Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jennifer Petkov Arrested

Breaking News: People Liking People favorite Jennifer Petkov has just been arrested on assault charges.

Jennifer Petkov, the Trenton woman who taunted 7-year-old Kathleen Edward in a feud with the girl's grandmother, was arrested Friday afternoon after being accused of trying to run over another neighborhood resident.
Petkov, 33, was charged in 33rd District Court in Woodhaven with one count of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of reckless driving. The first charge carries a maximum penalty of four years in prison.
Apparently a neighbor was walking along the street to visit young Kathleen Edward's grandmother when Petkov floored it and went right after the neighbor with her car. In an interview the neighbor said she had to run to quickly get out of the way, else Petkov would have run her over.

As we mentioned in our earlier post on Jennifer Petkov, we were getting a little concerned here at People Liking People that she was starting to get soft and lose that edge that made her so irresistible. Rest assured she's still got it and is back with a vengeance! We can't wait to see what she does next, but we're hoping that we can help in some way. Jennifer if you're reading this: let's get together and do a photo shoot, we're offering $500. This will be your chance to show the people there's much more to you than just what they read in the papers.

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