Saturday, March 9, 2013

Idiot has dart thrown at face

Just how low does your confidence and self esteem have to be for having a dart thrown at your face be a better idea than not have a dart thrown at your face? Just what is the calculation in this guy's tiny mind? Risk of injury? 95%. Risk of blindness? 50%. Risk of looking like a dumbass? 90%. Chances of earning a couple "cool points"? 10%. The man wants his cool points and he's willing to risk it all for them. Which only demonstrates how much of a dumbass he really is.

That smile on him at the end is the realization that he just earned his cool points and he didn't even have to lose an eye for them. Unfortunately for him, those aren't really cool points. He's now officially the dumbass in the group that's fun to hang around with when you're drunk because he'll do anything. What a great role to be in, eh? No better way to earn the respect of your peers.

But seriously, how fucking stupid can you get? And why even close your eyes, do you really think your eyelid is going to prevent serious damage from a thrown dart?

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