Sunday, March 1, 2009

Speedy Rewards: Is it Worth It?

We here at People Liking People have been fairly loyal Speedway customers for several years now. We love the people that work there, and it's right down the street so it makes sense that we'd go there to get our gas. But one thing that was always a major nuisance for us is that we'd get hassled to get a Speedy Rewards card every time we'd make a purchase. Now, the employees were always friendly about it, but God Damnit already I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING SPEEDY REWARDS CARD AND I DON'T WANT ONE.

Well after years of politely rejecting the offer to be a Speedy Rewards member, a very friendly employee finally won me over with charm and made me give in. I always thought that I would have to fill out a form because I saw these Speedy Rewards pamphlets but she assured me that I wouldn't have to do anything; I could just start using it immediately. Well so far so good I guess. Although to be honest, the card seems almost as useless and I thought it would be. I get the fact that over time I will accumulate points which can be applied to some sort of rewards or discounted gas. But I'm trying to decide which is worse: the hassle I get when I don't have a Speedy Rewards card, or the hassle I put myself through when I have to go digging through my wallet to find the stupid card, and then wait for the Speedy Rewards receipt to print out, and then hours later the hassle of pulling out a wad of Speedy Rewards receipts out of my pockets and throwing them in the garbage.

We're going to put in a decent effort in the next few months, but I'm pretty sure this promotion is more hassle than it's worth. One of the printouts advertised an offer to get free gas for a year. All I had to do is go to this website. Well I went there and they want all my information. I'm not sure I want Speedway connecting my purchases of condoms, duct tape, and razor blades to my name and address. The last thing I need is the FBI knocking on our door.

We stumbled on a very amusing post about someone's thoughts and experiences with the Speedy Rewards card. He caught a lot of flack from readers but so far he's spot on.

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  1. I am a loyal Speedy Rewards user. I have been using their program for over two years and have, not once, but twice obtained a $100 gas card by using their loyalty program. Don't use it if you feel it is too much of a hassle for you but it is nice to be rewarded for shopping somewhere.