Sunday, March 1, 2009

One in Ten People are Unemployed in California

The whole world is in an economic crisis, but California seems to be getting hit extra hard. Last month alone, a total of 79,300 jobs were lost in the state. Some say that this is because it just so happens that the industries that get hit the hardest (picture development and sound recording) in rough times are located in California. Others say the state is just full of lazy asses. Even more others blame it on California being the most socialistic state in the union. You know what though maybe it's all those Mexicans.

We're not worried though, surely good ole Arnold will get them out of this mess...or not.

The road to full economic recovery will not be short," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger cautioned. He said the state was counting on President Obama's stimulus package and more modest efforts on the state level to set the stage for new job growth.

Something tells us that the government is what got is into this mess to begin with. Can we really trust them with a solution? Their great idea is to take more money from us..and then spend it in ways that won't directly benefit us..and then that's supposed to benefit us all. I gotta say, it doesn't make sense to us here at People Liking People, but that's what hope and faith is for, right?

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