Conway. Wilson, who is a longtime acquaintance of Conway, also let the attorney read the complaint against him and warned him that he wanted to search his home. When he did search -- two days later, nothing incriminating was found.

Now, we're all for trafficking and doing drugs here at People Liking People. But to partake in that and then prosecute everyone else that's doing it too? That's just wrong. They're basically killing off all the competition so the Conways can have a drug cartel monopoly. And monopolies go against everything America is supposed to stand for. Conway's been pro-drug all this time and has simply used his position to as Attorney General to make sure no other drug dealers got a share of him and his brother Matt's profits. We're pro-business here but this is beyond shady and back in the old days these Conway brothers would have been shot and killed by now. Of course we'd never advocate violence here and these are different times we're living in now, but the fact remains that Jack Conway and his brother got where they are today in politics only so they could be the drug king pins of their state. There's absolutely no way we could ever vote for someone like Rand Paul so we'll probably be sitting this one out. In the future we'll try to be a little bit more careful about the candidates we support.

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