Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life In Pictures: A Real Life Scientologist

Well we've certainly gotten a lot of response and feedback from our entries on Scientology and their Volunteer Ministries (Not to be confused with Vulture Ministries, although both phrases refer to the same organization). Many of you that e-mailed us said you had never actually seen a Scientologist before. I'm sure many of you have, you just didn't realize it because they were in their normal street or business attire. I mean you're really not going to know someone's a Christian, for example, unless you talk to them. But we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show a real life Scientologist.

This picture was taken yesterday in downtown Hemet California, we're told. Not all the background details of this photo are known at this time but this fellow appears to be very proud of the fact that he's a Scientologist and doing his darnedest to get the word out. It reminds us of some of PETA's demonstrations, where naked women are put on display locked up in cages. You definitely have to respect someone that dedicates his life so much to a religion, no matter how cooky it may appear on the surface. I know it won't be easy for many of you to accept the lifestyles of the Scientologists, but they're people too just like everyone else, and we share many of the same moral systems and cultural upbringings. If we can break down the barriers that separates us, we can work towards opening up a dialogue that leads to mutual respect and cultural harmony.

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