Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unbelievable last minute half-court shot wins the game for high school basketball team

It's New Rochelle vs Mt. Vernon, playing in a New York Class AA Championship game. There's 2.9 seconds left in the game. The score is 58 to 60, New Rochelle trailing by 2 points. Prior to this moment, New Rochelle had actually been down 10 points so they were putting their all into a last-minute comeback. Watch the game-changing moment from the game below:

 It's one thing to make a shot past the half-court line, it's another to do it in the final split-second of the game while under intense pressure. If you'll notice, right after the shot was made, the refs were initially not going to let it count. Mt Vernon actually started cheering as well, thinking the shot had been made after the clock ran out. And actually, that's what it looked like to us to. The clock did seem to run out right before he made that shot. The refs then had their little huddle to decide the game's fate. "yeah... I'm pretty sure if we don't count it there's going to be a full-blown riot breaking out in here so for everyone's safety lets say it was thrown in time".

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