Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scientology Vulture Ministries or Volunteer ministries?

Since my last entry, I've gotten a lot of emails from people curious about Scientology. Who knew they were so popular! But we're glad we could play a role in humanizing them and making people realize they're not much different than you or me. I did get asked one question several times though:

"Is Scientology's program that goes to troubled areas called Vulture Ministries or Volunteer Ministries?"

The correct name for the organization is Scientology Volunteer Ministries. Vulture Ministries is just sort of a play on words because of how they prey on victims at a time of need, and then write up a bunch of press releases about how helpful they are. Honestly it's a little bit rude to call them vultures but I can definitely see why they would be referred to as that. We need to keep in mind that Scientologists are pretty much humans just like the rest of us and that if we're respectful of our fellow human, it will be easier for everyone to get along and the world will be a better place.
If you have more questions about their Volunteer Ministries, we suggest going to

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