Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In Defense of Jennifer Petkov.

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By now you've all heard of this story. Kathleen Edward, A young girl in Trenton, MI is dying of huntington's disease, an illness that took her mother's life not long ago. A neighbor, Jennifer Petkov has apparently long had disputes with young Kathleen's family and this ongoing feud has lead to some pretty vicious harassment by Jennifer Petkov. Jennifer Petkov placed on her Facebook page photoshopped pictures of Kathleen's face above a pair of crossed bones and also Kathleen's deceased mother being cradled by the grim reaper.

The local media went out to the neighboorhood last week to find out what was going on and asked Petkov why she would think of doing such a horrible thing. Jennifer Petkov appeared on camera smugly standing firm behind her actions, saying she did it because it "rubs their asses raw". She appeared to continue to taunt the family and showed no shame in what she did.

Fast forward a couple days, after the internet outrage machine had set their sights on her and called her out for being such a horrible person, and Petkov has now done a complete about face, now apologizing and deeply regretting her actions. Still some are continuing to call for her blood, death threats and calls to harass and humiliate Jennifer abound all over the net.

We here at People Liking People were also about to jump on the rage train, however after long debate have decided that in actuality Jennifer Petkov is a real American Hero.

Let's look at the facts:

  • Nothing Jennifer Petkov did was illegal. She was practicing her rights to free speech. It just so happens that people don't agree with the type of speech she was engaging in, but controversial speech is precisely the type of speech that we must stand up and protect the most.
  • Take a look at those lips in her picture there. We here at People Liking People could think of a few things those could come in handy for, and we'd hate to see them go to waste. There's value in each and every human being, despite whether or not you agree with their actions or opinions. (By the way if you're reading this Jennifer, send us an e-mail at I think a "photoshoot" may be in order here to restore your image and let others see how you want to be shown, not these random pictures the media has been putting out there.)
  • She has a good sense of humor. Showing someone's deceased mother with the grim reaper? I don't care who you are, that's comedy gold right there.
  • She's got balls. Well, I hope just figuratively, or else my previous comments just put me in the homo camp. But to go on television and stand behind such an action instead of refusing to talk to reporters or lying and say you never did it, that takes guts. And we here at People Liking People like guts.
Honestly, I think this whole thing could be settled easily with just a little spanking. I think everyone would agree that seeing Jennifer Petkov bent over getting her ass whipped would be the one thing that could really settle this whole thing once and for all.

Petkov has recently come out and apologized, saying she regrets the whole ordeal and never knew it would blow up to be such a big story. We feel that this is absolutely the worst thing she could have done. All the respect we had for her has just been put in jeopardy. If you're going to be a huge ass in public and then stand by it 100%, you have to stick with it and not give in. When you end up cowering, the one thing that turned us on about you - your guts and attitude, crumble within seconds as your tough facade is seen for what it is. We hope this isn't true Jennifer, so please prove to us that you still have it.

Jan 13 2012 We are very saddened by the news that Kathleen Edward has passed away. For someone to lose their mother at such a young age and then be plagued by the same disease... that's tougher than most of us will ever have to deal with in our lifetimes. Yet from the footage we've seen from the media, she was just so full of life and brought a smile to everyone's face just by her presence. I'd like to apologize for defending Jennifer Petkov and making light of the situation.


  1. An American Hero???....whoever typed this assinine article has just wasted precious space on the internet, just as Petkov, is a waste of space on this earth!

  2. shes a fricking CUNT shes lucky that wasnt my daughter or grand daughter or her and hubby would be two fisted drinking thru a straw loud mouth BITCH

  3. Are you effing kidding me?!?!?! Freedom of speech is one thing...however, being a cold hearted, evil bitch is another. She crossed a line. Her apology is fake and if you can't see that then you are blind and shouldn't even be allowed to turn on a computer, let alone blog this insane bullshit.

    Go find a real American Hero. There are PLENTY of them out there!!! Like...the ones overseas fighting for YOUR RIGHT to post this ASSININE shit!

    You people are just as twisted as she is. I know the bitch personally and there is nothing heartfelt or sincere about her apology. Get a friggin clue or get off the internet!


    Oh...and I'm only expressing MY freedom of speech.

  4. she is not a hero and the apology was under duress !!!! apparently the loss of 2 of her children means less than her acting out....the result of a personality disorder is that all working for ya jennifer ???

  5. What a real pig if that was my daughter and grandbaby she would be sipping thru a straw for a couple of months and her sissy as husband too LOUD MOUTH BICTH

  6. Dear Author
    You are a joke. I see no balls of courage. Why did you go to the effort to post this? Because you are just ONE and I do mean ONLY ONE that could see this from YOUR point of view? Are you seeking attention or do you want 15 mins of shame over this shit piece of a story. You really need to pick your battles carefully, you just wasted your 15 mins on this piece of shit. Talking about Kathleen, Holly or Becky would have been so much better.

  7. jennifer petkov is a female sadist who enjoys acting bitchy to other women. I LOVE IT!I"d love to watch her give a good ass reddening spanking to another woman.I"d love to watch her pull their hair and scratch and claw them.I"D love to watch her feline feral nature come out!