Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dustin M. Dominiak (douchebag alert)

We kept getting requests left and right in our e-mail inbox for information on some douchebag named Dustin Dominiak. Apparently this guy had a chance to bang U.S. Senate candidate in Delaware Christine O'Donnell a couple years ago but supposedly he pussed out after catching a case of teh gay and spent the whole night just laying there sobbing and never got any. Now he's trying to make money off the story, and since Christine O'Donnell's candidacy puts her in high profile status, it's likely that he will get some sort of payout from it. Unfortunately no amount of money could make up for the public embarrassment this guy is about to endure once his friends and family members realize what a douche nozzle he is.

There's a lot of rumors going on, not just ones involving O'Donnell but ones that get pretty sick and twisted. We hope that these are simply rumors and until we can confirm them we won't be posting them.

  • Dustin Dominiak: 28 years old
  • Used to live at 5550 Ridge Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19128
  • We're told he now lives in Albion, Michigan.
  • Has also lived in Dowagiac, Michigan; Bensalem, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Screen names he has used online: the_buckle_man400001 , ddominiak
  • Family members: Dennis Mark Dominiak, Donna Kay Dominiak (parents?)
  • Attended Albion College
  • Financial analyst
  • Sports Better, Gambler (maybe someone should contact the IRS)
  • Facebook Link (he's since pussed out and taken it down)
  • Twitter Link
  • Profile (the most complete profile of him out there)

Quotes from Dustin himself:

"Growing up my dad was a Michigan fan and Grandma was a Notre Dame fan so they always bet the game for fun, like $20, so I wasn't sheltered from gambling." "After college, I just wanted to make money and thought I saw some opportunity."

Back in January of this year he got in a wreck in Edwardsburg Michigan. From

Ontwa Twp - Edwardsburg police are releasing information about a recent Crash activity near US-12 and Adamsville Road.

A crash occured as US-12 and Adamsville on Saturday morning where one person was taken to the South Bend Memorial Hospital by the Edwardsburg Ambulance Serivce. The Edwarddsburg Fire Department assisted at the scene with extrication of the injured party. Police advise that a Misty Calhoun 27yrs of Elkhart was making a left turn onto Adamsville Road from US-12 when her vehicle was struck by a vehicle driven by a Dustin Dominiak also 27 years of age from Dowagiac. Misty Calhoun was injured and intoxicants were not a factor in the crash in which both party's were wearing seat belts.

If you have information to report that could help lead to an arrest in this crime/crime activity, please contact police.
Looks like his he's got about as much driving ability as he does performance in the sack. If anyone has additional information you'd like to add, feel free to make a comment or send an e-mail to

Additional info from, this was written back in January 2010:

Dustin is a 27-year-old financial analyst in Philadelphia who has a head for numbers. "I always had an easy time remembering them in calculations," he says. "Mining data and data manipulation is my strong suit." And I don't think a single person tried to beat him up when he told me that, either.

Dustin has also spent time as an auditor and working for the Fed in Philly. But, since he graduated from Albion College in Michigan, not too far from where he grew up in Dowagiac in the southwest part of the state, he's been playing with point spreads.

Update: This isn't 100% confirmed yet but it appears that his mother Donna Dominiak works at the Cass County Sheriff's Office in Michigan.

Donna Dominiak (52)
321 M-62 North
Cassopolis, MI 49031
Phone: 269-445-1201

Her e-mail address is, feel free to send her some fan mail.

We believe this is his dad, he runs a hog farm in Dowagiac named "DD Hog Farm":

Dennis Dominiak (53)
61686 Anderson Rd.
Dowagiac, MI 49047
Phone: 616-684-3812


  1. E gad you are more twisted and a whole lot creepier than Christine O'D or the dude she planned to masturbate mutually with.

  2. That is very true Hu San Baojia, that's how we roll here at People Liking People :)