Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Energy Transformation Process

In the following weeks and months, we're going to get more in depth with the energy transformation process, but for now I want to just introduce the topic and tell you about how we came up with the idea to begin with. We're so excited about this project and its implications that it's a little hard to curb our enthusiasm so bear with us here.

This all started back about three years ago. One day I was thinking about all the hatred in the world and how it's been going on for centuries. The wars, the famine, the fighting between families, as well as fighting within families. It extends all geographical and cultural borders and transcends time. There's gotta be a way to put a stop to all this, I thought. All the suffering, pain, and anguish that occurs every single day unnecessarily.

Well, I then stumbled on an idea. What if we could take all the energy we use for hating people and turn it into energy for liking people? I mean just take a second to really think about that. Let the idea just soak in your brain for a moment.

It would be nothing short of revolutionary.

For the past 3 years that's exactly what I've set out to do. It will be revolutionary, and it will change the way people interact. It will also end most of the suffering in the world because 99% of suffering stems from an underlying hatred. Of course we can't eliminate all suffering, as some is caused by natural causes such as floods and the inevitable death of family members, but hatred has an overwhelming role in planting the seeds of suffering.

This is the beginning of a movement folks. We've kicked it off with a song called "I Like People". But it's not going to stop there. This is the beginning of an education process - we first need to break down the hatred and unlearn those behaviors that contribute to it. Once the ways of old have been dismantled, the foundation for a new beginning will begin to be set in place.

There's something to like about every single person on this earth, whether they're a lawyer, director of communications, lesbian, or garbage collector. The only limits we have are limitations we put on ourselves. Let's break through those barriers. It's time to start the revolution.

Onto the Energy Transformation Process. You see, there is a finite amount of energy in this world. What I've found is that a good majority of this energy at any given second in time is being used on hate. What we need to do is transform this energy into energy used to like. Please examine the diagram below:

As I said earlier, in the next coming weeks and months, we'll get in depth with what's really going on here. But this is the energy transformation process in a nutshell. For obviously reasons, I can't reveal the interworkings of the converter just yet, but I wanted to give you all a general idea until proper protocols are set into place. As you can see, the energy used for hate will go down into the funnel which carries it right into the processor. From there the energy will be divided into 2 groups: unused energy which is to be discarded, and convertible energy that will go on to the next step. The usable energy will then go through the pipeline to the converter. Again, we can't reveal all the details of what goes on inside the converter just yet, but this information will come out when the time is right. All energy, yes all - 100% of the energy released from the converter will be energy that can and will be used for liking.

Note: not all energy for hating can be converted into energy for liking. We'll get into that more though in the coming weeks.

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